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Feel free to request a look-up from the generous volunteers listed in this section.
These wonderful helpers provide their time and effort for free.
However, they can reasonably expect that you reimburse them for costs
they incur for such things as photocopying or postage.
Please use the following guidelines when making your request:

Volunteers are wanted and appreciated!!
If you own or have access to records and books relating to San Mateo County and are willing to do look-ups, please let us knowAny source relating to San Mateo County history or families is wanted!  Look in the attic, the basement, in the corner of your closet. Do you have:
  • Books on San Mateo County history or residents?
  • Old school yearbooks or class pictures with names?
  • An old family Bible with San Mateo County names and dates?
  • Old club membership rosters?
  • Back issues of old monthly neighborhood newsletters?
  • Diaries, letters, journals, scrapbooks?
  • Old phone books or directories?
  • ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
  • Dust them off!
    Please share them with us by offering to look up a name for someone. Just imagine the interesting records we would all have "access" to if we each volunteered to do lookups in just one item we may have laying around the house! Tell us about the San Mateo County resource you'd like to share!
    (We will be happy to list any type of limits to what you would be willing to do next to your name. For example, if you only want to do lookups on the third Tuesday of every other month, that's fine! We wouldn't want to have any volunteer feel overburdened.)
    Please join this growing list of wonderful volunteers!  Thank you to every one of you!

    Index of San Mateo County Lookup Offers
    City and Telephone Directories
    County History & Genealogy Related Books
    Great Register of Voters
    Marriage Indexes
    Miscellaneous History & Genealogy Related Books & CDs
    School Yearbooks
    Vital Records Indices

    For other possible help with lookups, consider "trading" lookup offers with other researchers looking for help in YOUR geographic area or in books/records YOU own. If you are willing to help other genealogists, in exchange for the help you receive, consider some of these wonderful resources:
    There are also specific mailing lists that have volunteers for that specific resource: Before you take advantage of any volunteer resources, please be willing to return the favor.   Remember that every one of these wonderful volunteers are taking time from their OWN research to do YOU a favor. We will all benefit if we're all willing to pass those favors along to somone else.

    San Mateo County Cemeteries
    Each cemetery is different on the amount of information they give out. One might give only the location while others give birth date, death date, who purchased the plot and when. It also depends how busy they are when the information is requested.
    Cemetery Location Lookup Volunteer
    Catholic Cemetery Half Moon Bay John Gravance
    I.O.O.F. Cemetery Half Moon Bay John Gravance
    Pilarcitos Cemetery Half Moon Bay John Gravance
    Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery - name, date of interment, plot number and headstone information (if available) Menlo Park Alden Tagg
    St. John's Cemetery (1892 to ~1949) - burial date, age, nativity (country, but may be town in CA), plot location, and headstone information (if available).  San Mateo Alden Tagg

    San Mateo County Census Lookup Volunteer
    1850 - 1920 Federal Census for California (other years and states on request)
    Note: 1850 and 1890 federal census records are not available for San Mateo.
    Note:  If you have a spam filter, either turn it off or add my email address to accept your email!

    San Mateo County - City and Telephone Directories
    Year Name of Publication Lookup Volunteer
    1921-22  City Directory - includes Palo Alto, Mayfield, Runnymede (a poultry colony) and Stanford University (includes students, faculty, employees & residents), Carolyn Feroben
    1927  Polk's City Directory - includes Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Ravenswood*, Stanford (includes students, faculty, employees & residents) and Menlo Park Carolyn Feroben
    1944  Polk's City Directory - includes Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Ravenswood, Stanford ( only faculty, employees & residents)) and Menlo Park Carolyn Feroben
    1948  Polk's City Directory - includes Redwood City, Atherton, Belmont, Menlo Park, San Carlos Janet

    San Mateo County Obituary
    We currently do not have any volunteers for newspaper obituary lookups.

    We recommend contacting the San Mateo County Genealogical Society.

