California Bound by

Boston Daily Evening Transcript

Ship Passenger Lists

Port of Boston ..... 1849

NOTE: Thank you to Larry Parker! for transcribing the following passenger lists.

Larry also informed us that, "At Google's archives of old newspapers, <>, when you click on Boston Evening Transcript, then click on the earliest decade with any issues–the 1850s–there are only five issues from that decade, all in 1851. There are no issues showing from any previous year." However, he discovered that Google does have earlier issues available, and that you can access them: "So here's the link to the first issue of  Boston Evening Transcript, in 1849, January 2– <>. That shows 11 months worth of 1849, and the first six months of 1848. It also shows the entire year's worth of issues from 1850, 1851, and 1853–almost all of which do not show up on the main site at <>."

January 4, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Sterling, from Beverly for San Francisco, Messrs Geo F Nourse [George F Nourse], Geo H Boyden [George H Boyden], Henry Foster and Edw P Briant [Edward P Briant], of Beverly; Isaiah Graves, Eugene B Atwell and Amos M Atwell, of Lynn.”

January 8, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Maria, for San Francisco, Messrs J G Thayer and Augustus Thayer, of Brookline; Jno W Draper [John W Draper] and Walter B Gould, of Cambridge; J Snowden Bacon, J E Stickney, Abijah Keith, Francis S Mahony, Wm R Reed [William R Reed], M A Parkhurst, Cordis Oliver, Chas Gay [Charles Gay], Saml H Marsh [Samuel H Marsh], S G Hand, L Dunber and G D Wyman, of Boston; Chas Everbeck [Charles Everbeck], Danl B Lathrop [Daniel B Lathrop] and Jas Harding [James Harding], of Springfield; Geo H Davis [George H Davis], of Worcester; Jno A Brazer [John A Brazer], of Salem; W Masters of Newburyport.”

January 10, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Forest, for California, Messrs John Q Adams, Geo W Adams [George W Adams], of Medfield; J W Allen, Louis F Baker, of Roxbury; David Matheson, Stephen Crane, of Middleton; D Pettengill, of Danvers; Robt Furnace [Robert Furnace], Henry Barhydt, J Hilton, Prescott Hall, Warren Woodard, T A Kimball, J M'Nab [J McNab], Lyons and Hunt, of Boston; Richd W Hixon [Richard W Hixon], of Sharon; Wm Higgins Clark [William Higgins Clark], of Lynn; Joseph M Austin, of Charlestown; Geo Taylor [George Taylor], of Manchester; Henry M Chase, John Bradbury, Wm Moulton [William Moulton], of Newburyport; B Wentworth, of Lawrence; Whiting, John Carr, Way, Bacon, M'Master [McMaster], Dupee, (2) of Lowell; H D M'Nab [H D McNab], Andrews, Budlong, Gove and Simmons, of Providence; J F Bailey, I F Heath, of East Kingston; Jos Langley [Joseph Langley], of Exeter; W Rantcliffe, of Dorchester; John Morrison, of Hill, NH; Abel Briggs, Jr, Joshua Hunt, of Stoughton; Levi Smith, of South Braintree; Geo W Lake [George W Lake], of Haverhill –45.”

