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Summary of California County's

Naturalization and Citizenship Records

Contributed by J. Carlyle Parker

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The following list includes naturalization records from various California counties that have been filmed and are available from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The list also shows those counties that have no film available from the Family History Library. This list is current as of 10 April 1997.

NOTE: The following dates are very general, including some indexes:


County Available Records
Alameda  Nat Records, 1880-1931 & Index, 1853-1985, FHL, 1985, 54 reels at Alameda Co Clerk's Off 
Alpine  1867-1947, FHL, 1993, 5 reels, at Alpine Co Hist Rec Comm 
Amador  1864-1944, FHL, 1988, 12 reels, at Amador Co Clerk's Off 
Butte  1849-1930, FHL, 1990-91, 7 reels, at CSU, Chico Library including 1 reel at Butte Co Clerk's Off 
Calaveras  Some at Calaveras Co Court House, some at CSU, Stanislaus Archives ( Note added by Ken Tessendorff. 

Calaveras also has records at the Calaveras County Archives.) 

Colusa  1851-1957, FHL, 1989, 3 reels, at Colusa Co Clerk's Off 
Contra Costa  None at FHL 
Del Norte  None at FHL 
El Dorado  1850-1986, FHL, 1987, 7 reels, at El Dorada Co Clerk's 
Fresno  1871-1934, FHL, 1988, 18 reels, at Fresno Co Courthouse 
Fresno, Fresno City  1862-1927, FHL 1989, 4 reels, at American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Fresno 
Glenn  1891-1930, FHL, 1991, 11 reels, at Glenn Co Courthouse 
Humboldt  None at FHL 
Inyo  None at FHL 
Kern  None at FHL 
Kings  None at FHL 
Lake  1882-1929, FHL, 1991, 2 reels, at Lake Co Courthouse 
Lassen  1865-1935, FHL, 1992, 6 reels, at Lassen Co Courthouse 
Madera  None at FHL 
Mariposa  None at FHL 
Mendicino  1848-1943, FHL, 1990, 9 reels, at Mendocino Co Courthouse 
Merced  None at FHL 
Modoc  None at FHL 
Mono  None at FHL 
Monterey  None at FHL 
Napa  1856-1939, FHL, 1985, 6 reels, at Napa Co Clerk's Off 
Nevada  None at FHL 
Placer  1850-1980, FHL, 1986, 12 reels, at Placer Co Clerk's Off 
Plumas  None at FHL 
Sacramento  1850-1955, FHL, 1975, 13 reels, at Calif State Archiv 
San Benito  1874-1939, FHL, 1993, 5 reels, at San Benito Co Clerk 
San Francisco  No years cited, Restoration of record, FHL, 1984, 4 reels, at San Francisco City Archives, 

Public Library FHLC, LC cites under SF, SF the NA T1220 and one other record 

San Joaquin  None at FHL 
San Luis Obispo  None at FHL 
San Mateo  None at FHL 
Santa Clara  1831-1933, FHL, 1986, 18 reels, at SC Co Courthouse 
Santa Cruz  None at FHL 
Shasta  None at FHL 
Sierra  None at FHL 
Siskiyou  None at FHL 
Solano  None at FHL 
Sonoma  1850-1985, FHL, 1985, 14 reels, at Sonoma Co Hall of Justice and Co Clerk's Off
Stanislaus  1854-1978, FHL, 1986, 2 reels, at Co Clerk's Off 
Sutter  1853-1962, FHL, 1989, 4 reels, at Co Clerk/Recorder's Off 
Trinity  None at FHL 
Tulare  None at FHL 
Tuolumne  None at FHL 
Yolo  1850-1957, FHL, 1990, 7 reels, at Yolo Co Clerk's Office 
Yuba  1851-1841, FHL, 1989, 7 reels, at Co Clerk/Record's Off 
Imperial  None at FHL 
Los Angeles  1852-1948, FHL, 1978 & 1989, 73 reels, at NA LNiguel 
Orange  1889-1944, FHL, 1985, 4 reels, at Orange Co Clerk's Off 
Riverside  None at FHL 
San Bernadino  None at FHL 
San Diego  1853-1956, FHL, 1989, 26 reels, at NA Laguna Niguel 
Santa Barbara  1850-1939, FHL, 1988, 27 reels, at SB Co Courthous 
Ventura  None at FHL 


57 Counties
31 With None at FHL = 54%
26 With holdings at FHL = 46%

Books about Naturalization Records that I recommend

Neagles, James C., and Neagles, Lila Lee. Locating Your
Immigrant Ancestor: A Guide to Naturalization Records. Rev. ed.
Logan, Utah: Everton Publishers, 1986.

Newman, John J. American Naturalization Processes and
Procedures, 1790-1985. Indianapolis, Ind.: Indiana Historical
Society, Family History Section, 1985.