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Contributed: pre-2006

Index to the Argonauts of California

Contributed by J. Carlyle Parker

[by] Charles Warren Haskins. Libera Martina Spinazze, Polyanthus, New Orleans, 1975.
The last 141 pages of Charles Warren Haskins' The Argonauts of California, Being the Reminiscences of Scenes and Incidents That Occurred in California in Early Mining Days; by a Pioneer (New York: Fords, Howard and Hulbert, 1890; microfiche, Ann Arbor, Mich.: Xerox University Microfilms, 1975) is a list. The title of the list is, "Names of Pioneers Who Came by Land and Sea to California in 1849." The names of the Argonauts are listed under the names of the mining companies or other types of groups in which Argonauts, the 49'ers, traveled to California. Haskins' list is a secondary source based on primary sources.

Spinazze's 1974 edition is a copy of her 1960 carbon copy, typed manuscript. Each entry includes the Argonaut's name, the page in Haskins' list, and usually only a one line note providing the name of the mining company (or names of other groups); if by ship, the port of departure, and, in most cases, either the date of sailing or arrival. Unfortunately, a very large majority of the personal (first and middle) names are initialized. It contains about 27,000 names.

Sample entries:
Name Page # Note
Sturgess, Seth.  413  From Peoria, Ill, April 4, 1849 
Sullivan, J. L.  416  Steamer Empire City, sailed July 17, 1849 
Sullivan, J. V.  496  Brig Randolph from Boston, Feb.6, 1849 
Sullivan, John  492  Ship Greyhound from Baltimore Jan.9, 1849 
Sullivan, M.  363  Mem. Pioneer Association of San Francisco 
Sunafrank, Absm.  398  Pioneer crossed plains from Ohio, May 1849 
Sunderland, T.  385  Territorial Pioneers living on Pacific Coast 
Sweeney, M.  402  Mem. Company from Michigan, Apr. 7, 1849 
Swift, A. C.  370  Ex-mem. San Francisco Pioneer Association 
Swift, C. H.  377  Mem. Sacramento P. A. 

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