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Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Emmogene A. Barnes (Mrs. Rufus Fiske)  - Santa Clara County..
Present address, San Miguel, San Luis Obispo County.  Taught in Santa Clara County, four years; in Marin County, one year.  Married May 8, 1879.  Once child.
Henry Bateman - Napa County.
Present address, Woodland, Yolo County.  Farmer.
Emma S. Buckley - Santa Clara County.
Present address, 65 N. Eighth Street, San José.  Taught continously since graduation; for the past twelve years in San José.
Minnie Clara Burt - Amador County.
Present address, San José.  Taught continuously since graduation.  Teaching in Hester School, San José.
Mary E. Carr (Mrs. J.T. Apperson) - Solano County.
Present address, Red Bluff, Tehams County.  Taught six years.
Charlotte K. Clark - San Francisco.
Present address, 737 Howard Street, San Francisco.  Taught in Napa County, One year; San Francisco, ten years.  Teaching in Mission Grammar School.
Marie Cole - Napa County.
Present address, Haywards, Alameda County.  Taught seven years.  Teaching.  Graduated from the State University in 1879.
Anna B. Cowie (Mrs. Denniston) - Tuolumne County.
Present address, 1224 Twenty-first Street, San Francisco.  Taught one year.
Abbie A. Davies (Mrs. Hayford) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Colfax, Placer County.  Taught in Contra COsta and Placer Counties twelve and one half months.  Married October 19, 1876.
Belle J. Fagg (Mrs. F.H. Fowler) - Yuba County.
Present address, Lincoln, Placer County.  Taught in Napa County, six and one half months;  Yuba County, seven months; San Diego County, five months; Sierra County, twelve months; Placer County, three years.  At last report, June, 1887, was teaching at Bolinas, Marin County.  Married January 13, 1884.  One child.
M. Fannie Farmer (Mrs. Geo. Bennett) - Sonoma County.
Present address, 730 Shotwell Street, San Francisco.
Julia B. Farnsworth - Santa Clara County. 
Living near San José.  Not taught.
Charles E. Farnham - San Joaquin County.
Present address, 672 Mission Street, San Francisco.  Taught one and one half years.  Left teaching to study medicine.  Now practicing medicine and surgery in San Francisco.  Prefessor in Cooper Medical College.
Harriet N. Gilmor (Mrs. W.E. Deering) - Napa County.
Present address, St. John, Colusa County.  Taught six years before marriage.  Not taught since.
Nathan C. Hanscom - San Joaquin County.
Present address, San Andreas, Calaveras County.  Taught in San Joaquin County, six months;  Stanislaus County, four years; Washington Territory, six months;  Calaveras County, four years.  Teaching in San Andres.  For three years was traveling correspondent and editor of newspapers.  Married January 24, 1883.  One child.
Julia L. Hauck - Sacramento County.
Present address, Dresden, Germany.  Taught in San Benito County, one and one half years; San José, five years; Oakland, five years; Germany, two years.  Teaching in a private school in Dresden.
Alice M. Heath - Los Angeles County.
Teaching a private school in Los Angeles County.
David F. Henning - Santa Clara County.
Address, unknown.  Taught several years in Santa Clara County.
Minnie B. Hollenbeck (deceased) - Santa Clara County.
History unknown.
Millie S. Howard - Contra Costa County.
Present address, Danville, Contra Costa County.  Taught in Contra Costa County, fourteen months;  Plumas County, one month.  Not taught since November, 1877, on account of home duties.
Rosina Intermille (Mrs. Morris Smith) - Illinois.
Present address, Susanville, Lassen County.  Taught in Plumas County, one year; Butte County, six months; Lassen County, one year;  Modoc County, one year.  Teaching in Modoc County.  Married October 22, 1875.  Three children.
Millie R. Jones (Mrs. G. Ivancovich) - Marin County.
Present address, Petaluma, Sonoma County.  Taught two and one half years before marriage.  Not taught since.  Eight children; five living.
Mary A.C. Leahy - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San José.  At last report, May, 1883, was teaching near Watsonville.
Mary Lewis (Mrs. Bronson) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, 1235 Park Avenue, Alameda.  Taught in Contra Costa County, one year;  Santa Clara County, two years.  Not taught since June, 1878.  Married April 21, 1878.  Four children.
