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Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Cecilia M. Auld  - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Grand View Hotel, Los Angeles.  Taught fourteen years.  Teaching in Los Angeles.
Minnie A. Bennett (Mrs. Henry Goodcell) (deceased) - El Dorado County.
Mrs. Goodcell taught very successfully for about eight years.  Was teaching what she intended as her last term when she was taken ill with fever.  She died in November, 1886, after a month's illness.  Her husband was a member of the Class of March, 1873.  Three children.
Mary E.D. Blackstaff (Mrs. John McCarthy)
Present address, 2213 Polk Street, San Francisco.  Taught in Marin County two years.  Not teaching.  Married September 16, 1877.
Mary Bird - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San José.  Taught three years in Los Angeles; for past ten years as Principal of the Willow Glen School, Santa Clara County.
Edward R. Brooks - Contra Costa County.
No report.
Ella W. Carswell (Mrs. Wm. Reynolds) - San Francisco.
Present address, San Francisco.
Lizzie Cory (Mrs. H.C. Ledyard) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San José.  Taught in San José three years, to 1878.  Married in 1879.  Not taught since.  Two children.  Resided in Constantinople, Turkey, for several years.  Has lately returned to California.
Alice A. Crumry -El Dorado County.
No report.
Frances M. Day (deceased) - San Joaquin County.
Taught five and one half years in San Joaquin County and five months in Calaveras County.  Married December, 16, 1880.  One child.  Date of death not reported.  Father's address, T.B. Day, Stockton.
Florence Grigsby (Mrs. E.C. Singletary) - Wisconsin.
Present address, San José.  Taught two and one half years in Training Department of the Normal School at San José.  Married in 1876.  Not taught since marriage.
Pacific Guild (Mrs. N.S. Nichols) - Santa Cruz County.
Present address, Santa Cruz.  Taught three months in Santa Cruz County.  Married November 19, 1874.  Not taught since.  Two children.
Hulda A. Hammond - Santa Clara County.
Present address, 777 S. Second Street, San José.  Taught in Monterey, three years; Dixon, three years; San José, five years.  Teaching in San José.  Work suspended two years on account of ill health.
S. Estelle Hammond (Mrs. Greathead) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, 777 S. Second Street, San José.  Taught in public schools of Santa Clara and San José seven years.  Married in 1877.  One child.  Work suspended after marriage for six years.  Left the profession in 1877 for other business.  Now engaged in stenography and type-writing.  Was for a time an editor of a children's magazine.
Carrie M. Henn (Mrs. W.J. Landers) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San Leandro.  Taught two years in San José.  Married in 1875.  Three children.
Ella A. Jackson (Mrs. Henry Fisher) - Yolo County.
Present address, Woodland.  Taught one year.  Married in 1870.  Not taught since.
W. Jerome Jewell (deceased) - Solano County.
Went to New York State in 1875, where he taught eleven years.  On account of failing health, returned to California in 1886.  After a year's rest, began teaching in Pomona, Los Angeles County.  Had taught six weeks when he was taken ill with typhoid fever.  Died December, 4, 1887.  Two children; one living.  His widow and surviving child reside at Pomona.  Mr. Jewell was an earnest Christian man and a teacher of more than ordinary ability.
Isabelle Johnson (Mrs. Curtis Johnson) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Rohnerville, Humboldt County.  Taught in Sonoma and Humboldt Counties.  Married in 1878.  One child.  Not teaching.
Samuel E. Johnson - Sutter County.
No report.
Adriadne G. Ketcham (Mrs. L.L. Nattinger) - Humboldt County.
Present address, San José.  Taught in El Dorado County, twelve months; Santa Clara County, six years.  Not taught since November, 1884.  Married February 2, 1879.  One child.
Sallie E. Keefer (Mrs. Joh Wade) - El Dorado County.
Present address, 830 Myrtle Street, Oakland.  Taught in El Dorado County, three years; Plumas County, one year; Yuba County, one year; Oakland, one term; Arizona, one year.  Married October, 1876.  Two children.  Not teaching.
Susie E. Kneedler (Mrs. A.P. Logan) - Santa Clara County. 
Present address, San José.  Taught in Solano County, three months;  Santa Clara County, three months.  Married March 4, 1875.  Not taught since.  One child.
Edith J. Martin - San Barnardino.
Present address, San Bernardino.  Has been teaching in San Bernardino County since graduation.
Emmeline R. Mead (Mrs. Leslie A. Jordan) - San Francisco.
Present address, San Diego.  Taught one year in Contra Costa County.  Married June 17, 1875.  Not taught since.  Five children.
Chas. N. Miller - Santa Clara County.
Present address, corner Thirteenth and Howard Street, San Francisco.  Physician.
Mrs. Amanda Miller - Santa Clara County.
Present address, corner Thirteenth and Howard Street, San Francisco.
Mrs. Maria E. Mumford - Sacramento County.
Present address, 922 Ninth Street, Sacramento.  Is Principal of a public school in Sacramento.  Has taught continously since graduation.
Maria E. Murdoch - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Los Angeles.  Taught continously since graduation.  Teaching in Los Angeles.
Annie L. Murphy (deceased) - Alameda County.
Taught one year.
Maggie O'Rourke - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from October, 1876, until August, 1887.
Mary A. Taylor (deceased) - Santa Clara County.
Taught eleven years in Mountain View, Santa Clara County.  Was obliged to suspend work in December, 1885, on account of failing health.  Died at Mountain View January 16, 1888.
William A. Wash - Missouri.
Present address, Dallas, Oregon.  Taught in Santa Clara County, five months; Stanislaus County, ten months; Tulare County, three years; Butte County, one year; Washington Territory, two years; Oregon, one year.  Edited a paper at Goldendale, W.T., five years --1881-86.  Now editing "Polk County Itemizer," at Dallas.  Published a book concerning the late war entitled "Camp, Field, and Prison Life."  Married December 24, 1884, to Helen McPheeters.  One child.
Julia M. Whiting (Mrs. E.J. Doering) - Santa Clara County.
Not taught since graduation.  At last report, 1883, was living in Chicago, Illinois.  Address, 233 Indiana Avenue.
N. Zoraide Woodward - Merced County.
Present address, Merced.  Taught in Alameda County and Merced County contstantly since graduation.  Teaching in Merced.

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