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     Grants of Outside Lands have been made by the Board in pursuance of Order No. 866 and the foregoing Act of the Legislature, the first Order adjudging and awarding grants of said lands being adopted on the 21st day of June, 1869.  Prior to that time, the Board made grants and passed the title to portions of the lands embraced within the Van Ness Ordinance under the provisions of Order No. 748, the first grant of these lands being made on the 11th day of March, 1867, and from that date the Committee on Outside Lands have examined and reported upon twelve hundred applications for lands lying west of Larkin and southwest of Johnston (or Ninth street), embracing what is known as Van Ness and Outside Lands;  and although it was considered that the want of a record title was even more necessary to the holders of property under the Van Ness Ordinance, it being more difficult with each succeeding year to prove up and furnish such proofs of possession as the Ordinance contemplates and the Courts require, yet the necessity, if it exists, is not apparent from the applications made, the greater portion of the applications and grants since June, 1869, being for Outside Lands.

     The following tables have been carefully complied from the Records of the Board and show the grants, date and description of Outside Lands made in blocks and portions of blocks, in what is known as the Mission and Potrero;  also, that portion west of the charter line of 1851 and east of First avenue, with the land in acres, lying north and south of the Park Reservation and east of the Spring Valley Water Works Waste pond, where certificates have been issued which entitle the grantees named to receive a deed from the Mayor, executed by him and sealed with the corporate seal of the City and County of San Francisco;  also, the grants made where protests against the delivery of a conveyance have been subsequently filed by reason of which the certificates for deeds are withheld, awaiting the determination of pending suits:

New Potrero
Land in Acres Lying North & South of 
the Park Reservation & East of 
Spring Valley Water Works Waste Pond
Land Relinquished by
The United States

Source:  San Francisco Municipal Report 1870-1871, City and County of San Francisco, California


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