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State Normal School
From the First Class, May, 1863, to the Thiry-Sixth Class, June, 1889, Inclusive.
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Source: Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

Cahill, Josephine March, 1873
Calhoun, Jessie I. May, 1884
Calhoun, Nannie L. May, 1885
Calhoun, Virginia C. May, 1884
Cameron, Augusta S. June, 1865
Camp, Alice December, 1884
Campbell, Amey T. June, 1866
Campbell, Anne B. March, 1876
Campbell, Cornelia E. June, 1865
Campbell, Grace May, 1886
Campbell, Ida A. May, 1888
Campbell, Mrs. Orpah May, 1888
Campbell, Ruth G. May, 1869
Carey, Mrs. Aimee L. May, 1886
Carey, Susie D.L. May, 1864
Carmichael, M. Emeline May, 1883
Carothers, Leonora M. March, 1870
Carpenter, Ida M. May, 1881
Carr, Maggie E. May, 1885
Carr, Mary C. June, 1889
Carr, Mary E. March, 1875
Carrau, Celina R. March, 1871
Carroll, Anna March, 1873
Carruthers, Isabel March, 1870
Carswell, Abbie June, 1866
Carswell, Ella W. March, 1874
Carver, Lue J. May, 1883
Casey, Joanna T. March, 1870
Casserly, Cillinda A. May, 1887
Cassin, Bella R. May, 1886
Caswell, Annie May, 1868
Cathcart, Annie May, 1868
Cauch, Frank R. May, 1885
Caugh, Fred L. May, 1886
Cearley, Emma S. May, 1878
Chaloner, Louis B. May, 1878
Chaloner, Mary L. May, 1882
Chambaud, Angeline December, 1883
Chambaud, Sarah May, 1884
Chandler, Kittie A. May, 1883
Chapin, Thomas L. May, 1882
Chaplin, Alice M. March, 1877
Chapman, Amelia R. May, 1878
Chapman, E. Matatie June, 1867
Chase, Carrie M. June, 1867
Chase, Hattie M. May, 1879
Chew, Mary F. May, 1883
Chickering, Belle May, 1884
Childs, Charles W. June, 1867
Chipman, Lemuel J. March, 1873
Chipman, William T. May, 1882
Church, Lillian E. December, 1887
Churchill, Clara Belle March, 1876
Churchill, Jennie December, 1887
Cilker, Jennie A. June, 1889
Cilker, Martha E. December, 1887
Clark, Charlotte K. March, 1875
Clark, Ida E. May, 1883
Clark, Harry F. December, 1885
Clark, Hattie G. March, 1871
Clark, James E. March, 1870
Clark, Lida C. December, 1883
Clark, Lizzie M. May, 1883
Clark, Mary P. June 1867
Clark, Rose M. December, 1887
Clark, Tillie M. May, 1885
Clarke, Mabel S. December, 1887
Clayes, Lola B. December, 1884
Clayes, Madge M. May, 1887
Clayton, Henry A. May, 1883
Clayton, Julia May, 1864
Clayton, Kate J. June, 1867
Clift, Elizabeth B. December, 1888
Cochrane, Annie December, 1884
Cocks, Roxa S. November, 1867
Coffman, Alfred B. May, 1882
Coffman, Jennie A. May, 1888
Coffman, Nelson B. May, 1878
Coffman, Pelham H. May, 1882
Colby, Julia C. December, 1888
Colby, Mary A. March, 1870
Cole, Eugene C. May, 1883
Cole, Marie March, 1875
Coleman, Ella May, 1885
Comstock, Bertha May, 1863
Congdon, Georgietta N. December, 1884
Conlin, Anne F. December, 1885
Commy, Ellen A. March, 1871
Conn, Frances S. December, 1885
Conn, Isabella May, 1882
Connell, Gertrude June, 1889
