Church Records Guide
The following guide of San Francisco churches and their record holdings was initially created from a publication prepared by the Work Projects Administration (1) in May 1942. The information was obviously out-of-date. But, at the least, it listed what records were available at the time and which may still exist.

If you have first-hand knowledge of where any of these records are currently located, or know of other Church Records, please contact us, and we will update the entry for the church/temple/etc. on this page.

Roman Catholic
Protestant Episcopal

Christian Church
United Church of Christ

ROMAN CATHOLIC (updated August 2005)
Current list of Parishes by the San Francisco Archdiocese.
Roman Catholic Archives contact information.

For sacramental records of closed parishes please refer to the following: ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)

[contact: Our Lady of Lourdes (415) 285-3377, 1715 Oakdale  Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124]
Newhall St. & Palou Ave.
Rev. Francis F. McCarthy, 1715 Oakdale Ave.
2. CATHEDRAL of ST. MARY, Van Ness Ave. & O'Farrell St.—1942
Most Rev. John J. Mitty, 1100 Franklin St.
3. CHURCH of the EPIPHANY, 675 Naples St.—1942
Rev. Maurice J. O'Keefe, 645 Amazon Ave.
4. CORPUS CHRISTI CHURCH, 80 Santa Rosa Ave.—1942
Rev. Thomas J. De Matei.
5. HOLY CROSS CHURCH, 1822 Eddy St.—1942
Rev. Msgr. John W. Brockhage, 1815 Eddy St. 6. HOLY FAMILY (Chinese Mission), 902 Stockton St.—1942
Rev. Charles E. Beadley. 7. HOLY NAME of JESUS CHURCH, 1329 38th Ave.—1942
Rev. Richard Ryan, 1319 38th Ave. 8. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH—1942
[closed parish: Immaculate Conception (SF Co.): please call St. Anthony of Padua at 415 647-2704  ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]
3255 Folsom St.
Rev. Victor Bazzanella, 3255 Folsom St. 9. MISSION DOLORES CHURCH, 16th & Dolores St.—1942
Most Rev. Thomas A. Connolly, 3321 16th St. San Francisco de Asís Mission [aka Misson Dolores]. Extracts made for H.H. Bancroft by Thomas Savage in 1878 from original books of baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1776-1856, with note of priests serving the mission. Bound in at the end of the volume are similar extracts from the records of the Mission San Jose, 1797-1859, including a death notice, with biographical information, for Father Rafael de Jesús Moreno. Bancroft Library.

