Letterheads, etc.
(contributed by Phil Carnahan & Irl Rickabaugh)

[small] [big] Matthias Gray (pianos, organs) (1873)
[small] [big] E. Guittard & Co. (coffee, chocolate, spice) (1879)
[small] [big] Daniel E. Waldron (attorney-at-law) (1875)
[small] [big] E. Guittard & Co. (teas, chocolate, cafe des gourmands) (1879)
[small] [big] A. Blackman & Co. (Beacon Light Oil Company) (1884)
[small] [big] David Woerner, Cooper (beer kegs, wine casks, tubs, tanks, &c.) (1877)
[small] [big] Bullock & Jones Co (tailors, furnishers & shirt makers) (1902)
[small] [big] Geo. W. Timmerman & Co. (general merchants) (1884)
[small] [big] J.B. O'Connor (pianos & organs) (1887)
[small] [big] Pacific Mutual (life insurance)
[small] [big] Pacific Mutual (life insurance)
[small] [big] S.F. Savings Union (1867)
[small] [big] Women's Cooperative Printing Office (The Hicks-Judd Co.) (1885)
[small] [big] Louis Taussig & Co (liquor merchants) (1888)
[small] [big] Estate of Haskett Severance (Louis Taussig & Co.) (1888)
[small] [big] New England Mutual Life Insurance Company of Boston (1875)
[small] [big] S.F. Savings Union (1877)
[small] [big] Bach, Meese & Co. (liquor dealers, budweiser beer) (1879)
[small] [big] Marcus C. Hawley & Co. (hardware & agricultural implements) (1872)
[small] [big] Marcus C. Hawley & Co. (receipt) (1872)
[small] [big] County of San Francisco (poll tax) (1852)
[small] [big] E.H. Jones & Company (fancy & millinery goods) (1873)
[small] [big] Laurel Hill Cemetery (1888)
[small] [big] W.B. Holcomb (Mendocino Lumber) (1869)
[small] [big] Western Addition Homestead Association (1869)
[small] [big] Western Addition Homestead Association (Bay Park Homestead Assn) (1870)
[small] [big] H.H. Bigelow, Home Mutual Insurance Company (1875)
[small] [big] F.A. Huntington (shingle machines, steam engines, saw mills) (1873)
[small] [big] Wells, Fargo and Company Express (1869)
[small] [big] J.S. Corrigan (groceries, wines, liquors, tobacco) (1877)
[small] [big] The Real Estate Associates (1871)
[small] [big] Justinian Caire Company (assayer's appliances, laboratory glassware) (1909)
[small] [big] Williams & Schmidt / Howe & Milliken (1868)
[small] [big] Schultz & Von Barge (liquors, wines, brandies, etc.) (1874)
[small] [big] Deere Implement Company (buggies, wagons, agricultural) (1909)
[small] [big] Joseph Bassett (flour, grain, produce) (1876)
[small] [big] Schultz & Von Bargen (wines, liquors) (1876)
[small] [big] S. McHenry & Co. (dairy, farm produce) (1871)
[small] [big] Diss & Co. (flour, grain, feed and Oregon produce) (1868)
[small] [big] Humphrey, Spang & Co. (wheat, barley, oats, bran, &c.) (1865)
[small] [big] Codington & McHenry (California & Oregon produce) (1863)
[small] [big] Codington & McHenry (California & Oregon produce) (1863)
[small] [big] Treadwell & Co. (agricultural implements, hardware) (1869)
[small] [big] Joseph Bassett (flour, grain, produce) (1867)
[small] [big] Wm. H. H. Hart (attorney & counsellor at law) (1888)
[small] [big] The Real Estate Associates (1872)
[small] [big] Ferd Sabin (fine cigars) (1882)
[small] [big] Phillips, Taber & Co. (grocers, importers) (1872)
[small] [big] Joshua Hendy Machine Works (1888)
[small] [big] Joshua Hendy Machine Works (Mendocino Lumber Co.) (1888)
[small] [big] Joshua Hendy Machine Works (1893)
[small] [big] Wm. T. Coleman & Co. (1851)
[small] [big] California Staats-Zeitung (newspaper) (1874)
[small] [big] Altschul & Hildebrandt (1875)
[small] [big] Marcus C. Hawley & Co. (hardware, agricultural) (1873)
[small] [big] Hooker & Co. (hardware, iron, steel, coal, etc.) (1872)
[small] [big] Phillips, Taber & Co. (wholesale grocers, importers) (1872)
[small] [big] Coso House (hotel) (1872)
[small] [big] Fr. Hess & Co. (1872)
[small] [big] Ayres Business College (1904)
[small] [big] Ayres Business College (1904)
[small] [big] Live Stock Insurance Co. (1909)
[small] [big] Golcher Bros. (guns, rifles, ammunition, fishing tackle) (190?)
[small] [big] The A. Lietz Co. (surveying, engineering, mining & nautical instruments) (1909)
[small] [big] McHenry & Smith (general merchants) (1871)
[small] [big] Marcus C. Hawley & Co. (hardware & agricultural implements) (1871)
[small] [big] Kentucky Stables (rigs, boarding) (190_)
[small] [big] Kentucky Stables (letter) (1909)
[small] [big] The Bank of California (1901)
[small] [big] Caspar Lumber Co. (1909)
[small] [big] Hendy's Machine Works (1873)
[small] [big] Eilers Music Company (1909)
[small] [big] American Tract Society (religious literature) (1893)
[small] [big] Martin & Wallen and Bandreta Mines (Joshua Hendy) (1879)
[small] [big] Metropolitan Marble Works (187?)
[small] [big] The California Insurance Company (1877)
[small] [big] The Commercial Agency / Pickens, Fulton & Co. (1886)
[small] [big] F.A. Hyde (attorney in land cases) (188?)
[small] [big] F.A. Hyde (attorney in land cases) (188?)
[small] [big] Rothschild & Ehrenpfort (steam candy manufactory, confectioners) (1886)
[small] [big] The Commercial Agency / Pickens, Fulton & Co. (law and collection department) (1887)
[small] [big] The Commercial Agency / Pickens, Fulton & Co. (law and collection department) (1887)
[small] [big] John S. Bowman & Co., Dr. (cigars, tobacco) (1883)
[small] [big] Marcus C. Hawley & Co. (hardware and agricultural implements) (1872)
[small] [big] Marcus C. Hawley & Co. (hardware and agricultural implements) (1872)
[small] [big] Merino Ranch (1874)
[small] [big] Wm. E. Stoutenburgh (auction, commission merchant) (1851)
[small] [big] The Real Estate Associates (1875)
[small] [big] Mountain Lake Water Company (1853)
[small] [big] Exchange for New York (1855)
[small] [big] Exchange for New York (1855)
[small] [big] Theodore Payne & Co. Auctioneers (1852)
[small] [big] Theodore Payne & Co. Auctioneers (1852)
[small] [big] Western Addition Homestead Association (1870)


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