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Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Abbie Carswell - San Francisco.
Married.  Taught.  Name, address, and history unknown.
Amey T. Campbell - Contra Costa County.
Present address, 1220 Jackson Street, San Francisco.  Taught constantly since graduation in the San Francisco schools.  Is now Vice-Principal of the Broadway Grammar School.
Almira T. Flint - San Francisco.
Present address, 812 Hyde Street, San Francisco.  Has taught in San Francisco since June, 1866.  Teaching in Denman Grammar School.
Gazena A. Garrison - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from April, 1867, to March, 1882.  Teaching in Marin County.
Lillie E. Gummer (Mrs. Judge John Hunt) - San Francisco.
Present address, San Francisco.  Taught about five years.  Has one child.
Ervin D. Humphrey (deceased) - San Francisco.
Was elected to a position in the San Francisco Schools immediately after graduation, and was Principal of the Fairmount, Mission Grammar, and Hayes Valley Grammar Schools successively.  In January, 1877, he resigned on account of failing health.  In consideration of his faithful services, his resignation was not accepted by the Board of Education, but he was granted an indefinite leave of absence.  He went to Ohio in June, 1877.  Returned to California in February, 1878, and died March 18, 1878.  He left a wife and three sons.
Annie M. Holmes (Mrs. Marcus D. Boruck) - San Francisco.
Present address, California Street, near Laguna, San Francisco.  Taught in San Francisco three years.  Married April 14, 1869; not taught since.  Two children.
Mary J. Morgan (Mrs. J. Irving Ayers) - Sacramento County.
Present address, 1758 Taylor Street, West Oakland.  Taught in San Francisco four and one half years.  In 1870 discontinued teaching and married.  In 1883, resumed teaching in the Clawson School, Oakland, which position she has held continuously since.  Has four children.
Lizzie A. Morgan (Mrs. Wentworth T. Crowell), (deceased). - Sacramento County.
Taught in San Francisco two years; then married and resigned.  After several years, again commenced teaching in Sacramento, where she taught until 1887.  After an illness of seven months, died in August, 1887.  Left three children, the eldest now a teacher.
Sarah E. Miller - San Francisco.
Present address, 239 Sixteenth Street, San Francisco.  Taught in San Francisco continuously since graduation.  Teaching in Haight Primary School.
Mary F. Metcalf (Mrs. Hugh Davidson) - San Francisco.
Present address, 611 Haight Street, San Francisco.  Taught in San Francisco from March, 1868, to October, 1885.  Married October 3, 1885.
Mary S. Moulthrop - San Francisco.
Present address, 1108 Union Street, San Francisco.  Has taught most of the time since graduation; for the past two years at San Pedro, Los Angeles County, where she is now teaching.
Abner F. Olinger - San Francisco.
Present address, Campbellton, Jackson County, Florida.  Has taught most of the time since graduation: in various counties of California, fourteen years; in Tennessee, three years; in FLorida, five years.  Teaching in Florida.  Married April 16, 1871.  Four children.
Frances B. Piper (Mrs. Wm. Hall) - San Francisco.
Present address, Stockton.  Not taught.  Married September 18, 1867.  Four children; three living.
Arthur Rodgers - San Francisco.
Present address, Nevada Block, San Francisco.  Taught in Santa Clara County, three months; San Mateo County, five months; Monterey County, five months; San Benito County, five months.  Entered University of California, January, 1870, from which institution he graduated in 1872.  Is now practicing law in San Francisco.  Is a Regent of the University of California, and has delivered a number of public addresses.
Frances Simon (Mrs. Chas. Leavy) - San Francisco.
Present address, San Francisco.  Taught eight years.  Has six children.
Maria L. Soulé - San Francisco.
Present address, 516 Van Ness Avenue.  Teaching in the Denman Grammar School.  Has taught in San Francisco since June, 1868.
Charlotte F. Stephenson (Mrs. Noah F. Flood), (deceased).
Taught.  Died December, 1868.
Nelson S. Trowbridge - Amador County.
Present address, Berkeley, Alameda County.  Taught six months near Lockeford; six months near Vacaville; six months at Michigan Bar.  Left teaching January, 1869, for mining and mercantile pursuits.  Married May 19, 1869 to Kate J. Clayton, class of 1867.  Six children; five living.
Elizabeth White (Mrs. Scott) - San Francisco.
Present address, Portland, Oregon.  Taught in San Francisco.
Silas A. White - San Francisco.
Present address, 2213 Larkin Street, San Francisco.  Taught constantly in the public schools of San Francisco since graduation.  Principal of Spring Valley Grammar School.
Elizabeth York (Mrs. M.A. DeJough), (deceased).
Taught in San Francisco.  Married July 31, 1869.  Two children; one living.

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