10. MOST HOLY REDEEMER CHURCH, 100 Diamond St.—1942
Rt. Rev. Msgr. William P. Sullivan, 100 Diamond St.

11. NATIVITY CHURCH (Slavonian National), 240 Fell St.—1942
Rev. Vital Vodusck, 245 Linden St. 12. NOTRE DAME DES VICTOIRES (French National) CHURCH, 566 Bush St.—1942
Rev. Louis Lebihen, 566 Bush St. 13. OUR LADY of GUADALUPE (Spanish National) CHURCH—1942
[closed parish:  Our Lady of Guadalupe (SF Co.): please call Sts. Peter and Paul at 415 421-0809 ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]
908 Broadway
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Antonio H. Santandrou, 908 Broadway. 14. SACRED HEART CHURCH, 546 Fillmore St.—1942
Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Cullon, 546 Fillmore St. 15. ST. AGNES'S CHURCH, Masonic Ave. near Page St.—1942
Rev. John A. Butler, 1025 Masonic Ave. 16. ST. ANN'S CHURCH, Funston Ave. & Judah St.—1942
Rt. Rev. Patrick C. Moriarty, Funston Ave. and Judah St. 17. ST. ANTHONY of PADUA (German National) CHURCH, 3211 Army St.—1942
Rev. Leo Simon, 3215 Army St. 18. ST. BENEDICT THE MOOR (Negro Mission) CHURCH, 2891 Bush St.—1942
Rev. John Berman, 227 Laguna St. 19. ST. BONIFACE (German National) CHURCH, 133 Golden Gate Ave.—1942
Rev. Lawrence Mutter, 133 Golden Gate Ave. 20. ST. BRENDAN'S CHURCH, 29 Rockaway Ave.—1942
Rev. John M. Ryan, 29 Rockaway Ave. 21. ST. BRIGID'S CHURCH—1942
[closed parish:  St. Brigid (SF Co.): please call St. Vincent de Paul at 415 992-1010 ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]
Van Ness Ave. & Broadway
Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Cantwell, 2117 Van Ness Ave. 22. ST. CECILIA'S CHURCH, 2551 17th Ave.—1942
Rev. John Hartnett, 2551 17th Ave. 23. ST. CHARLES BORROMEO'S CHURCH, 701 Van Ness Ave. South.—1942
Rev. Edward J. Meagher, 713 Van Ness Ave. South. 24. ST. DOMINIC'S CHURCH, Steiner & Bush Sts.—1942
Very Rev. Albert A. Healy, 2390 Bush St. 25. ST. EDWARD'S CHURCH—1942
[closed parish:  St. Edward the Confessor (SF Co.): please call St. Dominic at 415 567-7824 ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]
3318 California St.
Rt. Rev. Msgr. John M. Byrne, 3320 California St. 26. ST. ELIZABETH'S CHURCH, Wayland & Brussel Sts.—1942
Rev. Michael J. Clifford, 465 Brussel St. 27. ST. EMYDIUS CHURCH, Ashton & De Montford.—1942
Rev. Edmond J. Metherway, 286 Ashton Ave. 28. ST. FINN BARR'S CHURCH, Hearst Ave. & Edna St.—1942
Rev. John F. Casey, 415 Edna St. 29. ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI CHURCH—1942
[closed parish:  St. Francis of Assisi (SF Co.): please call 415 421-0809 ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]
610 Vallejo St.
Rev. Terence J. Nugent, 610 Vallejo St. 30. ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CHURCH, 1801 Octavia St.—1942
Rev. William Stoecke, 1801 Octavia St. 31. ST. IGNATIUS CHURCH, 2130 Fulton St.—1942
Very Rev. William J. Dunne, 2130 Fulton St. 32. ST. JAMES' CHURCH, 1098 Guerrero St.—1942
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. Quinn, 1086 Guerrero St. 33. ST. JOAN of ARC (French National) CHURCH, 1625 Lane St.—1942
Rev. Constantin A. Chauve, 1625 Lane St.
[contact: Our Lady of Lourdes (415) 285-3377, 1715 Oakdale  Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124]
34. ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH, 19th St. & Mary's Ave.—1942
Rev. John J. Hunt, 19th St. & Mary's Ave. 35. ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH—1942
[closed parish: St. Joseph (SF Co.): please call St. Patrick at 415 421-0547 ( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]
10th & Howard Sts.
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Richard Collins, 1415 Howard St. 36. ST. KEVIN'S CHURCH, Cortland Ave. & Ellsworth St.—1942
Rev. Cornelius J. Guerin, 704 Cortland Ave. 37. ST. MARY'S CHURCH, 670 California St.—1942
Very Rev. Wi1fred G. Hurley, 660 California St. 38. ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, 32 Broad St.—1942
Rev. James Stokes, 32 Broad St. 39. ST. MONICA'S CHURCH, Geary Blvd. & 23rd Ave.—1942
Rev. William J. Cantwell, 369 23rd St. 40. ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH, 756 Mission St.—1942
Rev. Leo W. Powloson, 756 Mission St. 41. ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, 1660 Church St.—1942
Rev. Cornelius E. Kennedy, 221 Valley St. 42. ST. PAUL of the SHIPWRECK (Maltese), 1509 Oakdale Ave.—1942
Rev. Theophilus Cachia, 1505 Oakdale Ave. 43. ST. PETER'S CHURCH, 1200 Florida St.—1942
Rev. Ralph Hunt, 1200 Florida St. 44. SS. PETER and PAUL, 666 Filbert St.—1942
Rev. Joseph Galli, 666 Filbert St. 45. ST. PHILIP'S CHURCH, 725 Diamond St.—1942
Rev. John R. Cantillon, 725 Diamond St. 46. ST. TERESA'S CHURCH, 19th & Connecticut Sts.—1942
Rev. Peter Flynn, 390 Hissouri St. 47. ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE CHURCH, 3839 Balboa St.—1942
Rev. Jemes P. Moran, 40th Ave. & Balboa St. 48. ST. VINCENT de PAUL CHURCH, 2320 Green St.—1942
Rev. Martin P. Ryan, 2320 Green St. 49. STAR of the SEA CHURCH, Geary Blvd. & 8th Ave.—1942
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick L. Ryan, 4420 Geary Blvd. 50. VISITATION of BLESSED VIRGIN MARY CHURCH, 301 Raymond Ave.—1942
Rev. C. A. Dransfeld, 301 Raymond Ave.

