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Contributed: pre-2006


Contributed by Carolyn Feroben

I have attached a link to the early CA post office locator.

It is a great help in answering two types of queries:

  1. When the name of a locale is no longer in use or indicated on current maps, or internet USGS sites or the like.
  2. When the query is directly related to a specific year and asks for the county of the local. This is IMPORTANT because the post office may have been open in two different counties in different time periods.
Tule Lake is a good example of this:
Tule Lake 02-04 , Modoc
Tulelake 31-open , Siskiyou
The query for this was for the 1932 time frame.

Note what other locations were found:

Tulare , Tulare
Tule , Tulare
Tuleville , San Joaquin
I believe it was Pittville someone was looking for recently with a specific time frame. The Pittville post office was located in two different counties during the years.
Pittville 73-75, 78-05, 10-23, 28-open , Shasta
Pittville 05-10, 23-28 , Lassen
The post office locator is a good ASSISTANT tool to use ALONG with detailed location information. If it means locating records for an event, death, marriage, etc., for a particular year, it may become necessary to know the county location for that time period.

I think you will enjoy reading the list.

You will find out how to use this guide at the site:

There are some very interesting names to be found:

Honolulu in Siskiyou,
Iceland in Nevada!,
and for all you EDDY fans:
Eddy [Sta , Los Angeles] , Los Angeles!