Cook, Anne Edith May, 1888
Cook, Mary A. December, 1885
Cooper, William W. May, 1888
Cope, Lizzie May, 1868
Cormack, Jessie M. May, 1887
Cory, Ben B. December, 1883
Cory, Hattie May, 1886
Cory, Lizzie March, 1874
Cory, Susie May, 1884
Cosgrave, George June, 1889
Cotter, Richard G. May, 1888
Cottle, Fannie A. May, 1887
Cottle, Lizzie C. May, 1884
Cottle, Mary A. March, 1871
Coughlin, Mamie A. December, 1887
Courter, Henry F. March, 1876
Cowden, Nina  December, 1887
Cowie, Anna B. March, 1875
Cox, Livia M. December, 1885
Cox, Maggie May, 1887
Coyle, Ida M. May, 1888
Cozzens, Kate May, 1878
Crain, Delia May, 1887
Crew, Lizzie B. December, 1883
Crichton, Florence December, 1885
Crichton, Lottie E. May, 1880
Crittenden, Lillian A. May, 1868
Crittenden, May S. May, 1879
Crofton, Jennie A. December, 1888
Cross, Lillian A. December, 1885
Crough, Daniel March, 1877
Crowley, Julia A. May, 1886
Crumry, Alice A. March, 1874
Cummings, Clara A. May, 1864
Cunningham, Ione M. December, 1884
Currah, John M. May, 1869
Currier, Adeline S. May, 1878
Curtis, Mary E. December, 1883
Daingerfield, Lida P. May, 1881
Daly, Mary R. May, 1888
Danielewicz, Emma May, 1888
Daniels, Celia May, 1887
Daniels, Fannie A. May, 1878
Daubenbis, Julia December, 1884
Davies, Abbie A. March, 1875
Davis, Addie A. March, 1876
Davis, Amy A. June, 1889
Davis, Emma E. May, 1880
Davis, Kate M. May, 1887
Davis, Lizzie December, 1887
Davis, Nathaniel W. March, 1876
Davis, Rachael M. May, 1888
Davis, Sadie December, 1864
Day, Frances A. May, 1868
Day, Jane O. May, 1864
Day, Mariana May, 1882
Day, Nellie B. December, 1887
Deacon, Lizzie December, 1885
Deal, Effie M. December, 1888
Deal, Virgia V. December, 1887
De Lamater, G. May December, 1887
De Lamater, Jessie N. June, 1889
Denny, Wilhelmina December, 1887
Denton, Josephine May, 1886
De Saisset, Henrietta M. May, 1880
Desimone, Josephine May, 1878
Desmond, Maggie May, 1878
Devine, Katie C. December, 1888
Devlin, Kate L. December, 1887
De Zaldo, Mary E. May, 1884
Dickey, Emma J. May, 1885
Dimon, Ella Jean June, 1889
Dixon, Alfred March, 1876
Dixon, Bessie March, 1872
Dodge, Adelaide L. May, 1880
Donnelly, Carrie F. December, 1884
Donovan, Julia A. May, 1885
Dorn, S. Henrietta May, 1878
Dornberger, Albert L. December, 1885
Dornberger, Victor December, 1885
Doud, Nettie December, 1865
Dougherty, Alice H. June, 1889
Dowling, Anna H. December, 1884
Downey, Kate May, 1878
Downing, Annie December, 1884
Downs, Blanche L. March, 1877
Doyle, Carolyn B. December, 1888
Doyle, Katie A. May, 1884
Doyle, Mary I. March, 1871
Doyle, Mary T. May, 1884
Dranga, Inanda L. May, 1882
Dudley, Lucy J. May, 1878
Duncan, Belle May, 1883
Duncan, George F. December, 1883
Duncan, Laura May, 1883
Duncan, Lillie December, 1884
Duncan, Luella A. May, 1883
Dunn, Susie M. May, 1883
Durham, Melvina I. December, 1888
Durkee, Annie E. May, 1887

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