51. ASSYRIAN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (disbanded), 240 Webster St.—1942
Rev. Perry O. Daniels, 1646 Fell St.

Rev. Y. K. Rushdoony, 2409 Washington St. 53. CALVARY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 2501 Fillmore St.—1942
Rev. Ezra A. Van Nuys, 1 6th Ave. 54. CHINESE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 925 Stockton St.—1942
Rev. Kei Y. Tso, 910 Clay St. 55. CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (Chinese), 855 Jackson St.—1942
Rev. Tom Jung, 1050 Jackson St. 56. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 1642 Van Ness Ave.—1942
Rev. John H. Creighton, 2100 Green St. First Presbyterian Church, 1895-1898; Jenks, Edwin Hart, Pastoral register of marriages.  [Presbyterian Hist Soc, Philadelpha, PA 19147-1516] [2006]

Rev. Paul E. Carson, 1475 Golden Gate Ave.

58. GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH (Spanish), 240 Webster St.—1942
Rev. Trinidad F. Salazar, 627 Oak St. 59. HOWARD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 1301 Oak St.—1942
Rev. Alfred G. Fiske, 316 San Benito Way. Howard Presbyterian Church, Membership, 1941-1969 -- Baptisms, 1943-1969 -- Marriages, 1943-1968.  [Presbyterian Hist Soc, Philadelpha, PA 19147-1516] [2006]

Rev. Peter McCormack, 224 Colon Ave.

61. LEBANON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 1021 Sanchez St.—1942
Rev. George J. Searles, 1046 Sanchez St. Lebanon Presbyterian Church, Register, 1881-1917; Membership, 1881-1917 -- Baptisms, 1882-1917 --Marriages, 1894-1914. [Presbyterian Hist Soc, Philadelpha, PA 19147-1516] [2006]



Memorial Presbyterian Church, records, 1871-1912.  [Presbyterian Hist Soc,
Philadelpha, PA 19147-1516] [2006]

Rev. George Comor, Acting Pastor.

Rev. Arthur R. Willis, 215 Santa Rosa Ave. 65. OLIVET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 400 Missouri St.—1942
Rev. Horrick J. Lane, 1419 19th St. The FHL has church records, 1868-1898, on microfilm.

66. ORTH0DOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 286 Divisadero St.—1942
Rev. Robort L. Atwell, 1321 Waller St.

