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Contributed: pre-2006

An Annotated Bibliography of California County Histories

Contributed by Dan Mosier

An Annotated Bibliography of California County Histories: The first one hundred-eleven years 1855-1966
John Bartlett Goodman II. Volume 1: Alameda to Nevada, Volume 2: Orange toYuba, published by the author in Los Angeles, 1966.

This is a typewritten manuscript with handwritten proof mark annotations and bound in hardbound covers. The book is divided into four major sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Bibliography of California County Histories
  3. Consulted Works
  4. Index
The Introduction provides a synopsis on various aspects of county histories, including the format of bibliography, second hand book dealers, types of county histories, origin of county histories, prices, profits, commissions, public attitude, how they were compiled, sources used, canvassers, publishers, and a brief history of the first California county history.

The section on "Bibliography of California County Histories" spans two volumes, which are arranged by counties. Alameda to Nevada counties are in the first volume. Nevada to Yuba counties are in the second volume. Under each county heading is a brief history of the county, a map of the county, and the reviews of each of the county histories. Here Bartlett discusses the contents of the county history, its size, publisher, price, history of making the book, sources, format, and brief a biography of the author. Interesting illustrations from some of the county histories are sprinkled throughout the book. Of value to the researcher is Bartlett's critique of the accuracy and completeness of each work. I found his reviews of the county histories that I'm most familiar with to be accurate.

The section on Works Consulted lists all of the county histories and other references used in this book.

Some California libraries that have the above item:

  • Berkeley, University of California Berkeley Bancroft Library, m Z1261 .G6 phot. v.1-2
  • La Jolla, University of California San Diego Spec Coll Library, F861z. G66 MSS 26 VLT Manuscripts
  • Los Angeles, University of California Los Angeles Spec Coll Library, * Z 1261 G622a
  • Menlo Park, U.S. Geological Survey Library, R 042.070 (276) G662a 1966 v. 1 and 2