California Bound by

Boston Daily Evening Transcript

Ship Passenger Lists

Port of Boston ..... 1850

NOTE: Thank you to Larry Parker! for transcribing the following passenger lists.

January 2, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Peru, for San Francisco–Mr Bernard Lyons and Mrs Riley, of Boston; Mrs Lucy B Gaines, of New Bedford; Messrs Ethan R Nason, Saml Colway [Samuel Colway], and Abraham M Hammond, of Bucksport, Me; Timothy Batchelder, of Prospect, Me; Saml Clements [Samuel Clements], of Frankfort.”

January 7, 1950 (Monday)

“In the Swiftsure, for San Francisco–Messrs Kimball C Eldridge and Saml Daverson [Samuel Daverson], of Boston; Lewis W Rock, of Lowell; Joshua Snow, of Erving; Hathorn Hitchcock, of Damariscotta, Me; Capt L Kempton and Hy Campbell [Henry Campbell], of Frankfort; Rodney Eames, M E Haines, O B Kelley, Jacob Rowen Jr, Nehemiah Osgood, Jno C Currier [John C Currier], Aaron J Sanders and W T Crockett, Wentworth, NH.”

January 17, 1850 (Thursday)

 “In the Itasca, for San Francisco–Messrs Asa Bisbee and Lewis Litchfield, of Lewiston, Me; Nathan Atkinson and Wm Desmer [William Desmer], of Boston; Jas Finegan [James Finegan], of Lowell.”

January 19, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Tiber, for San Francisco, Mrs Hathaway (captain's wife), Messrs Patrick M'Grath [Patrick McGrath], William Foss and William Duffy, of Boston; Asahel Haynes, of Waltham.”

January 21, 1850 (Monday)

“In the steamship Cherokee, from New York for Chagres, Capt Victor Constant, of Boston.”

January 26, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the ship Rob Roy, for San Francisco–Cabin–Misses Emma Mandville, of Cambridgeport;  Marose Rogers, of Billerica; Laura Sweetser, of Boston; Sarah Hines, of Woburn; Messrs Lowell J Hardy, wife and three children, Jas Fillebrown [James Fillebrown], wife and three children, of Lexington, Mass; J E Moody, J G Swan and Edward Thompson, of Boston; Thos Ellis [Thomas Ellis] and Edwin Ellis, of Waterville, Me; Saml M Morse [Samuel M Morse], of Waldoboro, Me; W H Luke and J D King, of Wisconsin. In the steerage–Messrs Cornelius Horgan, J T Ellis, Wm K Hodgkins [William K Hodgkins], Luke Merrill, Wm Spillane [William Spillane], Michael Corrigan, Danl Spillane [Daniel Spillane], Amasa Trask, Robt Mackay [Robert Mackay], and Wm Spillane [William Spillane], of Boston; J T Kidder [Joseph T Kidder], of West Cambridge; Lewis Girdler, of Marblehead; Jno Henfield [John Henfield], of Salem; Austin Jacob, of Lowell; Alvan Rogers, of Easton, Mass; Wm Davis [William Davis], Chas W Currier [Charles W Currier], Austin A Kaler, Wm Prince [William Prince], Job K West, Robt Brown [Robert Brown] and Joshua Webb, of Waldoboro, Me; Benj H Reed [Benjamin H Reed], Wm Reed Jr [William Reed Jr], E G Reed, W T Libbey, Ephraim Stevens, Francis C Atkinson and Henry Hedge, of Vassalboro, Me; David Tibbets, of Bristol, Me; Edw S Doane [Edward S Doane], of Hampden, Me; Jerome Sawyer, of Swansea, NH; Jno Flanders [John Flanders] and Tristam Rogers, of Bradford, Vt; Geo Taplin [George Taplin], of Corinth, Vt; – Griswell and wife, of Burlington, Vt; Ira Sturtevant, of Barton, Vermont; Wm Kirby [William Kirby] and Edmund Kirby, of Canada; Jno Thompson [John Thompson], B Smith, G Childs, Joy H Stratton, Benj Reed [Benjamin Reed], Thos A Vose [Thomas A Vose], Wm H Libby [William H Libby], Stephen H Libby, Chas Hull [Charles Hull], Mrs Eliza Reed [Mrs Elizabeth Reed], Mrs Mary Stratton, Misses Susan Williams, Margaret Swan and Adelaide Abrams, places of residence unknown; Mary Jones, of Boston–77.”

“In the brig Lincoln, for San Francisco–Messrs Geo S Darling [George S Darling], Silas F Richardson, of Leominster, Mass.”

January 28, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Phenix, for California–Messrs Edw Estes [Edward Estes], David Whittemore, Joseph Long, Jno Whittaker [John Whittaker], M Deminsky, S K Deminsky, – Riddle, Mrs Abbott and Miss Elizabeth Estes–residences not given.”