67. PORTALHURST PRESBYTERIAN (Community) CHURCH, 321 Taraval St.—1942
Rev. T. H. Simpson, 2207 17th Ave. 68. ST. JAMES PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 240 Leland St.—1942
Rev. Androw Szilagyi, 251 Raymond St. 69. ST. JOHN'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 25 Lake St.—1942
Rev. Lloyd R. Carrick, 227 Lake St. 70. ST. PAUL'S PRESBYTERIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH, 1399 43rd Ave.—1942
Rev. Otis L. Linn, 1451 44th Ave. 71. SEVENTH AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 1329 7th Ave.—1942
Rev. Walter C. Subko, 120 Lenox Way. 72. STEWART MEMORIAL CHURCH, 1074 Guerrero St.—1942
Rev. John B. Porter, 1076 Guerrero St. Stewart Memorial United Presbyterian Church, Register, 1884-1961; Membership, 1884-1960 -- Baptisms, 1930-1961 -- Marriages, 1929-1961.  [Presbyterian Hist Soc, Philadelpha, PA 19147-1516] [2006]

Rev. Alfred G. Glass, 29 Conrad St.

Abstracts of Marriages from the records of the Trinity Episcopal Church. DAR California, Esperanza Chapter.
Abstracts of Deaths from the records of the Trinity Episcopal Church, 1849 to 1906. DAR California, Esperanza Chapter.

Trinity Presbyterian Church [aka Howard Street Presbyterian Church, 1869; Trinity, 1892, Mission United, 1967]   records, 1869-1959. v. 1, 1869-1886 -- Membership, 1867-1886. v. 2, 1886-1895 -- Membership, 1868-1895 -- Baptisms, 1871-1894 -- Marriages, 1888-1892. v. 3, 1895-1909. v. 4, 1909-1931 -- Membership, 1868-1933 -- Baptisms, 1909-1932 -- Marriages, 1916-1931. v. 5, 1932-1936. v. 6, 1937-1944. v. 7, 1944-1958. v. 8, 1944-1959 -- Membership, 1959. Pby of S.F., 7-25-88.  [Presbyterian Hist Soc, Philadelpha, PA 19147-1516] [2006]

Trinity Episcopal Church, records 1862-1935. California State Library.

74. WESTMINISTER CENTER, 240 Webster St.—1942
Rev. Ray V. Pedrotti, 240 Webster St.



Rev. J. L. Boyd, 1207 Powell St.

76. CALVARY METHODIST CHURCH, 19th Ave. & Judah St.—1942
Rev. Kenneth W. Adams, 1389 19th Ave. 77. CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH, 754 14th. St.—1942
Rev. Philip A. Solbjor, 750 14th St. 78. CHINESE METHODIST CHURCH, 920 Washington St.—1942 79. CITY TEMPLE, 430 Mason St.—1942
Rev. Edgar A. Lowther, 2070 Fell St. 80. EPWORTH METHODIST CHURCH, 1270 Sanchez St.—1942
Rev. J. W. Byrd, 1270 Sanchez St. 81. FILIPINO METHODIST CHURCH, 1901 Bush St.—1942
Rev. Ermie C. Obien, 531 Olive St. 82. FIRST AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL ZION CHURCH, 1669 Geary St.—1942
Rev. H. B. Gantt, 2390 Post St. 83. TEMPLE METHODIST CHURCH, Post and Mason Sts.—1942
Dr. Jason Noble Pierce, 120 Duboce Ave. 84. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, 1601 Larkin St.—1942
Rev. Fred H. Busher, 1600 Clay St. 85. GENEVA AVENUE COMMUNITY CHURCH, 1253 Geneva Ave.—1942
Rev. Myron Herrell, 985 Vienna St. 86. GLIDE MEMORIAL CHURCH, 322 Ellis St.—1942
Rev. Julian C. McPheeters, 322 Ellis St. 87. GRACE UNITED CHURCH of the MISSION, 3166 21st St.—1942
Rev. Donald F. Gaylord, 3168 21st St. Also includes records of:
Rev. Ralph H. Richardson, 453 Belvedere St. 89. JAPANESE METHODIST CHURCH, 1359 Pine St.—1942
Rev. Taro Goto, 1359 Pine St. 90. KOREAN METHODIST CHURCH, 1123 Powell St.—1942
Rev. S. S. Whang, 1321 Mason St. 91. PARK-PRESIDIO UNITED CHURCH, 4301 Geary Blvd.—1942
Rev. George F. Wortloy, 4301 Geary Blvd. 92. ST. JOHN'S ITALIAN METHODIST CHURCH, 756 Union St.—1942
Rev. Ettoro Di. Giantomasso, 1200 Francisco St. 93. SIMPSON METHODIST CHURCH, 439 Guerrero St.—1942
Rev. J. N. Burdell, 431 Guerrero St. 94. TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH, 2299 Market St.—1942
Rev. R. Marvin Stuart, 1132 Portola Dr. 95. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF AMERICA, 240 Page St.—1942
Rev. G. A. Waasa, 242 Page St. 96. WESLEY METHODIST CHURCH (Disbanded), 7 Elgin Park—1942
Rev. T. C Harwell.

97. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 777 Morse St.—1942
Rev. Gilbert C. H. Bellshaw, 224 Curtis St.

98. CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, 150 Eureka St.—1942
Rev. Robert A. Lundy, 150 Eureka St. 99. FIRST RUSSIAN BAPTIST CHURCH, 904 Rhode Island St.—1942
Rev. James R. Prigodich, 744 Rhode Island St. 100. HAMILTON SQUARE CHURCH, 1975 Post St.—1942
Rev. Arno I. Weniger, 717 21st Ave. 101. IGLESIA BAUTISTA MEXICAN0, 856 Capp St.—1942
Rev. J. C. Zamora. 102. NINTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH, 1240 9th Ave.—1942 103. TEMPLE BAPTIST, 3459 17th St.—1942
Rev. David Youngdahl, 3459 17th St. 104. THIRD BAPTIST CHURCH, 1299 Hyde St.—1942
Rev. F. D. Haynes, 1299 Hyde St. 105. TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE CHURCH, 380 21st St.—1942
Rev. Avalon Brown, 380 21st St.

See also Episcopal Archives.

106. ALL SAINT'S CHURCH, 1350 Waller St.—1942

107. CANON KIP COMMUNITY HOUSE, 246 2nd St.—1942
Rev. Henry J. Ohlhoff, 246 2nd St. 108. CHINESE MISSION CHURCH (True Sunshine), 966 Clay st.—1942
Rev. G. C. Wu, 966 Clay St. 109. CHURCH OF THE ADVENT, 261 Fell St.—1942
Rev. Oliver B. Dale, 162 Hickory St. 110. CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION, 1368 19th Ave.—1942
Rev. Harlan Bailey, 1374 19th Ave. 111. C0MMUNITY HOUSE OF SISTERS OF ST. SAVIOUR, 720 41st Ave.—1942
Mrs. E. E. Williams, Treasurer, 2335 Hyde St. 112. GOOD SAMARITAN MISSION CHURCH, 1280 Potrero Ave.—1942
Rev. James P. Turner, 1290 Potrero Ave. 113. GRACE CATHEDRAL, 1122 California St.           Michael D. Lampen, Archivist, 2007
          michaell at
          Mon-Wed, 9am to 5 pm | 415-749-6338

  • March 5, 1850-June 8, 1868
    May 5, 1904-April 16, 2006
    (loose files- 1948-1953, 1963, 1966-1979)

  • April 2, 1854-May 3-1868
    April 16, 1905-November 9, 1996
    (loose files- 1948-1953, 1963, 1966-1979)

  • 1850-1868, 1912, 1917-1939, 1955- July 25, 1988
    Transfers in (loose files) 1969-1989
    Transfers out (loose files) 1969-1989

  • April 25, 1850- February 23, 1868
    April 6, 1904-January 21, 2005
    (loose files 1975-1978)
  • BURIALS (memorials and/or funerals)

