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State Normal School
From the First Class, May, 1863, to the Thiry-Sixth Class, June, 1889, Inclusive.
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Source: Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San Jose, California, with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-Seven Years [1862-1889]. State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing.  Sacramento, California. 1889.

Abbe, Frank B. December, 1883
Abshire, Alfred C. December, 1888
Adams, Charles C. December, 1885
Adams, Clara A. March, 1870
Adams, Mary P. May, 1879
Adams, M. Lydia December, 1886
Addicott, Lily A. December, 1883
Ahlf, George P. May, 1883
Albee, George B. May, 1887
Albrecht, Annie F. May, 1887
Allen, Carl H. December, 1884
Allen, Hattie E. December, 1888
Allen, Jennie A. May, 1887
Allen, Jessica G. March, 1877
Allen, Kara F. June, 1889
Allison, Arminta E. March, 1870
Allyne, Lucinda N. December, 1864
Alvarez, Adam D. May, 1888
Anderson, Emily May, 1888
Anderson, Eula L. May, 1888
Anderson, Grace L. June, 1889
Anderson, Julia March, 1877
Anderson, Sarah E. June, 1867
Angell, Cora L. December, 1887
Angier, Hattie J. May, 1888
Anglon, Annie E. December, 1888
Aniser, Emilie May, 1878
Anker, Nana December, 1888
Aplin, Evaline V. May, 1882
Appleby, Kate May, 1881
Aram, Mattie L. May, 1878
Arbogas, Frederick L. May, 1888
Archer, Louise May, 1881
Armstrong, Mrs. Josie R. March, 1877
Armstrong, Lizzie May, 1887
Arnold, George E. May, 1886
Ashbrook, Martin V. May, 1864
Ashbrook, Truman P. May, 1868
Ashley, Julia V. June, 1867
Ashley, Osee E. May, 1886
Ashurst, Nellie March, 1872
Asmus, Elise M. December, 1884
Atchison, John B. December, 1885
Atherton, Hattie E. December, 1883
Augustine, Martha December, 1883
Auld, Celia M. March, 1874
Avery, Carrie L. May, 1887
Ayer, Edith E. May, 1885
Ayer, Ethel C. May, 1887
Ayers, Tildie March, 1876
Babcock, Dollie C. March, 1876
Bachelder, Ella E. May, 1868
Backus, Hattie E. May, 1885
Bacon, Horace G. December, 1885
Baggett, Haddie A. December, 1888
Bagnell, Estella M. May, 1885
Bailey, Arline L. May, 1888
Bailey, Henry R. May, 1885
Bailiey, Louis C. May, 1887
Bailey, Rebecca December, 1888
Bailey, Walter S. May, 1881
Bailey, William H. May, 1885
Baker, Modena I. March, 1877
Baldwin, Ellen S. May, 1864
Balis, Lola A. May, 1882
Balis, Lutie M. May, 1883
Ball, Hannah M. December, 1888
Ballou, Alice K. May, 1885
Bankhead, Belle May, 1888
Bankhead, Hugh L. May, 1886
Bankhead, William R. June, 1889
Banks, Lizzie March, 1876
Bardenwerper, Kate G. May, 1879
Barkley, Lena May, 1886
Barlow, Ada S. December, 1887
Barnes, Emmogene A. March, 1875
Barnes, Eudora A. March, 1877
Barrett, Lucy A. June, 1889
Barrett, Maggie G. May, 1880
Barry, Annie S. March, 1877
Barthel, Franklin K. June, 1889
Bass, Mamie May, 1886
Bassett, Mary P. March, 1876
Bassham, Minnie C. May, 1881
Bateman, Henry March, 1875
Baugh, Florence December, 1884
Baugh, Florence December, 1884
Beaizley, Alice E. May, 1884
Beal, Charles R. March, 1872
Beaty, James G. May, 1883
Beckman, Mamie T. May, 1886
Beckwith, Carrie May, 1885
Beckwith, Kate B. May, 1882
Beckwith, A. Rose May, 1881
Beers, Adrianna L. June, 1867
Beggs, Ida December, 1884
Beggs, R. Lizzie May, 1879
Bell, Mary May, 1869
Bell, N. Jane March, 1871
Bellew, Katie C. June, 1889
Bellingall, Julia L. June, 1889
Benjamin, Julia I. March, 1871
Bennett, Addie S. December, 1884
Bennett, Clare December, 1887
Bennett, Eva May, 1887
Bennett, Ida M. May, 1880
Bennett, Minnie A. March, 1874
Benson, Clara A. December, 1888
Bent, Lottie May, 1881
Berger, Lillian December, 1887
Berry, Annie M. May, 1888
Berry, Lauren J. May, 1883
Bertola, Mariana June, 1889
Beancue, Lizzie C. May, 1868
Bethell, Laura December, 1887
Bevans, E. Margaret June, 1867
Beverly, Victoria May, 1864
Bickford, Grace May, 1887
Bicknell, Bertha A. March, 1870
Bigsby, Emma A. June, 1867
Billings, Ella G. December, 1883
Bird, Belle March, 1877
Bird, Maggie M. May, 1882
Bird, Mary March, 1874
Black, Anna E. December, 1883
Black, James A. December, 1888
Black. E. May March 1877
Black, William J. May, 1883
Blackford, May F. December, 1888
Blackstaff, Mary E.D. March, 1874
Blaine, Cora A. May, 1883
Blodget, William O. May, 1885
Blythe, Alice May, 1878
Bodley, Julia May, 1885
Boke, George H. December, 1887
Bondshu, Charles F. May, 1887
Bonnell, Lucy May, 1868
Bonney, Sarah F. March, 1876
Bose, Anna I. May, 1888
Botsford, Lucy E. Decebmer, 1883
Boulware, Millie R. May 1878
Bowers, Lillian May, 1880
Bowman, Mary S. May, 1880
Boyer, Annie B. May, 1878
Boyle, Sarah J. March, 1870
Bradley, Mattie May, 1885
Bradshaw, Georgia L. December, 1888
Bradshaw, Wm. R. December, 1864
Braly, Josephine December, 1883
Brauer, Carrie May, 1886
Breyfogle, Nellie M. December, 1886
Bride, Laura E. May, 1885
Broadbent, Elijah December, 1864
Bromley, Kate I. May, 1883
Brooks, Edward R. March, 1874
Brown, Ada F. May, 1881
Brown, F. Alice May, 1880
Brown, Esther A. June, 1889
Brown, Floribel C. May, 1880
Brown, Julia B. May, 1868
Brown, Julia S. December, 1885
Brown, Mary I. March, 1877
Brown, Samuel A. March 1877
Brown, Susie M. May, 1887
Brown, William W. May, 1879
Brownell, Elmer E. May, 1884
Browning, Lizzie M. December 1888
Browning, Mary E. December, 1885
Bruch, Louis March, 1873
Bruch, Louise L. May, 1878
Brunhouse, Fred G. December, 1888
Brunhouse, Mary C. May, 1883
Bryant, Annie May, 1869
Buckley, Annie P. May, 1886
Buckley, Emma S. March, 1875
Buckman, Samuel F. May, 1869
Burrill, Mary Alice March, 1870
Burston, Selina G. May, 1878
Burt, Minnie Clara March, 1875
Bush, Jennie R. December, 1883
Bushnell, Emma H. May, 1885
Butts, Frank A. May, 1884

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