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1910 City Street Guide

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"According to the method adopted in this city for numbering buildings, Market Street is the starting point for numbers on all streets running from it in a northerly, southerly or westerly direction, and the water front for all streets running therefrom in a westerly or southwesterly direction. The numbers on all streets not commencing at Market Street or the water front run in conformity with the numbers of the main streets running parallel with them, except in the case of a few streets which are numbered in an irregular manner.

On all streets between the water front and Central Avenue the even numbers are on the right-hand side, and the odd numbers on the left, starting from the point of beginning. Beyond Central Avenue most of the streets have been numbered in a contrary manner. One hundred numbers, or as many thereof as are necesary, are allotted to each block bounded by main streets; for instance, Montgomery Street commences at Market, and the main streets crossing as you proceed north are Sutter, Bush, Pine, etc. Therefore any numbers between 1 and 100 will be found on the right or left-hand side of the street between Market and Sutter, between 100 and 200 from Sutter to Bush, between 200 and 300 from Bush to Pine.

In the streets which are numbered, a dash () indicates that the cross street does not extend to that side; (o), the street borders on the bay, or public park, cemetery, etc., consequently there are no buildings on blocks thus designated; (c), the street is not opened through the block, or is interrupted in its course at that point by a public square, cemetery, etc; (e), end of street.

The following named localities referred to in the Street Directory are situated as follows: Academy Tract, northwest side of Mission Street between Silver and Ocean Avenues; Bay Shore Tract, Crocker Estate Co., Visitacion Valley District; Bernal Heights, west of Twenty-sixth Street, between San Bruno Avenue and Mission Street; City Land Association Tract, northwest of San Jose Avenue, near County Line; Clarendon Heights, north of Twentieth Street, between Lincoln Avenue and San Miguel Rancho; College Homestead, east of Mission Street and north of Silver Avenue; Excelsior Homestead, southeast of Mission Street, near County Line; Fairmount Tract, south of Thirtieth Street and west of Mission Street; Islais Creek, from west side of San Bruno Avenue, near Silver Avenue, north and east to the bay; Laguna de La Merced, near the County Line and ocean, 6 miles southwest of City Hall; Lake View, west of San Jose Avenue, from Ocean Avenue south to Railroad Homestead; Ocean View, west of San Jose Avenue near County Line; Paul Tract, near junction of San Bruno and Railroad Avenues; Presidio Reservation, west of Lyon, and north of Pacific Avenue and Lake Street to the bay and ocean; Railroad Homestead, northwest of San Jose Avenue, near County Line; Richmond District, west of First Avenue and north of Golden Gate Park to the Presidio Reservation and ocean; Reis Tract, from San Bruno Avenue west, Visitacion Valley; San Miguel, near the junction of San Jose and Ocean Avenues; Silver Terrace Tract, between San Bruno and Railroad Avenues, south to Silver Avenue; South San Francisco, south of Islais Creek and east of San Bruno Avenue to the County Line and the bay; Spring Valley Homestead, west of Mission Street, near Silver Avenue; Stanford Heights Tract, west of Bellevue Street, from Twenty-sixth south to Thirty-first Street; Sunnydale Tract, west of San Bruno Avenue, near the County Line; Sunnyside, west of San Jose Avenue, near Ocean Avenue; Sunset District, south of Golden Gate Park from First Avenue west to the ocean; Sutro Heights, termination of Point Lobos Avenue, between Forty-eighth Avenue and the ocean; University Homestead, west of San Bruno Avenue, between Silver Avenue and Visitacion Valley; Visitacion Valley, between San Bruno Avenue and Mission Street near County Line; West End Homestead, north and south side of County Line, near Mission Street; West End Tract, between San Jose Avenue and Mission Street near County Line.

Abbreviations. N, north; E, east; S, south; W, west; Av, avenue; bet, between; nr, near; s, side."

Source: Crocker-Langley San Francisco Directory. September 1910: San Francisco.


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