January 29, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Zaine, for Sacramento City, California, Messrs Jas DeCosta [James DeCosta] Chas W Jennings [Charles W Jennings], Jno Nichols [John Nichols] and Mrs Elizabeth Jennings, of Boston; Mrs Mary Ann Blake, of Salem.”

February 2, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Lowell, from Portsmouth for San Francisco, Mr Robt E Bradshaw [Robert E Bradshaw], of Boston.”

February 5, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Sea Breeze, for San Francisco, Warren G Rayner, Esq, of Salem, supercargo.”

“In the Sacramento, for Sacramento City, California, Otis Blabun and son, of Boston.”

February 9, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Portland, for San Francisco, Jno Quincy Blake [John Quincy Blake], Esq, supercargo.”

February 15, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Zingari, for San Francisco, Mrs Eaton, captain's wife.”

February 19, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Cherokee, from New York for Chagres, Dr S Stocking, of Boston; Capt Cleaveland Forbes; and 318 others.”

(See also below)

February 20, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Cherokee, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Geo Noyes [George Noyes], of Boston; Danl Moulton [Daniel Moulton], of Nantucket; and others as before.”

“In the J K F Mansfield, for San Francisco, S Stillman Field, Esq.”

February 21, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Harward, for San Francisco, Henry Peirce, of Gloucester.”

“In the Henry Kelsey, for San Francisco, Fred W Sampson, (supercargo) of Duxbury.”

February 23, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Windsor Fay, for San Francisco, Mrs Brewer, captain's wife.”

“In the Delphos, for San Francisco, Capt Wm Cotting [Captain William Cotting], of Boston.”

“In the Kingsbury, for San Francisco, Messers Horatio Cogswell and Joseph Woods, of Attleboro.”

“In the April, for San Francisco, Dr J R Henderson, Messrs Washington Partridge and W Walker, of Orland, Me; W M'Clure [W McClure], of Portland.”

“In the steamer Crescent City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs B B Baxter, of Boston; Horatio C Warren, Wm F Kelley [William F Kelley], E B Souther, Capt Lindsey, and others.”

February 26, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the California Packet, for San Francisco, Mr Alfred G Gray, of Roxbury; and others.”

(See also March 4, 1850, below)

February 27, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the George F Williams, for San Francisco, Mr John P Couch, of Boston.”

February 28, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Rachel Stevens, for Sacramento City, Messrs Jas Weston [James Weston] and Chas F Averill [Charles F Averill], of Mt Vernon, NH.”

March 2, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Oriental, for San Francisco &c, Edw A H Dale, Esq [Edward A H Dale, Esq], of Gloucester.”

March 4, 1850 (Monday)

“In the California Packet, for San Francisco and Oregon, Mrs Caroline M Kimball, (captain's wife) Misses Adriana Kimball (school teacher) and Anna Kimball, of Frankfort, Me; Mary G Whitman, of Dorchester, Mass; Mary A Lewis, of Worcester; Mr Luce, of Worcester; Miss Nancy B Greenleaf, of Boston; Messrs Edw Griffin [Edward Griffin], Geo A Wood [George A Wood], Wm T Keen [William T Keen], Chas H Tower [Charles H Tower], W Lothrop, Jno Kelly [John Kelly], Jno McVey [John McVey], Byron Cole, (editor), Wm Dorr [William Dorr], Eline B Frost, M McVase, J P McVase, B H Whitemore, Geo C Vane, Chas Miller [Charles Miller], Otis Devereux, A W Cader, Jas R Whire [James R White], Wm Duson [William Duson] and Lyman L Burch, of Boston; Joseph W Newall, Levi Sawyer, John Emery, Frederick Emery and Chas P Newhall [Charles P Newhall], of Waltham; Wm W Green [William W Green], of Reading, Mass; Jno S Woodbury [John S Woodbury], of East Stoughton, Mass; Chas H Pollard [Charles H Pollard], of Lowell; Chas P Furgerson [Charles P Furgerson], of East Pepperell, Mass; W M Huntress, of Boston; Edwin Fuller, (steward) of Nantucket; Alfred Black, (seaman) of Medford, Mass; and 179 others.”

March 7, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the California, for San Francisco, Paul Briggs, Esq, of South Scituate.”

March 8, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Marcellus, for San Francisco and East Indies, Mr Jno Virgin [John Virgin], of Plymouth.”

“In the Amazon, for San Francisco &c, Messrs Wm J Blake [William J Blake], of Boston; E G Babcock, of Windsor, Vt.”

“In the Herbert, for San Francisco, Messrs D T Clark, D B Sewall and Wm B Hill [William B Hill], of Boston.”

“In the J Lovett, from Beverly for San Francisco, Messrs Jno G Perkins [John G Perkins], Isaac Pierce and Jno Arnold [John Arnold], of Boston; Chas S Wilson [Charles S Wilson], of Lynn.”

