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Contributed: pre-2006

Index to California Historical Society Quarterly

Volumes One to Forty, 1922-1961

Contributed by Dan Mosier

Index to California Historical Society Quarterly Volumes One to Forty, 1922-1961. California Historical Society, San Francisco, 1965.

The volumes of the California Historical Society Quarterly contain all kinds of historical topics in California. The first volume was published in July 1922. This is an index to the first 40 volumes of Quarterlies representing over 15,000 pages of text. Your ancestors might be mentioned in these volumes or perhaps they were involved in some historic event that was published here. This is also a great source for information about historic events.

The index contains specific names, not just general words. This makes the index valuable to researchers searching for specific names of persons or objects or places. There are a several rules that the user should be aware of when using this index to be sure that nothing is missed.

1. The names are alphabetized letter by letter, so "Sanchez" appears before "San Diego."

2. Foreign names of newspapers, ships, companies, books, and plays are alphabetized by the main part of the name. For example, "L'Artemise" is found under "A," "La Revue Californienne" is found under "R."

3. Names of businesses containing personal names are listed under the surname. For example, "H.S. Crocker & Co." is listed as "Crocker (H.S.) & Co."

4. All names beginning with "Mc" are listed under "Mac".

5. Forenames are given to distinguish similar surnames, and when the forenames are indistinguishable, the place and time are given in parentheses to further pinpoint a name.

6. Names of married women are shown maiden names in parentheses and are cross-referenced to the married name.

7. Place names are listed under its specific part. For example, "Lake Tahoe" is listed under "Tahoe, Lake," or "Mount Shasta" is under "Shasta, Mount." The exceptions to this rule are with forts and camps, which are listed as "Fort Tejon" or "Camp Baker".

8. Newspapers are listed under the name of the paper, not its place of publication. For example, "San Francisco Bulletin" is listed as "Bulletin, San Francisco."

The indexed entries contain the "name," "volume number": "page number."

Here's a typical entry:

Abraham, Charles, 31:378; 32:184

The Index to volumes 41 to 54 is described under a separate title and the user should be aware that it uses different rules in alphabetizing some names (see "Index to California Historical Society Quarterly Volumes 54 to 54, 1962-1975.")

Some California libraries that have the above item:

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  • Los Angeles, Los Angeles Public Library
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