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Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
N. Jane Bell (mrs. Sykes) - San Francisco.
Present address, 13 Dehon Street, San Francisco. Teaching in Sanchez Street Primary School.  Has taught in San Francisco since August, 1872.
Julia I. Benjamin (Mrs. Owen Moran) - Solano County.
Present address, Suisun, Solano County.  Taught from July, 1871, to June, 1876, in Vallejo, Oakland, and San Francisco.
Celina R. Carrau (Mrs. Pechin) - San Francisco.
Present address, 1776 Green Street, San Francisco.  Principal of the Greenwich Street Primary School.  Has taught in San Francisco since September, 1871.
Ellen A. Conmy (Mrs. John Gordon) - Shasta County.
Present address, San José.  Teaching in San José.  Taught seventeen years.
Hattie G. Clark (Mrs. Wm. Faull) - Contra Costa County.
Present address, 2023 Broadway, San Francisco.  Taught four years in Amador and Contra Costa Counties.  Not taught since marriage.
Mary A. Cottle (deceased) - Santa Clara County.
Taught one year in Santa Clara County.  Died soon after.
Mary I. Doyle - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from July, 1871, to August 1885.  Is married (name unknown), and lives in Mendocino City.
Annie A. Fletcher (Mrs. D.O. Kelley) - Nevada County.
Present address, Fresno City.  Taught in San Francisco two years.  Married April, 1874.  Not taught since.  Eight children; seven living.  Husband an Eposcopal clergyman.
Emily F. Geer (Mrs. R. Cavin) - Sacramento County.
Present address, Concord, Contra Costa County.
George H. Hardy - Sierra County.
Present address, Independence, Inyo County.  Taught three years in Inyo County.  Was County Treasurer eight years.  Now a clerk and bookkeeper.  Married August 13, 1871.  Four children.
Mary E. King (Mrs. H.A. Powell) - San Francisco.
Present address, 921 Myrtle Street, Oakland.  Taught in San Francisco three years.  Not taught since marriage, May 1, 1876.  Three children.
Matilda M.E. Moore - San Francisco.
Present address, 126 Collingwood Street, San Francisco.  Teaching in Sanchez Street Primary School.  Has taught in San Francisco since November, 1872.
Louise Maguire (Mrs. John F. Hottel) - Napa County.
Present address, Napa City.  Taught nine years in Napa County, four years of that time in Napa City.  Married March 1, 1881.  Not taught since.  One child.
Malvina C. Pelton (Mrs. N.I. Wilson) - San Francisco.
Present address, 838 Guerrero Street, San Francisco.  Taught one year in public schools of San Francisco and four years in Zeitska Institute.  Married in 1877.  Not taught since.  Is now  widow.  Three children.
Susanna R. Plank (Mrs. Jas. M. Sharp) - San Francisco.
Present address, Saticoy, Ventura County.  Taught in Sonoma County for four years; Ventura County, five months.  Not teaching.  Married August 6, 1874.  Six children.
Ella L. Russell (Mrs. Clyne) - San Francisco.
Present address, Oaklnad.  Taught.
John C. Ruddock - Tuolumne County.
Permanent address, Ukiah, Mendocino County.  Taught in Sacramento County, six monhts; Mendocino County, eleven years.  Was County Superintendent of Mendocino County three terms.  Married February 4, 1880, to Kate Siddons, Class of March, 1877.  Two children, one living.  His wife died July 24, 1884.  Is now Chief Clerk in the office of the Surveyor-General, San Francisco.
Ella I. Sherman (Mrs. George Stone) - Contra Costa County.
Present address, 169 Tenth Street, Oakland.  Taught one year in Calaveras County, one year in Napa County, one year in Marin county, four months in Contra Costa County, four months in Oakland.  Married July 12, 1875.  Not taught since.  Three children.
James M. Sharp - Alameda County.
Present address, Saticoy, Ventura County.  Taught in Ventura County three years.  Now engaged in farming.  Married August 6, 1874, to Susanna R. Plank, of same class.  Six children.
Marcus T. Sickal - San Francisco.
Present address, Benicia, Solano County.  Taught Solano County, nine and one half years;  Nevada County, one year; Los Angeles, five months.  Not taught since 1881 on account of ill health, but intends to teach again.  Superintendent of Overfelt Cattle Company, Oregon.  Traveling.  Married July 3, 1878.  Two children.
Mary A. Tyus (Mrs. Williams) - Santa Cruz County.
Present address, Los Angeles.

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