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January 11, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Oxford, for San Francisco, Messrs Seth Rich Jr, Andrew P Jordan, Wm Fullerton [William Fullerton], W S Coolidge, Augustus Bixby, Cornelius Coolidge, Jas H Bennett [James H Bennett], Eben Coleman, Lyman R Potter, Geo H Sprague [George H Sprague], Isaiah R Potter, J B Williams, Jas D Wood [James D Wood], J C B and T B R, of Boston; Geo G Ladd [George G Ladd], of South Boston; Asa H Snow, and Albert Snow, of Cambridgeport; Willis Jefferson, Wm Stoney [William Stoney], Thos Babcock [Thomas Babcock] and Wm A Sampson [William A Sampson], of Charlestown; Alonzo P Kenrick, of Lynn; Winslow Crocker of Concord; Elbredge Hayes, of Sudbury; Chas Bent Jr [Charles Bent Jr], Wm Waugh [William Waugh], Hiram Brownell, E C Carlton, J L W Tilton, Jas Kelley [James Kelley], Danl S Gillman [Daniel S Gillman],  William H Andrews, Geo W Robey [George W Robey], Ransom Evans, Albert S Putnam, Wm S Dustan [William S Dustan], Warren Cheney, Bethuyt T Thompson, Jas B Gray [James B Gray], J D Drew and Royall T Nason, of Lowell; Jno H Morse [John H Morse] and Jno Warren [John Warren], of Lawrence; Francis Woodcock, of Worcester; Levi Smith of South Braintree; Hy W Sampson [Henry W Sampson], of Kingston; Jno M'Call [John McCall], Benj T Chase [Benjamin T Chase], Howard B Allen, Otis Backlin and Geo Freelove [George Freelove], of Fall River; Chas H Dunbar [Charles H Dunbar], of New Bedford; P B Mauran and Jno Mauran [John Mauran], of Providence; Jno A Brown [John A Brown], Arthur Libby, and Jno Fitzgerald [John Fitzgerald], of Portland; Harrison G Soule, of North Yarmouth, Albert Pinkham, of Augusta, Me; Elbredge Gerry and Chas F Kittredge [Charles F Kittredge], of Brattleboro, Vt; Jas S Kelley [James S Kelley], of Bradford, Vt –63.” 

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January 13, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Attila, for San Francisco, Brazos W W Baker, (master of the vessel) Timothy Allen, Chas H Weston [Charles H Weston], Calvin Ripley, Saml Lanman [Samuel Lanman], Ellis H Morton, Wm Randall Jr [William Randall Jr], Frederick Cushing, Asa S Pierce, Everett T Manter, Allen Holmes, Joseph Weston, Ephraim Finney, Abner Sylvester, Saml Doten [Samuel Doten], Thos C Smith [Thomas C Smith], Job Churchill, Winslow Bradford, Lewis Finney and Saml C Chamberlain [Samuel C Chamberlain], of Plymouth; Fredk Salter [Frederick Salter], Geo W Virgin Jr [George W Virgin Jr], Isaac R Atwood, Abram C Small, W Bradford, Josiah Nichols, Alfred N Prime, Chas W Smith [Charles W Smith], Jno Leighton [John Leighton] and Wm Smith [William Smith], of Boston; Rufus Holmes, Saml Joyce [Samuel Joyce], Hy Lee [Henry Lee], Lucien Winsor, Hy Holmes [Henry Holmes], and Saml Alden [Samuel Alden], of Duxbury; Benj F Winslow [Benjamin F Winslow], of South Bridgewater; Fredk Bush [Frederick Bush] and Jas Carey [James Carey], of East Bridgewater; Jno L Nash [John L Nash], of South Abington; Ambrose Harmon, of Pulaski, NY.

“In the Pauline, for San Francisco, Messrs Jno H Taylor [John H Taylor], of Boston; Jas Hill [James Hill], Thos M Balcom [Thomas M Balcom], Joseph Johnson, Dolphin D Taylor, Joseph Knight Jr, Horace R Conant and Norval Garland, of Charlestown; Albert S Teel, of Cambridge; Edw M Cook [Edward M Cook] and Jno Russell [John Russell], of Somerville; Franklin Gould, of Dover, NH.”

January 16, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Anonyma, for San Francisco, Messrs Benj Gardner [Benjamin Gardner], Montreville Simonds and Saml M Baldwin [Samuel M Baldwin].” 

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“In the North Bend, for San Francisco, Messrs Wm I Warren [William I Warren], Chas Ames [Charles Ames], D C Stocking, Addison Swallow, Jno Cogsgrove [John Cosgrove], Merrill Webber, Jno G Butler [John G Butler], H Hunter, Richard Palmer, Harvey Garcelon, Jno D Bagnell [John D Bagnell], Wm Kennedy [William Kennedy] and Eugene ——, of Boston; Jno Page [John Page], Wm Patten [William Patten] and — Ellis, of Roxbury; Geo G Brooks [George G Brooks] and Albert Arkerson, of Cambridge; Jno Williams [John Williams], of Dorcester; Jas G Pearson [James G Pearson] and Jno Keath [John Keath], of Salem; Washington Edwards and Jno Q A Otis [John Q A Otis], of Lynn; Hy H Sawyer [Henry H Sawyer], of Fitchburg; C Robbins and W Bemis, of Westboro; A K Winslow, Otis Hammond and Curtis N Smedley, of Saccarappa, Me; Stephen Crane, of Middletown, Conn.”

