San Francisco History

Church Directory

Chinese Baptist Church, NW cor. Sacramento & Waverly.
Emanuel Baptist Church, Bartlett, bet. 22d and 23d.
First Baptist Church, 320 Eddy, near Jones.
First Free Baptist Church, 1227 Bush.
First German Baptist Church, cor. 17th & Dehon.
First Swedish Church, 266 10th st.
Hamilton Square Baptist Church, Post near Steiner.
Third Baptist Church, E. side Powell, bet. Sutter & Bush.

First Christian Church, E. side 12th bet. Howard & Miss'n.
West Side Christian Church, Bush bet. Scott & Devis'd'ro.
Sunset Christian Church, 12th ave.

Bethany Congregational Church, Bartlett, bet. 25th & 26th.
Bethlehem Congregational Church, Vermont, near 24th.
First Congregational Church, SE cor. Post & Mason.
Fourth Congregational Church, Green, near Stockton.
Ocean View Congregational Church, Broad, near Plymouth.
Olivet Congregational Church, SW cor. Noe & 17th.
Park Congregational Church, Hayes near Lyon.
Pierce Street Congregational Church, NW. cor. Pierce & Green.
Plymouth Congregational Church, N. side Post, bet. Buchanan & Webster.
Richmond Congregational Church, cor. 7th av. & Clement.
Sunset Congregational Church, 9th av., near K.
Swedish Mission Church, N. side Jessie, bet. 6th & 7th.
Third Congregational Church, S. side of 15th, bet. Valencia and Mission.
Cathedral Mission of the Good Samaritan, 2d, near Folsom.
California Chinese Missions, 21 Brenham pl. & 1818 Laguna.

Church of St. John the Evangelist, 15th & Julian.
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, cor. Union & Steiner.
Church of the Advent, 11th, near Market.
Grace Church, SE cor. California & Stockton.
Presidio Chapel, Presidio Reservation.
St. James' Mission, Clement, near 6th av.
Stl. Luke's Church, Van Ness av. & Clay.
St. Paul's Church, California, near Fillmore.
St. Peter's Church, cor. Stockton & Filbert.
St. Stephen's Church, N. side Fulton, bet. Webster & Fillmore.
Trinity Church, NE cor. Bush & Gough.
Seaman's Church and Institute.
Good Shepherd Mission of St. John's Church, Hall, cor. 17th & Noe.
Holy Innocents' Mission of St. John's Church, Fair Oaks, bet. 25th & 26th.

Emanuel Church of the Evangelical Association, W. side of 12th. bet. Market & Mission.
Salem Evangelical Church (German), NE. cor. 22d & Shotwell.
United Evangelical Church (German), N. side 24th, bet. Treat av. & Harrison.
Alice Hollman Memorial Chapel, W. side Paris, bet. China & Brazil avs.

Trinity Cathedral of the Holy Orthodox Church, W. side Powell, near Filbert.

Finnish Seamen's Mission, 9 Mission.
First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Geary, near Gough.
First Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of San Francisco, 9 Mission.
Our Saviour's Scandanavian Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Howard, bet. 12th & 13th.
St. Johannes' German Evangelical Lutheran Mission, 22d, bet. Howard & Capp.
St. John's Evangelical Church, W. side Mason, bet. Jackson & Pacific.
St. Markus German Evangelical Lutheran Church, S. side O'Farrell, bet. Gough & Octavia.
St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, E. side 11th, bet. Market & Mission.
St. Paul's German Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1419 Howard.
St. Paulus' German Evangelical Lutheran Church, SE dor. Eddy & Gough.
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Ebenezer Church, 17th, bet. Valencia & Guerrero.

