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Boston Daily Evening Transcript

Ship Passenger Lists

Port of Boston ..... 1851

NOTE: Thank you to Larry Parker! for transcribing the following passenger lists.

January 4, 1851 (Saturday)

In the Walter Claxton, for Sacramento City–Messrs Danl Hayes [Daniel Hayes], Chas Johnson [Charles Johnson], – Taylor, Misses Mary Holland and Ellen Holland, of Boston; Messrs Jas M'Gilvery [James McGilvery], Jos M'Gilvery [Joseph McGilvery], and L Odell, of Montreal.”

January 9, 1851 (Thursday)

In the John Bertram, for San Francisco, Mr Jno Hunt [John Hunt], of Salem.”

January 30, 1851 (Thursday)

In the Scargo, for San Francisco, Mrs Freeman (captain's wife) and daughter, of Brewster, Mass.”

February 6, 1851 (Thursday)

In the Franconia, for San Francisco, Mrs Hedge, (captain's wife),”

February 8, 1851 (Saturday)

In the J J Cobb, for San Francisco, Messrs Stephen Cusick, Jno Cusick [John Cusick], Jas Cusick [James Cusick] and Winslow White, of Boston; Sylvester Geer, J A Johnson and J H Johnson, of Lowell, Mass.”

February 15, 1851 (Thursday)

In the steamship Empire City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Thos O Larkin [Thomas O Larkin], E Howard, and many others.”

March 8, 1851 (Saturday)

In the Sherwood, for San Francisco, Messrs Allen, Tucker, and Dickinson.”

March 20, 1851 (Thursday)

In the steamship El Dorado, from New York for Chagres, Jno L Stevens, Esq [John L Stevens, Esq], President of the Panama R R, Hon Wm M Gwinn [William M Gwinn], wife and friend; and many others.”

April 25, 1851 (Friday)

In the Buena Vista, for San Francisco, Capt Martin T Champney and Mr I H Russell, of Boston; Col Bridges [Colonel Bridges] and son, of New York; Messrs Benj Gilbert [Benjamin Gilbert], of Hillsborough, NH; – Rawson, of Portland, Me.”

May 10, 1851 (Saturday)

In the Mermaid, for San Francisco, Edw Gassett, [Edward Gassett], Esq, of Boston.”

June 3, 1851 (Tuesday)

In the Flying Cloud, from New York for San Francisco, Mrs S H Bowman and son, of Boston; Messrs J Whitney, – Townsend, – Lloyd, Misses I B and E S Lloyd, all of Roxbury.”

June 30, 1851 (Monday)

In the Syren, for San Francisco, Messrs Geo Chapman [George Chapman], of Greenfield, Mass; Wm C Saltonstall [William C Saltonstall], of Salem.”

July 7, 1851 (Monday)

In the Telegraph, from New York for San Francisco, Mr Chas M Cushman [Charles M Cushman], of Boston.”

July 12, 1851 (Saturday)

In the Hannibal, for San Francisco, Mr John Jameson, Mrs Simonds and daughter, of Nahant; Mrs M'Ilhenny [Mrs McIlhenny] and seven children, of Woburn.”

September 5, 1851 (Friday)

In the John Wade, for San Francisco, Capt C Hoyer, lady and three children, of New Bedford; Mrs Fieldsted, of Boston; Mrs E White, two children and servant. Mr Abel Haskins, Mrs Remington and two children, of Lansing, NY; Mr Geo Newman [George Newman], of Roxbury.”

November 5, 1851 (Wednesday)

In the Flying Fish, for San Francisco–Messrs Jas L Grover [James L Grover], wife and two children, of Machias; I Gorham Bond, of Boston; R F Ellis, wife and two sons, and Miss E Morrow, of Waterville, Me; Mrs Ann B Allen, of Fairhaven; Geo W Webster Jr [George W Webster Jr], of Bangor.”

In the Versailles, for San Francisco, Mr Asa Walker, lady and two children, of Bangor; Mrs W B Grant and three children, of Nantucket; Mrs Phelps and child; Messrs J P Edwards, J T Eldredge and C H P Plympton, of Boston.”

November 15, 1851 (Saturday)

In the steamship Ohio, from New York for Chagres, Geo W Cooley [George W Cooley], of Boston.”

November 19, 1851 (Wednesday)

In the Northern Light, for San Francisco, Messrs Wm Smith [William Smith], Erastus Davis, E P Wheelwright, M Farland, L F Rand, H A Fuller, – Holman, C O Newcomb, – Donavan, B Battles, Wm K Wiggin [William K Wiggin], – Humphrey and Hy Loring [Henry Loring], of Boston; Mrs Susan D Towne, and two children, of Chelsea; Mr Cyrus Fenderson, wife and child, of Saco; Mrs Wm Brackett [Mrs William Brackett], Messrs J Pratt and John Baxter, of Quincy; R D Somers and J S Somers, of Minot, Vt; Mrs Jane Esterick and Mr J Kelcher, of St Stephens, NB.”

In the George E Webster,  for San Francisco, Mrs Holt, Wm Hill [William Hill], wife and child, Geo T Grimes [George T Grimes] and Chas T Shaw [Charles T Shaw].”

December 8, 1851 (Monday)

In the Oxnard, for San Francisco, Messrs G H Appleton and Luther Hinckley.”

December 10, 1851 (Wednesday)

In the John Bertram, for San Francisco, Messrs Hy Fekley [Henry Fekley], of Boston; Wm H Cogswell [William H Cogswell], of Andover; Jno Hoope [John Hoope], of Salem; Geo S Durin [George S Durin], of Concord, NH; Elwin Merrill, ofGardiner, Me; Mrs Anna D Titcomb, Master Henry D Titcomb and Miss Anna J Titcomb, of Boston; Mrs Elizabeth D Kimball, Mrs Mary P Poore, Miss Mary I Poore and Miss Ellen J Poore, of Newburyport; Steerage–Joseph H Rosenburg, Joseph M Schwab, Joseph Maer, Henry Kunzer and Martin Pluts, of Boston; Philip Wachter, Thomas Symmes and George Andrews, of Charlestown; John Q Pfall, of Quincy, Mass.”

December 16, 1851 (Tuesday)

In the steamship Ohio, from New York for Chagres, Mrs R C Marsh and servant, of Boston.”

December 23, 1851 (Tuesday)

In the Benjamin Howard, for San Francisco, Mr Henry L Johnson, Misses Harriet L Johnson and Maria G Johnson, Mr Edmund Delory, Mrs Anna Delory, Mr Frank Nutter, Mr Joseph Delory, of Boston; Miss Sophia Moreton, of Lynn; Mr Wm Newhall [William Newhall], Mrs Priscilla Newhall, of Salem; Mr John M'Inness [John McInness], Mrs Christiana M'Inness [Christiana McInness], Mrs Isabella M'Inness [Isabella McInness], Mr Geo Hetley [George Hetley], of Roxbury.”

December 29, 1851 (Monday)

In the steamship Georgia, from New York for Chagres, Mr Wm Baker Jr [William Baker Jr], of Boston; and 500 others.”

December 31, 1851 (Wednesday)

In the Courser, for San Francisco, Mrs Wm Cole [Mrs William Cole], (captain's wife) Masters Francis A Cole and Lemuel S Cole, Mrs Mellen, Messrs W Sturgis Hooper and Wm Amory Jr [William Amory Jr], of Boston; Saml L Thorndike [Samuel L Thorndike], of Beverly.”

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