January 20, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Josephine, for San Francisco, Messrs Danforth White, Daniel Bruce,  W A Shirley, James Brown, Daniel Johnson, Wyman Streeter, Asa L Loring, Almanch Bullan, Donald Lefebre, Nicholas D Vay, Allen Lefebre, John Sweeney, Patrick H Sweeney, and James Sweeney, of Boston; Mathew Gegan, Richard K Vaughan, and Benjamin M Crossman, of Charlestown; John M Bassett, Reuel Perry, Jonas B Brown, George W Cloutman, and James Cox, of Marblehead; Patrick McTaskie, of Waltham; John Quick, and John Crook, of Providence; Daniel Sanbourn, Brown Winship, and Thomas B Johnson, of Lynn; Daniel T Winslow, of Maine; Joseph B Cutts, (Surgeon), East Thomaston.”

January 23, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Capitol, for San Francisco, Mr and Mrs Sims and child, Messrs James F Penniman, Robert G Greenman, Chas W Cochran [Charles W Cochran], John Cochran, John O Ham, T P Swett, Albert Chase, Richard Ashcroft, Benj Wilkins [Benjamin Wilkins], J C Smith, J H Haynes, Saml Fletcher [Samuel Fletcher], Lewis F Haynard, B F Haynard, Wm Holden [William Holden], Horace Lazell, Owen Sullivan, Thos Potter [Thomas Potter], S D Cunningham, Gratton Fenno, Fitz Henry Price, of Boston; Henry B Walker, Benj F Whittemore [Benjamin F Whittemore], J P Gilllison, Daniel Lock, Samuel Flanders Jr, John Emery, Saml Johnson [Samuel Johnson], Thos A Morris [Thomas A Morris], Nath W Carnes [Nathan W Carnes], Mr Rome, of Charlestown; Jos S Wallace [Joseph S Wallace], G W Woodbury, Jas Wellington [James Wellington], Jas Jackson [James Jackson], Robinson Comforth, Henry W May, Wm C Russ Jr [William C Russ Jr], Luther C Brooks, Haley P Smith, Sterry Smith, Frank Ward, G W Quint, Austus Noble, W H Bachelder, Geo A Dodge [George A Dodge], Geo W Jones [George W Jones], F L Farnsworth, T Melzard Jr, Benj P Stevens [Benjamin P Stevens], James Sanborn, Robert F Knight, Henry W Carlton, Benjamin C Paltrey, Alonzo Richardson, Eben Burrill, Wm McKay [William McKay], Henry M Gardner, E J Hobbs, John S Foster, of Salem; Isaac Titcomb, Philip Thorp, Rufus Titcomb, Stephen Thurston, Jacob Stickney 3d, Henry P Moody, John T Thurlow, Jona T Thurlow [Jonas T Thurlow?], Moses Chase, Rufus Cook, Jno Page [John Page], Chas W Lander [Charles W Lander], John Ryan, Edw C Ryan [Edward C Ryan], Nath Thurlow [Nathan Thurlow], of Newburyport; Chas P Rogers [Charles P Rogers], Portland; J P Allen, C H Rogers, Manchester, Me; Robert Fulton, Peterboro, NH; G W Ellsworth, Medford; G F Tannatt, Henry M Brackett, Chester C Hosmer, Ephraim Frost, Henry M Buckman, Orin Chatfield, Jesse Warren, Henry Mygat, W F Hubbard, E Potter, Henry Williams, Sam L Elliott, E J Houghton, of Springfield; N D Johnson, Woburn; Geo K Ratchit [George K Ratchit], N Danvers; Saml Putnam [Samuel Putnam], Newbury, NH; Geo M Knight [George M Knight], Manchester; Moses D Dresser, W B Hobbs, Wm W Heley [William W Heley], David Hem, S Danvers; William Hardy, Natick; L A Gould, Temple Tibbets, David M Oakes, J F Beckett, Jno Merrill [John Merrill], Joseph Pentley, Moses Bray, of Lewiston Falls, Me; Francis Lothrop, Lynn; Eben Campbell, Corn's