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Contributed: Nov 2005

California Local History:

A Bibliography and Union List of Library Holdings

Rocq, Margaret Miller [Editor]
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1970.

Contributed by Steven Williams

California Local History is a must work for anyone doing California research. It can be found in most local libraries. It sets forth, on a county-by-county, regional and statewide basis, the various known historical works and within a county. It also breaks it down further by a city or regional basis depending on the number of works available for the area. It also lists which libraries are known to have a copy of the work. Note, however, that other libraries also have some of the more generally cited works even if the library itself is otherwise on the list. You can regularly find non-cited works in your local library even if your library is listed as one of the repository sites but is not listed for a particular work. Regional works are also listed as are statewide work and special collections.

Typically the breakdown, per county, is as follows:

  • County histories
  • Great Registers
  • Directories
  • General References
  • Cities and Towns

It is available in many bookstores specializing in California history such as The Argonaut on Sutter Street in San Francisco for about $60.00 plus tax. (price as of Nov. 2005)