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Feel free to request a look-up from the generous volunteers listed in this section.
These wonderful helpers provide their time and effort for free.
However, they can reasonably expect that you reimburse them for costs they incur for such things as photocopying or postage.

Please use the following guidelines when making your request:

Volunteers are wanted  and appreciated!!
If you own or have access to records and books relating to San Francisco and are willing to do look-ups, please let us know.
Any source relating to San Francisco history or families is wanted!  Look in the attic, the basement, in the corner of your closet.

Do you have:
Books on San Francisco history or residents?
Old school yearbooks or class pictures with names?
An old family Bible with San Francisco names and dates?
Old club membership rosters?
Back issues of old monthly neighborhood newsletters?
Diaries, letters, journals, scrapbooks?
Old phone books or directories?
?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Dust them off!

 Please share them with us by offering to look up a name for someone.
Just imagine the interesting records we would all have "access" to if
we each volunteered to do lookups in just one item we may have laying around the house!
Tell us about the San Francisco resource you'd like to share!

(We will be happy to list any type of limits to what you would be willing to do next to your name.
 If you only want to do lookups on the third Tuesday of every other month, that's fine!
We wouldn't want to have any volunteer feel overburdened.)

Please join this growing list of wonderful volunteers!  Thank you to every one of you!

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The following offers have become so numerous (thanks, volunteers!!)
they've been moved to their own pages:
County Histories
School Yearbooks
The local library is always an excellent place for research. Now you can contact librarians through the internet: For other possible help with lookups, consider "trading" lookup offers with other researchers looking for help in YOUR geographic area or in books/records YOU own.  If you are willing to help other genealogists, in exchange for the help you receive, consider some of these wonderful resources: There are also specific mailing lists that have volunteers for that specific resource: Before you take advantage of any volunteer resources, please be willing to return the favor.   Remember that every one of these wonderful volunteers are taking time from their OWN research to do YOU a favor.   We will all benefit if we're all willing to pass those favors along to somone else.

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Telephone Books (see also City Directories above)
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