Stackpole, Orlando Merrill, Saml P Thomas [Samuel P Thomas], Durham, Me; Wm Lyman [William Lyman], Trumbull, Ct; W J Tenne, Andover; J J Marcy, E J Hayden, Sydney Lord, James Saunders, Lewis K Adams, Chas Brewster [Charles Brewster], Windsor Lock, Me; Wm A Gregg [William A Gregg], David D Morrill, Nath H Wood [Nathan H Wood], James Langdell, Quincy A Tirrell, Nashua, NH; Charles W Murch, Thomas Dearborn, Manchester, NH; Fred W Field, Quincy; Jos B Kitteridge [Joseph B Kitteridge], John Cochran, Stoneham; Wm Lewis [William Lewis], Chelsea; John Eagan, Roxbury; Jason P Chamberlain, Charles P Stevens, Henry Hurlbert, Doct A W Van Alstein, Worcester; Pardon R Leland, Eleazer Leland, Marius M Elliott, Rodney Pattee, Grafton, NH; Geo B Sturgess [George B Sturgess], Portland; Alfred Tufts, Aaron E Imesten, Malden; Rufus Ball, Thomas Atwood, Ths Wood [Thomas Wood], Jas A Young [James A Young], Abington, Me; Jacob Hersey, of —; Leander Thomas, of Cabotville; Jas M Thomas [James M Thomas], Danl Bickford [Daniel Bickford], Geo E Lugirder [George E Lugirder], Adam E Stetson, Geo E Burns [George E Burns], and Tolman French, of East Bridgewater; Dennison Kimball, of Grafton; Sewall M Stone, of Rutland, Leonard Patch, Leander C Patch, and A Edward Putney, of Worcester; Elias Shaw, of Portland; Jas Homer [James Homer], Jas Winslow [James Winslow], Stephen B Sanford, Richd K Ham [Richard K Ham], Francis D Moore, Thos B Wayson [Thomas B Wayson], Jona Adams [Jonas Adams?], Chas H Currier [Charles H Currier], Albert Perine, Chas B Wilkins [Charles B Wilkins], and George W Garey, of Lawrence; Jno Steel [John Steel], of East Cambridge; Hy Otman [Henry Otman], Lewis F Baker and P Chas Sohneider [P Charles Sohneider], of Roxbury; Wm Taylor [William Taylor], of Provincetown; Jas E Young [James E Young], of Nashua; Saml Briggs [Samuel Briggs], of Smithfield, RI; Amos E Arnold, of Bristol, Vt; Justice D Chapman, of Ware House Point, Ct; A J Chase, of Stoneham; G Ladd, of Danvers; Robt H Osgood [Robert H Osgood], of New York; Lewis W Goodall, Otis W Gove and Theophilus H Lovering, of Manchester, NH; J M Carnes, of Provincetown N B.–195.

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January 26, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Almena, for San Francisco, Messrs Harrison W Latham, Wm W Munroe [William W Munroe], Geo W Forristall [George W Forristall], Augustus G Richardson, Kimball Hill, C Francis Bates and Chas French [Charles French], of Boston; Cyrus T Whitter, of Chelsea, Joshua Harrington, of Brighton; Benj Hale [Benjamin Hale], of Salem; Cornelius B Houghton, Francis H Eastman, Anderson Holman, Geo Wolcott [George Wolcott], Joseph O Derby, Jno C Garfield [John C Garfield], Jno H Tweed [John H Tweed] and Elijah S Darling, of Waltham; Ephraim Eldridge, Jno C Lincoln [John C Lincoln], Wm C Downs [William C Downs], Chas C Lawrence [Charles C Lawrence] and Geo Nye [George Nye], of Falmouth; Hiram Windsor, of Duxbury; Joseph Story, of Essex; Geo S Kinna [George S Kinna], of Lynn; Gideon H Crocker, of Barnstable; Philander Edwards, of Leicester; Edw C Fogg [Edward C Fogg], of Braintree–29. 