David F. Little (deceased) - Monterey County.
Taught three years in Monterey.  Gave up teaching because of ill health.  Died at his home, In Nova Scotia, July, 1884.  He did some literary work, mostly political.
Kate Martin (Mrs. Lewis Bozeman) - Santa Clara Conty.
In 1886 was living in Montana.
Isabel May (Mrs. W.H. Church) - Alameda County. 
Present address, 920 Filbert Street, Oakland.  Taught six years.
Mary A. McDonnell (Mrs. J.W. Davis) - State of Nevada.
Present address, Banning, San Bernardino County.  Taught six years in Gold Hill, Nevada.  Married August 1, 1881.  Not taught since.  Two children; one living.  Husband died January 31, 1889.
Sabia E. Morey - San Joaquin County.
Present address, 1028 1/2 Folsom Street, San Francisco.  Taught in San Mateo County, five months; Santa Clara County, three months; Marin County, two years; San Francisco, eight years.  Teaching in Tehama Primary School.
Rose E. Morgan - Tuolumne County.
Present address, 1254 Howard Street, San Francisco.  Taught in Merced County, two months; Tuolumne County, three years; Mendocino County, one month; San Francisco, ten years.  Teaching in Peabody Primary School, San Francisco.  Held office of County Superintendent in Tuolumne County two years.
Annie J. Neary - Sacramento County.
Taught constantly since graduation, with exception of one year.  Teaching in Sacramento.
William Pascoe - Santa Clara County.
Present address, College Park.  Taught in Sonoma County, four months; Santa Clara County, four months; Shasta County, three years; Modoc County, one year; Contra Costa County, one year; Alameda County, four months; Humboldt County, two years.  Work suspended four years for other business.  Is now in the Auditing Department of Wells  & Fargo Express Co., San Francisco.  Married July 20 1889, to Jessica G. Allen, Class of March, 1877.
Ellis J. Root - Tuolumne County.
Present address, Fresno City.  Taught six years.  Since that time has been engaged in mercantile business.  Married.
Lizzie P. Sargeant (Mrs. Lizzie P. Wilson) - Amador County.
Present address, San José.  Taught in Amador County, one year; Oakland, five years; seven years in Normal School, San José.  Is now Principal of Training Department.  Married August 2, 1888.
Emma Schneck (Mrs. Fred. Grimes) - San Francisco.
Present address, 202 Sixteenth Street, San Francisco.  Taught in Marin County, two years.  Not taught since April, 1877.  Married December 25, 1876.  Three children.
James W. Shirley (deceased) - Lake County.
Was County Superintendent of Lake County in 1878.  Died at Lakeport.
Adelia A. Stockton (Mrs. R.B. Stockton) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Madera, Fresno County.  Taught one term in San Luis Obispo County, and one term in San Benito County.  Two children.
Emma M. Toy (Mrs. L.J. Chipman) -  San Francisco.
Present address, San José.  Taught one year in San José.  Married December 7, 1876.  Not taught since.  One child.
Belle J. Turner (deceased) - Santa Clara County.
Taught five years.  Died in 1880.
Florence M. Watkins (Mrs. Andrew P. Hill) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San José.  Taught eight years.  Not teaching.  Two children.
Alice M. Wells (Mrs. A.B. Nye) - Solano County.
Present address, Oakland, Cal., care "Inquirer."  Taught nine years in Solano County; one year in Alameda County.  Married December, 1886.  Not taught since.
Annie A. Wible - Merced County.
Present address, Crescent City, Del Norte County.  Taught in Contra Costa County, one year; Monterey County, six years; San Mate County, one year; Humboldt County, four years.  Not teaching, but expects to resume work soon.
Julia F. Wible (Mrs. Bugbey) - Tuolumne County.
Present address, Sacramento.  Taught until marrieage, December, 1879.
Mary E. Wilson (Mrs. T.C. George) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San José.  Taught in public schools of Santa Clara County, one year; in Normal School, San José, twelve years; was Principal of the Training Department six years.  Married June 7, 1888.  Not teaching.
William R. Wilson - Santa Clara County.
Address in 1886, Soquel, Santa Cruz County.  Had taught nine years.

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