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State Normal School
From the First Class, May, 1863, to the Thiry-Sixth Class, June, 1889, Inclusive.
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Source: Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

Talbot, Annie L. December, 1882
Talmadge, Anna M. December, 1888
Tarr, Blanche June, 1889
Taylor, Annie L. May, 1885
Taylor, George G. December, 1888
Taylor, Leilin May, 1882
Taylor, Mary A. March, 1874
Taylor, Olivia L. March, 1873
Teaford, Nannie W. March, 1877
Tebbe, George A. May, 1888
Tebbe, William E. May, 1887
Teel, Mary L. May, 1881
Teel, Verona May, 1881
Terry, Eulalia A. March, 1872
Thatcher, Georgia June, 1889
Theisen, Nettie C. June, 1889
Thomas, Edward, E. May, 1882
Thomas, Ida M. May, 1885
Thomas, Laura L. June, 1889
Thomas, Mary A. May, 1869
Thomas, Mary O. March, 1876
Thomasson, Annie E. May, 1879
Thompson, Anna C. May, 1883
Thompson, Flora C. May, 1883
Thompson, Isaac S. May, 1883
Thompson, Martha B. May, 1883
Thompson, M. Ruth December, 1886
Thomson, Gertrude December, 1884
Thrush, Dora December, 1885
Thunen, Lizzie May, 1881
Thurwachter, Mary E. December, 1887
Tilotson, Emma March, 1870
Tilotson, Henry I. March, 1870
Tilton, Etta M. March, 1873
Tinsley, Mary L. June, 1889
Tolman, Jessie O. May, 1883
Tompkins, Claudia M. May, 1884
Towle, H. May May, 1881
Toy, Emma M. March, 1875
Treadway, Addie May, 1868
Trimble, Caroline March, 1876
Trimble, Mattie M. December, 1884
Trimble, Mollie F. May, 1879
Trimingham, Martha A. May, 1885
Trowbridge, Nelson S. June, 1866
True, Marion E. December, 1885
Tucker, Lillian E. May, 1888
Turner, Addie May, 1879
Turner, Addie S. May, 1888
Turner, Belle J. March, 1875
Turner, Cynthia M. March, 1870
Turner, Martha M. December, 1883
Tuttle, Annabel December, 1886
Tuttle, Nannie E. May, 1885
Tyrrell, Frank G. December, 1883
Tyus, Mary A. March, 1871
Urmy, Mabel May, 1882
Vandervorst, Della December, 1888
Van Dusen, Marion S. May, 1881
Van Eaton, Harriet E. May, 1881
Van Heusen, Neelie G. May, 1887
Von Dorsten, Emma May 1887
Votaw, Emma May, 1885
Wade, Margaret May, 1864
Wagenseller, Etta M. March, 1872
Waggoner, Ida M. December, 1883
Wakefield, Claude B. Bay, 1879
Wakeman, Angy F. May, 1883
Wallace, Alma March, 1872
Wallace, Lute L. May, 1887
Walsh, Mollie E. May, 1883
Wambold, Kate C. May, 1885
Ward, Grace May, 1888
Ward, Ida M. May, 1880
Ward, Mary May, 1868
Ward, Minnie G. December, 1885
Warring, Hattie B. May, 1878
Wash, William A. March, 1874
Washburn, Dora B. May, 1883
Watkins, Delia M. May, 1886
Watkins, Emma May, 1882
Watkins, Florence M. March, 1875
Watkins, Kate F. May, 1888
Watson, Maggie H. May, 1869
Wear, A. Belle March, 1876
Webb, Oliver December, 1887
Weck, Bertie May, 1887
Weed, Alice May, 1869
Weinshank, Regina May, 1882
Welch, Henry C. December, 1887
Welch, Maude L. December, 1888
Wells, Alice M. March, 1875
Wells, Annie L. December, 1884
Wemple, Emmet L. March, 1870
West, Fannie P. May, 1883
Westfall, Lillian E. June, 1889
Wetmore, Edith L. March, 1870
Whatmore, Amy May, 1883
Wheeler, Tenah E. June, 1889
Whelan, Ella E. March, 1876
Whelan, Maggie L. December, 1887
White, Alice M. March, 1876
White, Elizabeth June, 1866
White, Silas A. June, 1866
Whiting, Julia M. March, 1874
Whitmore, Ella L. May, 1869
Whitney, Anita May, 1884
Wible, Annie A. March, 1875
Wible, Julia F. March, 1875
Wickham, Nellie T. May, 1883
Wignall, Fannie March, 1872
Wiley, Maggie L. March, 1877
Willard, Sadie P. May, 1888
Williams, Carrie May 1879
Williams, Cecilia A. December, 1883
Williams, Clara B. March, 1877
Williams, Emily E. May, 1887
Williams, Lillian December, 1887
Williams, Maggie December, 1883
Williams, May E. May, 1864
Williams, Nina F. December, 1884
Williams, Richard D. December, 1886
Williams, Sabrina A. December, 1865
Williamson, Jessie May, 1879
Wilson, David A. May, 1887
Wilson, Jessie E. March, 1870
Wilson, Lewis B. May, 1878
Wilson, Mary E. March, 1875
Wilson, William R. March, 1875
Wiseman, Annie L. June, 1889
Witherspoon, Henry E. May, 1885
Withington, Augusta S. March, 1873
Withrow, Marie March, 1870
Wood, E. Alfaretta May 1878
Wood, Alfred A. May, 1880
Wood, Flora December, 1883
Woodman, Charles A. May, 1878
Woodson, Annie May, 1879
Woodward, Bessie May, 1883
Woodward, N. Zoraide March, 1874
Woodworth, Williard D. May, 1886
Wooll, Harriet L. June, 1867
Workman, Oliver P. March, 1876
Wright, Ada E. June, 1867
Wright, Emily L. May, 1882
Wright, Mary A. May, 1869
Wristen, Lizzie N. May, 1883
Wurtenberg, Marianne March, 1887
Wyckoff, Cora K. May, 1885
Wyckoff, Nelile December, 1884
Wyllie, Hattie L. May, 1882
Yaney, Elma K. May, 1884
Yaple, Edith D. May, 1885
Yates, Jennie March, 1870
York, Elizabet6h June, 1866
Young, M. Frances December, 1886
Young, Mary E. May, 1882
Youngberg, Mary F. June, 1865
Zane, Anna F. December, 1885
Zeilian, John J. December, 1883

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