March 13, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Edinburgh, for San Francisco, Mr Joseph F Smith, of Gloucester.”

March 14, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Niagra, for San Francisco, Messrs – Bourne and Timothy Dempsey, of Boston; Lawson Taylor, of Worcester.”

March 16, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the William Allen, from Salem for San Francisco, Mr Geo Leon [George Leon], of Salem.”

March 19, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the McLellan, for San Francisco, Mr Wm Hayden [William Hayden], of Cambridgeport.”

March 22, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Callao, for San Francisco–Messrs Cyrus K Dam, Danl Ryan [Daniel Ryan], Jno Morrissey [John Morrissey], Jas Small [James Small] and Josiah Eaton.”

March 27, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Philomela, from Portland for San Francisco–Messrs Cloudman and wife, J B Sweetser, wife and two children, of Saccarappa; Jno Sweetser [John Sweetser], of Newton, Mass; G W Buckley and M F Whitney, of Sandwich, Me; U Finney and E Morse, of Portland; – Burnham, of Westbrook.”

March 30, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Oxford, for San Francisco, Mrs M'Lane [Mrs McLane] (captain's wife) and Ann Broiday, both of New York.”

April 2, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Cohota, for San Francisco, Mr Geo Dimmock [George Dimmock], of Boston.”

(See also April 4, 1850)

“In the Christiana, from New York for San Francisco, Mr P Gischel, of Boston.”

April 4, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Cohota, for San Francisco, Mr Edward R Dimmock, of Boston.”

April 12, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Ellen Noyes, for San Francisco, Messrs Wm B Thompson [William B Thompson], of Boston; Arthur Linney, wife and child, and – Bridges, of Charlestown; David W Shattuck, of Groton; Wm L Farnsworth [William L Farnsworth], of Salem; – Rice and wife, of Lynn; Edw Stevens [Edward Stevens], of Castine; J R Colburn, A H Chamberlain and Danl Waterman [Daniel Waterman], of Thetford, Vt; J M Guild, of Post Mills, Vt; Joseph Fifield and Albion Jackman, of Bath, NH.”

April 13, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the General Taylor, for San Francisco, Mrs Crosby, (captain's wife) and Mrs Crockett, of Boston.”

April 17, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Cherokee, from New York for Chagres, Capt Thos D Lucas [Captain Thomas D Lucas], Messrs Seth H Ingalls, Hiram Webb and Stephen A Tripp, of New Bedford.”

April 18, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Thames, from Portland for San Francisco, Mrs Harmon (captain's wife) and son.”

April 22, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Mary Broughton, for San Francisco, Messrs – Conray and – Goodrich, of –.”

April 24, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Almeida, for Sacramento City, Messrs Geo W Reed [George W Reed], of Charlestown; – Shephard, of Worcester; J S Goodall, of Salem; Hy C Hamer [Henry C Hamer], J P Hamer, Antoine Baumister, Jno Nefe [John Nefe], Antoine Geigling and Valentine Geigling, of Boston.”

May 24, 1850 (Friday)

“In the steamship Empire City, from New York for Chagres, Mr Wm Watts [William Watts] and wife, of Roxbury.”

May 25, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Palmyra, for San Francisco, Messrs D A Cleaveland and H C Johnson, of Tisbury, Mass.”

June 1, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Energy, for San Francisco, Messrs John Haskens, Levi H Snow, John Murphy, Charles H Knight, Henry Colvin, Samuel Farnum, Wm Hathaway [William Hathaway], all of Boston.”

June 7, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Montezuma, for San Francisco, Messrs J Caswell, of Truro; Jno Lewis [John Lewis], of Malden.”

June 11, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Strabo, for San Francisco &c, Mrs Hussey (captain's wife); Mr Abraham Thompson, of Charlestown.”

June 24, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Sulla, for Sacramento City, Messrs A Drewey, F Roche, E Mills, C Brown, and S Basset.”

July 8, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Hannah Crooker, for San Francisco, Mr and Mrs Valentine, of Charlestown.”

July 12, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Mary Melville, for Sacramento City, Captains Sheffield and Cushman, Messrs N W Stearns, – Winston, and O Riley, of Boston; Paul J Rollins, Esq, and Franklin Richardson, of Pittston, Me; William Jarvis, of Gardiner, Me.”

July 17, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the William W Wyer, for Chagres, Messrs Geo F Shepherd [George F Shepherd], of –; Chas F Davis [Charles F Davis], of Charlestown; George Bruce, of Boston.”

July 18, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Vandelia, for Stockton, Cal, Messrs A U Sylvester, of California; C H Marble, of Watertown, Mass; Michael Powers, of Baltimore.”

July 27, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Mandarin, from New York for San Francisco, Mrs T C Stoddard, T C Stoddard Jr and Cyrus Alger Jr, of Boston.”

