Santa Cruz County Genealogy

Source: Santa Cruz County Directory 1916-1917
The Santa Cruz Directory Co. (G.C. Inskeep, H.L. Walsh), June 1916, Santa Cruz, California

Locating all streets within the City Limits

Alexander, south from 100 E Lake av to 3d, 1 blk east of Main
ALvarado, east from Linvcoln bet Prospect and Stanford
Andrews Court, east from 540 Main Beach Road
Beach Road, continuation of W 3d
Beck, south from E Lake av to E 3d, 5 blks east of Main
Blackburn, south from 400 E. Lake av 4 blks east of Main
Bockius, E from 215 Marchant bet Maple av and Elm
Brennan, N from 39 E Lake av 1 blk east of Main
Bridge, east from 166 Main
Broadis, east from 76 N Main
California, east from Sudden bet High and Palm av
Carr, south from E Lake av to 3d 2 blks of Main
Center, east from Blackbun [sic.] bet E 3d and E Lake av
Central Ave, east from 232 Main
Eighth, west from Upper Main
Elm, east from 204 Union 3 blks south of E 3d
Fifth, East, from 600 Main
Fifth, West, from 601 Main
First, west from 201 Main
Ford Court, nnorth from 240 Ford st
Ford, west from 700 Main
Front, west from 101 Main
Garden Ave, from 118 W Lake av north one block
Grant Ave, east from 240 Union bet Maple and Elm
Grove, south from 119 First st 2 blks west of Main
High, east from 12 N Main
Jefferson, north from 231 E Lake av 3 blks east of Main not open bet Palm and California
Kearney, west from 501 Rodriguez
Kilburn, north from 36 W 5th to Ford 1 blk west of Main
Lake Ave, East, from 50 Main
Lake Ave, West, from 501 Main
Lincoln, north from river to city limits 4 blks east of Main
Locust, south from 200 W 3d to 1st
Madison, north from 327 E Lake av 5 blks east of Main, not open bet 1/2 n of 5th and California
Main, dividing street of city east and west
Main, North, continuation of Main
Maple Ave, east from 280 Main
Marchant, south from 200 E 3d 2 blks east of Main
Martins Court, n from 170 2d st, 1/2 blk
Menker, south from 145 Second st to First 2 b lks west of Main
Ninth, west from Upper Main
Palm Ave, east from Brennan 1 blk north of Fifth st
Peck, east from 328 Main
Pine, south from 300 W 3d to 2d
Prospect, east from 60 N Main
Rodriguez, north from river to city limits 1 blk w of Main
Salsipuedes Road, continuation of Bridge
Second, west from 301 Main
Seventh, west from Upper Main
Sixth, west from 701 Rodriguez
Stanford, east from 30 N Main
Sudden, north from 201 E Lake av 2 blks east of Main
Third, East, from 400 Main
Third, West, from 401 Main
Trafton, east from Union 1 blk south of Peck
Union, south from 24 E 3d 1 [sic.] east of Main
Walker, north from river to city limits 2 blks west of Main
Wrights Court, from 140 Maple av south to Grant

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