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Newspaper Holdings of the California State Library

Contributed by Dan Mosier

Newspaper Holdings of the California State Library.
Marianne Leach, California State Library Foundation, Sacramento, 1986.

The California State Library in Sacramento has a large collection of newspapers on microfilm. This compilation lists the newspapers and the range of years available. The newspapers are arranged by city, which are arranged by county. The book has a subject index, which lists all of the newspapers in alphabetical order, and a city index.

Some California libraries that have the above item:

  • Berkeley, Berkeley Public Library, 011.35 L467N, ref.
  • Berkeley, University of California Berkeley Bancroft Library, AP1.25.C2 A2 1986 Reference Desk
  • Berkeley, University of California Berkeley Bus. & Econ. Library, AP1.25.C2 A2 1986
  • Berkeley, University of California Berkeley Hum/Area Library, AP1.25.C2 A2 1986 Period. & Newsp. Ref.
  • Fremont, Fremont Main Library, 011.35097 California, ref.
  • Fullerton, California State University Fullerton Library, CALIF L575 N53 ref Doc/State
  • Irvine, University of California Irvine Library, Z6952.C2 C2 1986 Temp SL 4th Ref
  • La Jolla, University of California San Diego Library, PN 4897 .C2z C2 1986 Reference Desk
  • Los Angeles, University of California Los Angeles Reference Reading Room Library, PN 4897 C2 C2 Current issues in Reference Case 0D
  • Menlo Park, U.S. Geological Survey Library, R 042.010 (276) C344N 1986
  • Pleasanton, Pleasanton Branch Library, 011.35097 California, ref.
  • Riverside, University of California Riverside Rivera Library, Z6945 .C288 1986 Ref
  • Sacramento, California State Library, Z6945 .N484 California Non Circ and Ref. Center
  • San Diego, San Diego State University Library, PN4897 .C2 C2 1986 ref
  • San Francisco, San Francisco Public Library, 16.07 L467n
  • San Francisco, Sutro Library, Z6945 .N484
  • San Jose, San Jose State University Library, PN4897 .C2 C35x 1986 Clark ref
  • San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo Branch Library, 011.35097 California, ref.
  • Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Barbara Main Library, Z6952.C2 C2 1986
  • Santa Clara, Santa Clara Library, Ref 070.172 L43
  • Santa Cruz, University of California Santa Cruz McHenry Library, Z6945.A3C28 1986 Reference