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State Normal School

Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Nettie Doud (Mrs. F.B. Wood)  - San Francisco.
Present address, 2211 Steiner Street, San Francisco.  Has taught continously in the San Francisco schools since graduation; is now Principal of Hermann Street Primary School.  Married in 1873.
Mary A. H. Estabrook (Mrs. Millington) - San Francisco.
Address in 1886, Napa City.  Taught.
Sarah E. Frissell (deceased) - San Francisco.
Taught several years.  Was married (name unknown), and died in the Eastern States.
Jane E. Greer - San Mateo.
Present address, 1040 Twentieth Street, San Francisco.  Teaching in Fairmount School; has taught in San Francisco since June, 1868.
Mary E. Hall - San Francisco.
Joseph F. Kennedy - Contra Costa County.
Address, unknown.  Attorney at law.  Has taught.
J. Alexander Louttit - Calaveras County.
Present address, Stockton, San Joaquin County.  Taught in Calaveras County, one term; Alameda County, three years; San Joaquin County, one year.  Left teaching for the profession of law; was City Attorney of Stockton eight terms; member of the Forty-ninth Congress, U.S.A.  Married August 21, 1872.  Five children; is now a widower.  Present occupation, attorney at law.
Louis J. Megerle (deceased) - San Joaquin County.
Taught eight months in San Joaquin County.  Graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1870, and taught in that institution for a time; left teaching in 1871 to enter the Harvard Law School.  Died June, 29, 1872, within two weeks of graduation.
Marie E. O'Connor - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from December, 1865, to July, 1880.  In 1880 was reported as teaching in a Convent, but address unknown.
Mary J. Pascoe (Mrs. Parolini) - San Francisco.
Present address, 37 Post Street, San Francisco.  Has taught in San Francisco since April, 1866.  Teaching in the Garfield Primary School.
Sabrina A. Williams - Yuba County.
Went East soon after graduation.

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