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State Normal School

Source:  Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

NOTE.--The name of the county represented by each graduate at the time of graduation, is placed opposite his name.
Cornelia E. Campbell - Sonoma County.
Present address, Hubbard House, 139 Fourth Street, San Francisco.  Has taught in San Francisco since February, 1867.  Teaching in the South San Francisco School.
Augusta S. Cameron (Mrs. Bainbridge) - San Francisco.
Present address, Covelo, Mendocino County.  Taught in San Francisco two and one half years; Mendocino County, thirteen years.  Teaching.  Married January 6, 1869.  Two children.  Was the first native California graduate, and probably the youngest ever graduated from the school.  Has done much work outside of the public schools as teacher in book-keeping, music, calisthenics, etc.
Anna Gibbons (Mrs. Wm. T. Garratt) - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from June, 1868, to October, 1882, except one year's leave of absence.
Maggie L. Jordan (deceased) - San Francisco.
Was elected to a position in San Francisco in June, 1867.  Further history not known.
Annie M. Jourden (Mrs. James Duffy) - San Francisco.
Address in 1886, 1944 California Street, San Francisco.  Taught.
Nellie A. Littlefield - San Francisco.
Present address, 511 Gough Street, San Francisco.  Has taught in San Francisco since December, 1865.  Teaching in Potrero School.
Florence Morgan - San Francisco.
Present name and address unknown.  Married and went East soon after graduation.  Did not teach.
Caroline A. Menges - San Francisco.
Present address, Norwood House, Los Angeles.  Taught in San Francisco from December, 1867, to August, 1888.
Sophronia Mills (Mrs. E.H. Kincaid) - San Joaquin County.
Present address, Los Angeles.  Taught in San Joaquin County two years.  Married May 1, 1867.  Not taught since.  Seven children.
Fanny A.E. Nichols - San Francisco.
Taught in San Francisco from July, 1865, to March, 1882.  Left the professionon account of ill health.
George S. Pershin - Humboldt County.
Present address unknown.  Taught in San Francisco.  Was afterwards engaged in surveying.
Mary Perkins - Placer County.
Present address, San Francisco.  Teaching in Spring Valley School, San Francisco.
Fannie Soulé - San Francisco.
Present address, 825 Polk Street, San Francisco.  Has taught in San Francisco since September, 1865.  Teaching in Lincoln Grammar School.
Mary F. Youngberg (Mrs. Elliott Reed) - San Francisco.
Present address, 279 North San Pedro Street, San José.  Taught in Willow Glen District, Santa Clara County, five months; in San José, eleven years.  Not teaching.  Married November, 11, 1867.  Two children; one living.

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