Rev. John W. Hamilton, Resident Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the Pacific Coast; residence, 435 Buchanan.
Bethel (Second) African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1207 Powell.
California Street Methodist Episcopal Church, SE cor. Broderick & California.
Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church South, Bush, bet. Gough & Octavia.
Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Mission bet. 6th and 7th.
Chinese Mission House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 916 Washington.
Deaconess' Home of M.E. Church, 129 Haight.
Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, cor. 26th & Church.
Fifteenth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, 15th av. South, bet. N and P South.
First African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, 805 Stockton.
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Powell, bet. Washington & Jackson.
First Swedish M.E. Church, N. side Howard, near 8th.
Folsom Street German Methodist Episcopal Church, 898 Folsom.
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, cor. 21st & Capp st.
Howard Street Methodist Church, 643 Howard.
Japanese Methodist Episcopal Church, 1329 Pine.
Norwegian-Danish Methodist Episcopal Society, 2131 Mission, bet. 17th & 18th.
Pacific Japanese Mission.  Rev. M.C. Harris, Supt., 1329 Pine.
Park Methodist Episcopal, 1966 Page, near Stanyan.
Potrero Methodist Episcopal Church, Tennessee, near 18th.
Richmond Methodist Episcopal Church, 4th av. bet. Point Lobos av. and CLement.
Simpson Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, SE cor. Hayes & Buchanan.
St. John's German Methodist Episcopal Church, 3718 Army.
St. Paul's German Methodist Episcopal Church, Broadway, bet. Stockton & Powell.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, cor. Market, Noe & 16th.
Union St. Church, SE cor. Union & Ocatvia.
Mission to Israel, Bethel Hall, 939 Howard.

Calvary Presbyterian Church, NW cor. Jackson & Fillmore.
First Presbyterian Church, SE cor. Van Ness & Sacramento.
First United Presbyterian Church, SW cor. Franklin & Vallejo.
Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, California av. & Lizzie.
Holly Park Presbyterian Church, California av. & Larkin.
Howard Presbyterian Church, SW. cor. Oak & Baker.
Japanese Presbyterian Church & Mission, 121 Haight.
Lebanon Presbyterian Church, E. side Sanchez, near 23d.
Memorial Presbyterian Church, cor. 18th av. South & Latona.
Mizpah Presbyterian Church, Harrison, near 5th.
Olivet Presbyterian Church, Mississippi, bet. 19th & 20th.
Presbyterian Chinese Church & Mission, 911 Stockton.
Stewart Memorial Second United Presbyterian Church, Guerrero, bet. 22d and 23d.
St. John's Presbyterian Church, SE. cor. California & Octavia.
Trinity Presbyterian Church, SW. cor. 23d & Capp.
Welsch Presbyterian Church, K. or R.B. Hall, 1133 Mission.
Westminster Presbyterian Church, SE. cor. Page & Webster.
Presbyterian Mission House, 920 Sacramento.
Presbyterian Hebrew Mission, 1127 Mission.

First New Jerusalem Church, O'Farrell, bet. Webster & Fillmore.
Second New Jerusalem Church, NW. cor. Lyon & Washington.

First Unitarian Church, SW. cor. Geary & Franklin.
Second Unitarian Church, cor. Capp & 20th.

Advent Christian Church, bet. 29th & Day.
Believers Gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus, Commonly Called Brethren, 3036 16th st.
California Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ or Latter-Day Saints, 909 Market.
Catholic Apostolic Church, 3776 18th st.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Central blk. 223 Sutter.
First Divine Science Church, 3360 17th.
Friends' Meeting, 928 Harrison st.
God's Christian Church, 32 Waverly place.
Mariners' Church, The, of San Francisco, cor. Sacramento and Drumm sts.
People's Church, 1280 Pacific st.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Druid's Hall, Folsom, near 14th.
Salvation Army, 1139 Market st.
Silent Workers, 928 Harrison st.
Volunteers of America, Marye Law bldg., 1504 Market.
Young Men's Christian Association, 208 Mason.
Young Women's Christian Assocaition, 1259 O'Farrell.

Beth-Israel, S. side Geary, bet. Octavia & Laguna.
Beth-Mencahim Streisand, S. side Minna, bet. 4th & 5th.
Temple Emanu-El, Sutter, bet. Powell & Stockton.
Nevah Zedeck, 943 Mission.
Ohabal Shalome, 1831 Bush.
Shaarl Zedeck, NE. cor. California & Stockton.
Sherith Israel, NE. cor. Post & Taylor.
Ansche Sfard, 954 Folsom.
Chabra Thilim, 1936 Folsom.

