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Guide to Records in the National Archives-

Pacific Sierra Region, San Bruno, California

Contributed by  Ken Tessendorff

Guide to Records in the National Archives-Pacific Sierra Region, San Bruno, California,
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, 1995.

This 85 page book lists by Record Group number the various kinds of documents that are stored at the National Archives-Pacific Sierra Region branch at San Bruno, California. It also contains a short description of each Record Group and sub group. This Introduction from the book better explains the information it contains.


The Guide to Records in the National Archives--Pacific Sierra Region describes, at the record group level, the 42,000 cubic feet of permanently valuable noncurrent Federal records available for research at the National Archives--Pacific Sierra Region. Records held by the NA-PSR as of March 1995, are included. These records, which date from 1849 to 1992, are unique--they do not exist elsewhere in their original form. Federal courts and agencies in northern California, Hawaii, Nevada (except Clark County), the Pacific Trust Territory, and American Samoa retire a select 5 percent of their records to the National Archives--Pacific Sierra Region when they are no longer needed for the court's or agency's routine work. The records are preserved because they have continuing practical value for Government operations, they protect both public and private rights, and they have research value for anyone with an interest in the social, economic, or political development of States served by the regional archives. Descriptions of other Federal records are available in companions to this guide for the other regional archives, in the Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States (1995), and in hundreds of other published and unpublished finding aids available at National Archives facilities throughout the United States.

There are approximately 100 different Record Groups listed in the book.
Here is a portion of a description from one Record Group.

Record Group 49

Records Description
Dates: 1853-1981 Volume: 3,156 Cubic feet
Records of the Land Office, Carson City, Nevada (including land offices at Aurora, Austin/Eureka, Belmont/Pioche, and Elko, which were absorbed by the Carson City Land Office), 1862-1934, and the following land offices in California:
Eureka (formerly Humboldt), 1858-1924
Independence (formerly Aurora, Nevada, and Bodie, California), 1871-1924
Marysville, 1867-1925
Redding (formerly Shasta), 1860-1924
Sacramento, 1859-1945
San Francisco (formerly Benicia and Oakland), 1908-1927
Stockton, 1861-1908
Susanville, 1871-1926
Visalia, 1861-1928

The records concern land and mining claims. They document transactions relating to the disposal or use of public domain lands and their resources, including some Indian reservations and national forests. The records consist of case files: letters: registers of applications, entries, patents, and receipts: selection lists: and township and mineral tract books. (Many records of land offices abolished prior to 1955 may be found among the records of the California and Nevada State Offices, which absorbed their jurisdictions and continued their recordkeeping.) Nontextual records include separate series of township, mineral, Indian allotment, and other survey plats.

This book would be a very valuable source to read prior to a trip to the National Archives-Pacific Sierra Region, San Bruno, California.