  • October 4, 1849- March 3, 1868
    May 7, 1870-August 21, 1870
    May 5, 1904-February 1, 1991
    (loose files- 1948-1953, 1963, 1966-1979)
    114. HOLY INNOCENT'S CHURCH, 455 Fair Oaks St.—1942
    Rev. W. M. Ford, 798 Sanchez St. 115. CHRIST CHURCH (Japanese Mission), 1732 Buchanan St.—1942
    Rev. Joseph K. Tsukamoto, 1850 Buchnnan St. 116. ST. BARNABAS' MISSION CHURCH, 455 Vienna St.—1942
    Rev. Fred T. Foster, 455 Vienna St. 117. ST. CYPRIAN'S MISSION CHURCH, 2695 Sutter St.—1942
    Rev. Thaddeus P. Martin, 2689 Sutter St. 118. ST. FRANCIS COMMUNITY CHURCH, Ocean Ave. & San Fernando Way.—1942
    Rev. Henry P. Veazie, 520 Junipero Serra Blvd. 119. ST. JAMES' CHURCH, 4620 California St.—1942
    Rev. Harold S. Brewster, 4620 California St. 120. ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH, 1671 15th St.—1942
    Rev. A. Y. Clarke, 120 Julian St. 121. ST. LUKE'S CHURCH, 1750 Van Ness Ave.—1942
    Rev. John C. Leffler, 2485 Broadway 122. ST. MARY'S CHURCH, 2959 Steiner St.—1942
    Rev. Russell B. Staines, 2887 Green St. 123. ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, 2142 Pierce St.—1942
    Rev. G. B. Gifford, 2140 Pierce St. 124. ST. PETER'S CHURCH, 420 29th Ave.—1942
    Rev. John A. Collins, 430 29th Ave. 125. TRINITY CHURCH, 1668 Bush St.—1942
    Rev. D. M. Brookman, 1668 Bush St.

    126. BETH HAMIDROSH, 1184 Turk St. (Updated information, September 2004. Thanks to Joshua Levy.)
    Rabbi Gershon Katzman, 1184 Turk St.

    127. BETH ISRAEL, 1839 Geary St.—1942
    Rabbi Elliot M. Burstein, 2366 Broadway. The FHL has a collection of marriage records on microfilm, dates unknown.

    128. BETH SHOLOM, 301 14th Ave.—1942
    Rabbi Saul E. White, 52 7th Ave.

    129. EMANU - EL  (Updated information, September 2004. Thanks to Joshua Levy.)
    2 Lake Street (at Arguello)
    general website:
    archivist: 130. SHERITH ISRAEL CONGREGATION, 2240 California St.—1942
    Rabbi Morris Goldstein, 90 Park Ave.


    131. GOLDEN GATE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH  (thank you to Marina Cole for this information, Oct 2005)
    (aka Our Saviour Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Norwegian Lutheran, Ascension)

    Contact the following archives to search for records for non-existent San Francisco Lutheran Churchs:

    ELCA Region 2 Archives
    Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
    2770 Marin Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94708-1597
    (510) 524-5264

    ST. PAULUS EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH (now ST. PAULUS LUTHERAN CHURCH) (thank you to Dena Ringen-Sanchez for this information, 2014)
    1541 Polk Street
    San Francisco, CA 94109


    Bush Street, between Scott and Divisadero, San Francisco, California

    1895 Directory


    First Congregational Church of San Francisco
    1300 Polk Street
    San Francisco, CA   94109
    Phone:  415/441-8901

    Available at the California Genealogical Society:

    "Records from the Congregational Church. These indexes were taken from various books and pamphlets belonging to the First Congregational Church of San Francisco."

    (1) A Guide to Church Vital Statistics Records In California, San Francisco and Alameda Counties: Six Denominations; The Northern California Historical Records Survey Project, Service Division, Work Projects Administration; San Francisco, California, May 1942.

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