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State Normal School

Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Mary Bell - San Francisco.
No report.
Annie Bryant (Mrs. Anderson) - Sonoma County.
Present address, 3044 Sixteenth Street, San Francisco.  Teaching in Hayes Valley Primary School.
Samuel F. Buckman - New York.
Present address, San Buenaventura.  Has filled the office of County Superintendent.
Ruth G. Campbell - San Francisco.
Present address, 1220 Jackson Street, San Francisco.  Taught three months in Napa County and remainder of the time since graduation in public schools of San Francisco.  Now teaching in the Broadway Grammar School.
John M. Curragh - Alameda County.
No report.
Marietta J. Gould (Mrs. Buzzo) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, San José.  Taught eleven years in the San José schools.  Not taught since 1884.  Married September 25, 1873.  One child.  In 1872-73 was member of County Board of Santa Clara County.
Annie E. Grogan - El Dorado County.
No report.
Annie M. Hayburn (Mrs. Ward Brown) - San Francisco.
Present address, 342 Grove Street, San Francisco.  Taught until July, 1882, in San Francisco.  Not taught since.  Married June 25, 1878.  Three children.
Absalom T. Jones - Sonoma County. 
No report.
Louisa Lacey (Mrs. John Rolls) - San Francisco.
Present address, San Rafael.  Taught four years in San Francisco.  Married in 1875.  Not taught since.  Two children.
Emily U. Lindberg - San Francisco.
Present address, 116 Turk Street, San Francisco.  Has taught in San Francisco since October, 1874.  Teaching in the South Cosmopolitan Grammar School.
Clara A. Mackie (deceased) - San Francisco.
Jennie S. Mann (Mrs. A.L. Mann) - San Francisco.
Present address, 2402 Mission Street, San Francisco.  Principal of Shotwell Street Primary School.  Has tuaght in San Francisco since October, 1874.
Kate F. McColgan - San Francisco.
Present address, 1809 Ellis Street, San Francisco.  Teaching in the South Cosmopolitan Grammar School.  Has taught in San Francisco since June, 1869.
Clara B. Millett (Mrs. W.B. Rankin) - San Mateo County.
Present address, Los Gatos, Santa Clara County.
Carrie A. Northcutt (Mrs. Angus Boggs) - Solano County.
No report.
Olive G. Parker - San Francisco.
No report.
Adella Pepper - Placer County.
No report.
Mary E. Pratt (Mrs. A.W. Tate) - Alameda County.
Present address, Corralitos, Santa Cruz County.  Taught in Alameda County, three and one half years; Merced County, four years; Contra Costa County, five months.  Married December 5, 1877.  Two children.  Not taught since marriage.
Nellie Robinett (deceased) - San Francisco.
Maggie E. Smith (Mrs. J.T. McGeoghegan) - San Francisco.
Present address, San José.  Taught before marriage.
Esther Solomon (Mrs. Haber) (deceased) - San Francisco.
Mattie H. Stegman - Mariposa County.
At last report was married (name unknown), and living at Pesadero.
Augusta M. Stowe (Mrs. A.M. Crichton) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, 29 San Augustine Street, San José.  Taught several years in San José.
Mary A. Thomas (Mrs. Oscar Dunbar) - San Francisco.
Present address, Astoria, Oregon.  Taught in San San Francisco from February, 1872, to December, 1879.  Taught in Modesto also.  One child.
Maggie H. Watson (Mrs. J.H. Currier) - San Francisco.
Present address, 2012 Taylor Street, San Francisco.  Taught constantly since graduation in the public schools of San Francisco.  Teaching in the Starr King Primary School.  Married June 3, 1875.
Alice Weed - San Francisco.
Present address, 1217 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco.  Taught six months in San Mateo County, and fourteen years in San Francisco.  Teaching in Pacific Heights School.
Ella L. Whitmore (Mrs. Wm. Gregory) - Sonoma County.
Present address, Livermore, Alameda County. Teaching near Livermore.  Has taught in Alameda County seventeen years.  Married December 24, 1885.
Mary A. Wright (Mrs. Van Schaick) - Monterey County.
Present address, Gilroy, Santa Clara County.  Taught in Monterey County, one term; in Gilroy, twelve years; now Principal of the Gilroy High School.  Married June 6, 1872.  One child.

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