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Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Nellie Ashurst  - Colusa County.
Taught in Colusa County four years; was then married and went to Omaha.  Further history unknown.  Has been reported deceased.
Charles R. Beal - Calaveras County.
Present address, San Francisco.  Taught fourteen years in Calaveras County, six years of this time as Principal of San Andreas School.  Was Superintendent of Schools in that county eight years.  Edited a paper at San Andreas ten years.  Not taught since 1885.  Is now Inspector of Customs, San Francisco.
Bessie Dixon - Marin County.
Present address, 1414 Jackson Street, San Francisco.  Taught constantly since graduation, since 1875 in San Francisco.  Teaching in Valencia Grammar School.
Peoebe A. Frisbie (Mrs. E.L. Bailey) - Solano County.
Taught in Vallejo, three years; private school, one year; Monterey County, three months.  Not taught since marriage.  Married in 1877.  In 1885 was living in Battle Mountain, Nevada.
Julia A. Fisk (Mrs. Parker) - Santa Clara County.
In 1887 was living in Los Angeles.  Not teaching.  One child.  Has taught.
George C. Hixon - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Santa Barbara.  Taught in Butte, Monterey, Santa Clara, and Tulare Counties, six years in all.  Farming.
Emily H. Hilton - Alameda County.
Present address, 572 Tenth Street, Oakland.  Taught constantly since graduation, with the exception of one and one half years spent in Europe.  Teaching in Oakland.
Thos. E. Kennedy - Santa Clara County.
Present address, 1319 1/2 Broadway, San Francisco.  Taught in San José several years, to 1885.  Practiced law for some time.  Now head Inspector of Schools in San Francisco.
Charles E. Markham - Solano County.
Present address, Oakland, care of Joaquin Miller.  Taught in San Luis Obispo County, six months; Christian College, Sonoma County, two years; El Dorado County, four years; other places, one and one half years.  Was County Superintendent of El Dorado County seven years.  Has spent much time in literary work.  Has written peoms and sketches for prominent magazines, and delivered lectrures upon subjects connected with English and American literature.  Married.  No children.  Expects to settle on a fruit farm near Oakland soon.  Teaching at Haywards, Alameda County.
[Reminiscences of Charles E. Markham]
Augusta M. Phelps - Yolo County.
Present address, South Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont.  Taught in Contra Costa County, one year; Solano County, fie months/ Plumas County, three months; Yolo County, three years; Vermont, three months.  Was Town Superintendent of Schools in South Hero for a time.  Not teaching at present on account of household duties.
Martha J. Peckham (Mrs. H.F. Pray) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Booneville, Mendocino County.  Taught in Santa Clara County, two years; Napa County, three years; Solano County, nine years; Mendocino County, three years.  Teaching.  Married March 2, 1879.  One child, deceased.  Is preparing a work entitled "Lectures to Young Teachers."
Chattie K. Rixon (Mrs. Chauncey Gaines) - San Francisco.
Present address, Berkeley, Alameda County.  Taught seven years.  Not teaching.
Virginia P. Stephens (Mrs. Zumwalt) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Los Angeles.  Taught several years in Southern California, then married V.M.P. Zumwalt, of Visalia.  Is now a widow, with one child, and is residing in Los Angeles.
Eulalia A. Terry (Mrs. E.A. Wilson) - San Joaquin County.
Present address, 1309 New Broadway Street, Oakland.  Taught in Sacramento County, one and one half years; in San Francisco, ten years.  Is now Principal of the Temescal School, which position she has held for the past four years.
Etta M. Wagenseller (Mrs. John Leininger) (deceased) - Sonoma County.
Taught in Sonoma, Mendocino, Tehama, and Butte Counties.  Married September 23, 1875, and resided at Nord, Butte County, where she was active in church and Sunday School work.  Her health failed slowly for two years, and in May, 1888, hoping to regain it, whe went to Saratoga Springs.  There she died June 13, 1888.  She was buried at Ukiah, Mendocino County.  She left two children.
Alma Wallace - Napa County.
Present address, Los Angeles.  Taught in Napa County three years.  Since then has taught in Los Angeles.
Fannie Wignall (Mrs. Simon Clasey) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Washburn, Blackhawk County, Iowa.  Taught in San Luis Obispo County, five months; Santa Clara County, one year.  Left teaching because of ill health.  Married July 18, 1878.  Two children.

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