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Welcome to the San Francisco Cemetery Index. This index is a transcription of the D.A.R.'s San Francisco Cemetery Records, 1848-1863 (see source information below), which was compiled "from the files of the N. Gray and Company Undertakers and from old copies of newspapers in the library of the University of California."

The same information also appears in a card catalog named Book of the Dead, which is available at the Sutro Library in San Francisco (as of September 2004). The day and month death date is listed on the individual cards, and sometimes the specific city of origin if it isn't listed herein.

Those individuals that appeared to have originally been shipped away from San Francisco before being buried were extracted from the original list and placed in an "Other" category.

The cemeteries listed in the index, except for Mission Dolores and Presidio, no longer exist. If you are interested in the history of San Francisco's pioneer cemeteries and where everyone was moved, please take a look at San Francisco History - Cemeteries.

Finally, read this interesting story, In Search of. . .Wierzbicki, about one man's search at the Lone Mountain Cemetery.

Source: San Francisco Cemetery Records, 1848-1863; Daughters of American Revolution, Tamalpais Chapter, 1938.

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