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State Normal School
From the First Class, May, 1863, to the Thiry-Sixth Class, June, 1889, Inclusive.
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Source: Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

Ingemundsen, I. Manla May, 1886
Intermille, Rosina March, 1875
Irish, Ella M. May, 1879
Irving, Jessie May, 1885
Isbister, Hattie E. December, 1887
Jacks, Fannie R. May, 1868
Jackson, Ella A. March, 1874
Jackson, Etta H. December, 1884
Jackson, Kate M. May, 1880
Jaeger, Helena L. June, 1889
Jarvis, Ollie June, 1889
Jepsen, Esther E.A. May, 1887
Jewell, W. Jerome March, 1874
Jewett, Annie S. May, 1864
Jewett, Lizzie B. May, 1864
Johnson, Mrs. Edith May 1887
Johnson, Isabelle March, 1874
Johnson, Kate E. May, 1883
Johnson, Samuel E. March, 1874
Johnston, Lizzie M. May, 1887
Johnston, Marie May, 1886
Johnston, I. Petra December, 1883
Joice, Amelia May, 1886
Jones, Absalom T. May, 1869
Jones, Edward W. May, 1868
Jones, Frances H. December 1886
Jones, Ida M. May, 1883
Jones, Jennie L. May, 1888
Jones, Lena C. May, 1886
Jones, Maggie June, 1889
Jones, Mary L. May, 1883
Jones, Nellie R. March, 1875
Jordan, Maggie L. June, 1865
Jordan, William E. May, 1882
Joslin, Alice L. May, 1887
Joslin, Minnie R. December, 1887
Jourden, Annie M. June, 1865
Judson, Lizzie P. December, 1883
Julien, Lillian M. December, 1888
Jury, John G. June, 1889
Kaufman, M. Winona May, 1888
Keating, Hattie M. December, 1883
Keaton, Lizzie December, 1885
Keaton, Nellie May, 1883
Keefer, Sallie E. March, 1874
Keel, Laura B. December, 1887
Keely, Lucy V. May, 1888
Keenan, Lizzie May, 1886
Keller, Lizzie F. March, 1877
Keller, Mollie J. June, 1889
Kelley, Ada V. May, 1886
Kelley, Eulalie May, 1882
Kellogg, Charles M. May, 1878
Kelly, Ella December, 1883
Kelly James, B. May, 1881
Kelly, Mamie C. December, 1887
Kelly, Mary R. May, 1878
Kelsey, Effie J. May, 1883
Kelsey, Lucina H. May, 1883
Kelsey, Mary E. May, 1885
Kelso, Iantha A. May, 1878
Kelsoe, Luella March, 1873
Kennedy, Anna December, 1865
Kennedy, James, G. June, 1867
Kennedy, Joseph F. December, 1865
Kennedy, May May, 1884
Kennedy, May E. December, 1887
Kennedy, Rebecca F. May, 1886
Kennedy, Thomas E. March, 1872
Kent, Adah E. May, 1879
Kent, Maggie May, 1878
Ketcham, Ariadne G. March, 1874
Kimball, Ariadne L. May, 1864
King, Anna A. May, 1883
King, Mrs. Mary A. January, 1880
King, Mary E. March, 1871
Kingdom, Henrietta E. December, 1884
Kirkwood, William A. May, 1882
Knapp, Martha M. May, 1880
Kneedler, Susie E. March, 1874
Knott, Emily F.A. May, 1885
Knott, Georgie E. May, 1883
Knox, Olive M. May, 1887
Koenig, Theodore T. May, 1887
Kohler, Annie December, 1888
Kooser, Miriam F. December, 1883
Kottinger, Maggie May, 1885
Kratzer, Lella March, 1873
Krauth, M. Augusta May, 1864
Kuhlitz, Mary L. May, 1888
Kullak, Annie M. May, 1885
Lacy, Flora E. May, 1885
Lacy, Louisa May, 1869
Ladd, M. Alice May, 1883
Ladd, Loeline C. June, 1889
La Grange, Anna May, 1868
Lake, Lulu May, 1882
Lane, Frank M. May, 1888
Larkey, George E. May, 1883
Lasater, Alice M. May, 1887
Lathwesen, Louis J. May, 1886
Lawless, Martha A. November, 1867
Lawrey, Beatrice M. May, 1868
Lawson, Karen M. May, 1883
Lawson, Martin H. May, 1886
Lawton, Susie S. May, 1868
Leahy, Mary A.C. March, 1875
Learned, Ella M. May, 1887
Lee, Carrie E. June, 1889
Lee, Cora A. December, 1886
Leggett, Elizabeth May, 1882
Lehnig, Lydia A. May, 1882
Leimbach, Edith May, 1887
Leimbach, Mabel M. May, 1887
Leland, Anna L. June, 1889
Leonard, Grace E. May, 1881
Leonard, Nettie J. May 1888
Lewis, Annie H. May, 1868
Lewis, Cloelia M. June, 1867
Lewis, Ella May, 1878
Lewis Mary March, 1875
Lindberg, Emily U. May, 1869
Litchfield, Sophie E. May, 1887
Little, David F. March, 1875
Little, Mary May, 1868
Littlefield, Nellie A. June, 1865
Livingston, Malsie V. May, 1888
Locke, Ada March, 1876
Locke, Hattie B. June, 1867
Locke, Nathaniel H. May, 1880
Locke, Sarah A.J. May, 1880
Lords, Ella May, 1882
Lorigan, Minnie E. December, 1885
Loucks, Annie May, 1878
Louttit, J. Alexander December, 1865
Love, M. Lily May, 1886
Low, Fannie May, 1883
Lowden, Maggie May, 1886
Lucy, Addie M. June, 1889
Lynch, Mary E. May, 1886
Lyon, William I.H. May, 1878
Lyons, Fanny S. December, 1885

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