    San Mateo County History & Genealogy Related Books
    YEAR Name of Publication Lookup Volunteer
    1928  History of San Mateo County by Roy Cloud (Includes biographies) Janet
    1938  History of San Mateo County by Frank Stanger (Includes biographies) Janet
    1963  South From San Francisco - San Mateo County, Ca. - It's History and Heritage, by Frank M. Stanger, Library of Congress #63-21-2162 with numerous historical photographs of people & places. This book covers the period from 1769 to 1963. Bob Brown
    Pamela Storm
    1967  Sawmills In The Redwoods - Logging on the San Francisco Peninsula 1849-1967 - It's History and Heritage, by Frank M. Stanger, Library of Congress #67-31056. Numerous historic photos of people and places. Covers the early settlement in southwestern San Mateo County 1849. Bob Brown
    1969 Heritage of the Wooded Hills-A Belmont History, by Ria Elena Dewing, Wadsworth Publishing, 1977. Pamela Storm
    1971 La Peninsula - History of the City of South San Francisco -- Journal of the San Mateo County Historical Association, May, 1971 Edition (Vol XVI No.2), written by Linda Kaufmann & Frank M. Stanger, with numerous historic photos, focusing on the people and places. Bob Brown
    1972 La Peninsula - History of the City of Millbrae -- Journal of the San Mateo County Historical Association, February, 1972 Edition (Vol XVI No.4), written by Audrey E. Harris, Historian, Millbrae Historical Society, with numerous historic photos, focusing on the people and places. Bob Brown
    1973 Gateway to the Peninsula - Official History of Daly City, California by Samuel C. Chandler, The City of Daly City, Publishers, 1973 Pamela Storm
    1976 South San Francisco, A History by Linda Kauffman. Contains many interesting anecdotes of the city and it's citizens, as well as some biographical information. Janna Hall
    1982  From Frontier to Suburb - The Story of the San Mateo Peninsula by Alan Hynding. This book has many names and places mentioned Janna Hall or
    Pamela Storm
    1994 San Mateo, A Centennial History by Mitchell P. Postel, Scotwall Associates, Publishers, San Francisco, 1994. Pamela Storm

    San Mateo County Marriage Indexes
    Name of Publication(s) Lookup Volunteer
    San Mateo County California Marriages, 1853-1899
    Includes Bride and Groom names and date of marriage only
    Pamela Storm

    Miscellaneous History & Genealogy Related Books & CDs
    which may contain San Mateo County Information
    Year Name of Publication Lookup Volunteer
    1925 San Francisco Blue Book and Club Directory
    (Contains entries for the entire SF Bay Area including San Mateo County)
    Nancy Melton
    1956  Mother Lode Album, by the Stanford University Press, under the direction of the Stanford University Californiana Advisory Committee. Third (1956) Printing, Foreword by Otheto Weston. Covers all the gold-inspired settlements - big and small - in the Southern Mines and the Northern Mines along (and near) Hwy 49 between Downieville and Mariposa. 177 pages of photos and discussion of the places and people. Bob Brown
    1905 through 1995 California Death Index (Only request One Surname per email.) Ron Stone

    San Mateo County Yearbooks

    Please limit your request to one or two items or names. For requests beyond simply looking something up in a yearbook, you should contact the school district directly or their alumni association.

    City Year Name of School Lookup Volunteer
    Atherton 1952  Menlo-Atherton High School Janet
    Atherton 1959-1965  Menlo-Atherton High School Bob Brown
    Atherton 1973-1976  Menlo-Atherton High School Alice
    Belmont 1961-1964  Carlmont High School L. Shinazy
    Daly City 1925-1990 Jefferson High School Sidney Rasmussen
    Daly City 1969-1971 Westmoor High School Sylvia Wallgren
    Daly City 1973-1976 Serramonte High School Pamela Storm
    Redwood City 1971-1972  Hoover Jr. High School Alice
    Redwood City 1949-1951  Sequoia High School Janet
    San Mateo 1955-1957 College of San Mateo Janet
    South San Francisco 1970-1972 Parkway Junior (Intermediate) School Janna Hall
    South San Francisco 1973-1975  South San Francisco High School Janna Hall
    Woodside 1961-1964 Woodside High School Pat Smethurst

    California Vital Records Indices
    Some of these indices are available online for free. 

    Voter Records
    1890 Great Register of Voters Colleen Norby

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