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Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Truman P. Ashbrook (deceased)  - Napa County.
Taught successfully in Placer, Trinity, and Butte Counties, about ten years.  In the fall of 1878 he took the school at Susanville, Lassen County.  On the twenty-seventh of December, 1878, while skating alone on Honey Lake, he fell into an air hole and was drowned.  Brother's address, M.V. Ashbrook, attorney at law, Fresno City.
Ella E. Bachelder (Mrs. O.C. Stonder) - San Francisco.
Present address, San Pablo, Contra Costa County.  Has not taught.  Married in 1872 to Dr. David Goodale, since deceased, and in 1885 to O.C. Stonder.  Four children.
Lizzie C. Betancue - Alameda County.
Present address, 487 Twenty-sixth Street, Oakland.  At last report, April, 1883, was teaching in Oakland, where she had taught constantly since graduation, with the exception of a vacation of one and one half years.
Lucy Bonnell (Mrs. Corcoran) - San Francisco.
No report.
Julia B. Brown (Mrs. Arthur J. Foster) - El Dorado County
Present address, 317 Seventeenth Street, San Francisco.  Taught twelve years in San Francisco.
Annie Cathcart (Mrs. Theller) - San Francisco.
Address in 1886, San Francisco.
Lizzie Cope - San Francisco.
Present address, Danville, Contra Costa County.  Taught three months.
Lillian A. Crittenden - San Francisco.
No report.
Frances A. Day - Calaveras County.
Address in 1886, Modelumne Hill, Calaveras County.  Taught sixteen years.
Sarah Field (Mrs. Daniel Swett) - Santa Cruz County.
Residence, Alameda; mail address, No. 9 Montgomery Avenue, San Francisco.  Taught in San Francisco seven years.  Married September 2, 1875.  Not taught since.  Two children.
Anna Hall (Mrs. O.I. Bradley) - San Francisco.
Address in 1884, Santa Cruz.  Not taught.
Sallie L. Hall (Mrs. De Witt Vestal) - Santa Clara County.
Address in 1886, San José.
Josiah S. Hammond - San Joaquin County.
Present address, Butte City, Montana.  Taught in San Joaquin County, four years; Yolo County, one year; State of Nevada, eleven months; County Superintendent of Lander County, Nevada, one term.  Left teaching in November, 1873, to practice medicine.  Now a practicing physician in Butte City.  Married December 25, 1867.  Six children.
Julia Heney (Mrs. John Haynes) - San Francisco.
Address in 1886, Tucson, Arizona.  Taught in San Francisco from August, 1870 to January, 1880.
Fannie R. Jacks - Napa County.
No report
Amelia Joice (Mrs. John E. Cosgriff) (deceased) - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco.  Married June 26, 1872.  Had three children; two now living.  Died January 10, 1879.
Edward W. Jones - Colusa County.
At last report, April, 1883, was a merchant in Colusa.  Had not taught.
Anna La Grange (Mrs. C.S. Coleman) - Alameda County.
Present address, San Leandro, Alameda County.  Taught two years.  Not teaching.
Beatrice M. Lawrey (Mrs. B.L. Hollenbeck) - Santa Clara County.
Present address, Pacific Grove, Monterey County.  Taught in San José public schools from July, 1868, to November, 1883, except twelve months' leave of absence; in Preparatory Class, State Normal School, from November, 1883, to June, 1887.  Not teaching.  Married January 31, 1871.  Two children.
Susie S. Lawton - San Francisco.
No report.
Annie H. Lewis (Mrs. Troy Shelley) - San Francisco.
Missionary in Japan.
Mary Little (Mrs. W.E. Price) - San Francisco.
Present address, 537 Haight Street, San Francisco.  Taught in San Francisco from October, 1868, to September, 1888.
William N. Magoon - Sonoma County.
Present address, Stony Point.  Taught in Sonoma County, six years; and one term each in Colusa, Mendocino, Yuba, COntra Costa, and Monterey Counties--about ten years in all.  Since then has engaged in blacksmithing and carriage making.  Married April 30, 1884.
Amelia L. Maison (Mrs. Thos. Dorland) - Contra Costa County.
Address in 1886, San Francisco.
Lizzie McCollam (Mrs. Geo. Tasheira) - San Francisco.
Present address, Sausalito, Marin County.  Taught two years.  Not teaching.
Lottie McKean (Mrs. A.T. Winn) - San Francisco.
Present address, 230 Herman Street, San Francisco.  Taught in San Francisco from March 1869, to September, 1880.
Helen McPherson (deceased) - San Francisco.
Sumner F. Paine - Sutter County.
Present address, Meridian, Sutter County.  Engaged in farming.
Anna M. Palmer (Mrs. C.C. Weisenburger) - Nevada County.
Present address, Nevada City.  Taught about five years in Nevada County.  Left school teaching in 1873 to teach music.  Married August 5, 1875.
David Powell - Sutter County.
Present address, Marysville, Yuba County.  Taught in Sutter County, five months; Contra Costa County, twelve months.  Left teaching in 1870, to study medicine.  Now a practicing physician and surgeon.
Troy Shelley - Sutter County.
Missionary in Japan.
John A. Smith - Sonoma County.
Present address, Point Arena, Mendocino COunty.  Has taught most of the time since graduation.  Married.  Three children.
Mary Smith - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from August, 1869, to April, 1881.
Elizabeth Staples (Mrs. Emlin Painter) (deceased) - San Francisco.
Marion Stokum - San Francisco.
No report.
Mary E. Stone (Mrs. J.M. Caldwell) - San Francisco.
Present address, 10 Mission Avenue, San Francisco.  Teaching in Bernal Heights School.  Taught in San Francisco since June, 1868.
Addie Treadway (Mrs. C.D. Ambrose) (deceased) - Napa Co.
Taught three terms in Santa Clara County.  Married February 2, 1870.  Died November 7, 1879.  Daughter's address, Mary L. Ambrose, Ukiah City.
Mary Ward - Calaveras County.
Taught in San Francisco from June, 1869, to May, 1875.

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