Most Rev. P.W. Riordan, Archbishop; Rev. P. Scanlan, Chancellor; Rev. P.E. Muilligan, Secretary, 1122 Eddy.
St. Mary's Cathedral, NW. cor. Van Ness av. & O'Farrell.
   Chapels -- Sacred Heart Academy, Sacred Heart College, Sacred Heart Presentation Convent, St. Francis Technical School.
All Hallows Church, cor. 16th av. South & N.
   Chapels -- Female Orphan Asylum, Mt. St. Joseph.
Church of Corpus Christi, Croke, near Mission.
Church of St. Charles Borromeo, NW. cor. 18th & Shotwell.
   School -- Sisters of Holy Cross.
Church of the Holy Cross, Eddy, bet. Scott & Devisadero.
Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, cor. Diamond & 18th.
Mission Dolores Church, 16th & Dolores.
   Chapel -- Notre Dame, Mission Dolores.
   School -- Sisters of Notre Dame.
Notre Dame des Victoires, N. side Bush. bet. Grant av. & Stockton.  Sermons in French.
Sacred Heart Church, S. side Fell, bet. Webster & Fillmore.
   Chapel -- Sisters of Holy Family.
   School -- Sisters of St. Dominic.
St. Agnes Church, W. side of Masonic av. bet. Page & Oak.
St. Anthony's Church (German), Army, bet. Shotwell &
   Chapel -- Convent Sisters of St. Dominic.
   School -- Sisters of St. Dominic.
St. Boniface's Church (German), S side Golden Gate av. bet. Jones & Leavenworth.  Sermons in German.
   Chapel -- St. Joseph's Home & Hospital.
   School -- Sisters of St. Dominic.
St. Brendan's Church, NE cor. Fremont & Harrison.
   Chapel -- St. Mary's Hospital.
   School -- Sisters of Mercy.
St. Brigid's Church, Van Ness av. & Broadway.
   Chapel -- St. Bridget's Convent.
   Mission --St. Vincet de Paul.
   School -- Sisters of Charity.
St. Dominic's Church & Monastery, NW. cor. Bush & Steiner.
St. Francis Church, cor. Vallejo and Montgomery av.
   Chapel -- Presentation Convent.
   School -- Presentation Sisters.
St. Ignatius Church, N. side Hayes near Van Ness av.
   School -- St. Ignatius College.
St. James Church, 25th & Guerrero.
   Chapel --Immaculate Conception.
St. John's Parish, Mission, opp. St. Mary's av.
St. Joseph's Church, 10th. bet. Folsom & Howard.
   Chapel -- Holy Name (10th st.)
   Schools -- (Boys') Brothers of Mary;  (Girls') Sisters of Holy Names of Jesus & Mary.
St. Mary's Church, NE. cor. California & Dupont.
St. Michael's Church, Broad, near Plymouth av.
St. Patrick's Church, Mission, bet. 3d & 4th.
   Schools -- (Boys) Sisters of Charity;  (Girls) Sisters of Charity
   Chapel -- St. Vincent's Convent.
St. Paul's Church, 29th & Church.
St. Peter's Church, E. side Alabama, bet. 24th & 25th.
   Chapels -- Magdalen Asylum, St. Peters' Academy, and County Hospital.
   Schools -- (Boys) Brothers of Christian Schools; (Girls) Sisters of Mercy.
St. Rose's Church, Brannan, near 4th.
   School -- Sisters of Holy Names.
St. Teresa's Church, Tennessee st., near 19th.
   Chapel -- Youth's Directory.
St. Vincent De Paul Church, Green & Steiner.
Sts. Pietro e Paolo Church, Filbert & Dupont.
Star of the Sea Church, NW. cor. Point Lobos & 8th avs.
Yglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, N. side Broadway, bet. Mason & Taylor.  Sermons in Spanish.

Source: San Francisco Blue Book, 1905, Charles C. Hoag, Publisher, San Francisco, California


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