August 2, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Race Horse, for San Francisco, Mr John Smith, of Boston.”

August 19, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Angelo, for San Francisco, Mrs Nicholson, captain's wife.”

August 21, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Isaiah Crowell, for San Francisco, Mrs Haley and Mrs A Drew, of Boston; Mr & Mrs Brown, of Chelsea; Mr and Mrs Simes, Miss M E King, Mr and Mrs S K Willard, of New Hampshire; Mr Edw H Ireland [Edward H Ireland], of Newport, Me.”

August 29, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the steamship Philadelphia from New York for Chagres, Josiah Bradlee, Esq, and Jas H Bradlee [James H Bradlee], Esq, of Newburyport; and abt 180 others.”

September 12, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the steamship Georgia, for Chagres, Hon Jas Wilson [James Wilson], Collector for the port of San Francisco; and others.”

September 23, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Josiah Quincy, for San Francisco, Mr Wm H Cutter [William H Cutter], of Boston.”

October 1, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Sweden, for San Francisco, Mr Geo Davis [George Davis].”

(See also below.)

October 3, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Sweden, for San Francisco, Mr Theodore L Page, Capt John Davis.”

“In the Dudley, for Sacramento City, Messrs Jas Keenan [James Keenan], Jas M'Caba [James McCaba] and Michael O'Hara, of Boston; – Hall, of Bangor, Me.”

October 5, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the George E Webster, Mrs Cotting (captain's wife) and child.”

October 12, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Ionian, for San Francisco, Mrs Ranlett, (captain's wife) and child.”

(See also October 21, 1850.)

October 14, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Empire City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Jos Warren Fabens [Joseph Warren Fabens], of Salem; Francis A Fabens, of Boston.”

October 15, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the steamship Cherokee, from New York for Chagres, Mr Augustus Russ, of Boston; and 119 others.”

October 16, 1850 (Wednesday)

“In the Imaum, from Salem for San Francisco, Mrs Batchelder, captain's wife.”

October 17, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the Potomac, from Portland for San Francisco, Mrs Smith (captain's wife), Messrs Wm Stanwood Jr [William Stanwood Jr], Noah Felch and John Mathews.”

October 21, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Ionian, for San Francisco, Messrs Wm F Ashton [William F Ashton], Robt Parkinson [Robert Parkinson], Benj Church [Benjamin Church], Frank Wescott, Benj Akerman [Benjamin Akerman], Joseph Davis, Thos Martin [Thomas Martin], – Fogarty, John Cowick, Martin Seytant, John Rice, Geo Rice [George Rice], Anton Rice, Wm Chrystal [William Chrystal], Timothy Murthy, mostly of Lowell and vicinity.”

“In the Oella, for Sacramento City, Messrs Jno Curtis [John Curtis], Richd Vance [Richard Vance], Geo W Norris [George W Norris], Allen Heald, Jonas Mussy, Josiah Keen, Samuel Burrill, Artemas Philbrook, Cyrus Hunter, J P Jones and Aurilla Jones, all of Maine.”

October 28, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Kezia, for Sacramento City, Messrs Jas E Dawes [James E Dawes], Obadiah Ayer, Christopher Miller, Chas Howard [Charles Howard] and Francis Wyeth.”

October 31, 1850 (Thursday)

“In the yacht Fanny, for San Francisco, Mr Jas L Fowler [James L Fowler], of Boston.”

November 1, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Crescent City, from New York for Chagres, Mr Wm M Buffum [William M Buffum], of Salem.”

November 15, 1850 (Friday)

“In the steamship Empire City, from New York for Chagres, Mr A G Jewett, of Bangor; and others.”

November 16, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Capitol, for San Francisco, Rev Tyler Thatcher [Reverend Tyler Thatcher], wife and son, Mrs Dixon, Mr Jas Loring [James Loring], of Boston.”

December 16, 1850 (Monday)

“In the Arab, for San Francisco, Capt Chas L Wiggin [Captain Charles L Wiggin], and Messrs Foster Tarbett, Frances D Brodhead, Edw C Brodhead [Edward C Brodhead], Eben'r W Keyes [Ebenezer W Keyes], and John Cabot.”

December 17, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Crescent City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Wm R Waters [William R Waters], of Salem; Frederick L Dana, of Boston.”

December 20, 1850 (Friday)

“In the Cherokee, from New York, November 26th, for Chagres, J Vincent Brown, Esq, of Salem.”

December 28, 1850 (Saturday)

“In the Austerlitz, for San Francisco, Mrs Day (Capt wife) and child.”

December 31, 1850 (Tuesday)

“In the Matilda, for San Francisco, Mrs West, Captain's wife.”

“In the steamship Cherokee, from New York for Chagres, Mr Henry P Blanchard.”

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