San Francisco History

Seventy-five Years in San Francisco

by William Heath Davis.

Original edition,
named Sixty Years in California
and containing portions herein,
Published 1889 by
Andrew J. Leary, Sansome Street, San Francisco.

Second Edition,
Seventy-five Years in San Francisco
Edited by Douglas S. Watson,
Published 1929 by
John Howell, 434 Post Street, San Francisco.


1. Author's First Arrival In California
2. The Mission of San Francisco De Asis
3. Wm. A. Richardson's Arrival 1822
4. Author Returns On "Don Quixote"
5. Russian American Fur Company
6. Jacob Primer Leese Arrives In 1833
7. Elk On Mare Island
8. How The Missions Were Supported
9. Life On California Ranchos
10. The Horse In Early California
11. Alvarado's Arrest Of Americans
12. Nathan Spear And The Author Detained
13. Visit Of De Mofras To California
14. Priest And Mission Life
15. Indian Insurrections And Treachery
16. Author's Courtship And Marriage
17. A Sportman's Paradise
18. California Amusements
19. Mexican Public Men And Others
20. The Hudson's Bay Company In Yerba Buena
21. Commodore Wilkes Visits Yerba Buena
22. The "Julia Ann" Sails Into Port
23. Boston Ships And Traders
24. American Occupation Of 1842
25. A Lot About Thomas Ap Catesby Jones, U. S. N.
26. Something Concerning Don Luis Vignes
27. Early American Settlers In California
28. Alvarado Ousts Governor Micheltorena
29. More About the Revolution
30. General M. G. Vallejo's Lands and Cattle
31. Vallejo's Appeal for Annexation to United States
32. Californians And Their Ways
33. William Sturgis Hinckley Builds the First Bridge
34. Ships, Hides, Customs Officials And Contraband
35. First Discovery Of Gold In California
36. Gold, Gold And More Gold
37. Firewater, Bonfires And Scared Indians
38. Nathan Spear's Grist Mill; The First
39. H. M. S. "Blossom" Discovers Blossom Rock
40. Don Francisco Guerrero Gives A Strawberry "Blowout"
41. Holy Days And Holidays
42. Yankee Turkey Shooting At Christmas
43. Franciscan Fathers First-Class Merchants
44. W. D. M. Howard, Trader, Jester And Bold Operator
45. Samuel Brannan, The Great '46er
46. A Ride To Chino And A Gift To The Pope
47. Folsom's Foresight; And Talbot H. Green's Past
48. Yoscolo, The Mission Indian Renegade
49. Don José De La Guerra Y Noriega And His Family
50. Henry Mellus; From Fo'c'sle Hand To Merchant
51. Rivalry And Goodfeeling Between Traders
52. De Pedrorena, Merchant And Stockton's Lieutenant
53. The Great Hide And Tallow Trade
54. Author Becomes Merchant; Buys The "Euphemia"
55. "See The American Flag Flying!"
56. Frémont Sends For Davis
57. Stockton The Real Conquerer; And The Conquest
58. Frémont Too Busy To Talk
59. Frémont In The Role Of Pardoner
60. Mrs. Paty's Wine Cask Empties Mysteriously
61. Yerba Buena's First American Alcalde: Lieutenant Bartlett U. S. N.
62. The Gold Rush Starts; And Other Incidents
63. Commodore Jones Extols Benicia In Vain
64. Davis Fails To Become Founder Of Oakland
65. Which Reads Like Part Of Dana's "Two Years Before The Mast"
66. In Which The Author Ends His Record

A. Extract from Proceedings of the San Francisco Ayuntamiento
B. Jasper O'Farrell's Signed Statement
C. Names of Residents Around the Bay of San Francisco 1838
D. Centennial Celebration of Founding of Mission San Francisco De Asis
E. Father Gonzalez's Letter on the State of the Missions in the 1830-40 Decade
F. Padre Junípero Serra's Letter of July 3, 1769, Telling of His Arrival at San Diego
G. Statements of George Hyde and Letters in the Hyde Controversy
H. First San Francisco Directory
I. Chinese in California
J. Roster of Officers of Stevenson's Regiment
K. Stevenson's Regiment Comes to California
L. Some Particulars Regarding Stevenson's Regiment
M. Missions and Their Wealth; Hacendados and Their Property
N. Record of Ships Arriving from 1774 to 1847



Source: Davis, William Heath. Seventy-five Years in San Francisco. 1929: San Francisco.

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