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“In the Mary Wilder, for San Francisco, Messrs Stephen Bresby, Jno Bryant [John Bryant], J W Bricknell, Joseph Hager, M.D., G L Bunker, L Bugbee, Jno C Lord [John C Lord], Nathan Flanders, – Beck, Benj Nichols [Benjamin Nichols], and Saml R Bamson [Samuel R Bamson], of Boston; and 38 others.” 

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January 27, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Pharsalia, for San Francisco, Messrs L L Bullock, Jas Ganley [James Ganley], J C Hammond, Thos Bradley [Thomas Bradley], Wm H Noyes [William H Notes], Henry Reed, Chas S Dorr [Charles S Dorr], Nelson Wentworth, F A Freeman, Wm G Phelps [William G Phelps], E R Coburn, Chas P Staples [Charles P Staples], Benj Trefethen Jr [Benjamin Trefethen Jr], J C Derby, Alex M'Clure [Alex McClure], Chas W M'Clure [Charles W McClure], Geo Cox [George Cox], Franklin Olds, Hy F Beckwith [Henry F Beckwith], J Q M'Kenzie [J Q McKenzie], L W Hanson, Hy W Flint [Henry W Flint], G Gilbert, S B Norris, Edw G Fowle [Edward G Fowle], Wm T Kennedy [William T Kennedy], Calvin Corey, J C Crowninshield, E W Calet, M S Messenger, O H Perry, Alonzo Cidley, J A Reidell, J Pfoff, C F Loring, W G Kettell, C P Crowninshield, S B Daggett, Jas Littlefield [James Littlefield], Emmons R Stockwell, E C Rogers, A R Wallace, Rogers Kieley, S W Craigue, Hy L Whiton [Henry L Whiton], Lyman Russell, A G Whiton, C H Macomber, Lewis Webster, Jas Duff [James Duff], Francis Duff, Geo W Crann [George W Crann], Geo H Crann [George H Crann], Joseph Putnam, A H Pettes, Albert Williams, G B Coffin, Jno L Lahr [John L Lahr], Willis Colson, S B Emerson, Jno Glidden [John Glidden], R W Glidden, Wm Haynes [William Haynes], F A Stone, Saml Cowing [Samuel Cowing], Richd Brown [Richard Brown], Jno Eaton [John Eaton], Abel Crane, Saml Strong [Samuel Strong] and Peter Jenks, of Boston; Wyman D Osborn, B F Pike, Danl P Horton [Daniel P Horton], of South Boston; J F Simonds, J M Nelson, and Benj Haynes Jr [Benjamin Haynes Jr], of Charlestown; Wm Barstow [William Barstow] (surgeon) and Amos Sweetser, of Roxbury; Chas D Griggs [Charles D Griggs], of Brighton; Thos W Bailey [Thomas W Bailey], of Scituate; M B Lucas, of Dorchester; Jno Chamberlain [John Chamberlain], of Quincy; H E Dudley and Wm Fowle [William Fowle], of Lawrence; Robt Younger [Robert Younger], of Lynn; and 69 others.” 

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January 29, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Trescott, sailed from Mystic, for California, on 24th, Messrs Hubbell Talcott, of Boston; Thos Gates [Thomas Gates] and Chas [Charles], of Worcester.

“In the Tahmaroo, from New York, for San Francisco, Messrs Oliver J Davis, David A Pray, Chas Fernald [Charles Fernald], Geo C Luddington [George C Luddington], B F Hall, and – Marshall, of Boston.”

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January 30, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Hopewell, from Warren, RI for San Francisco, Messrs Wanton Briggs Jr, Lucius Briggs, Jeremiah W Brown, Edw Smith [Edward Smith], Sayles Brown, and Henry Harris, of Scituate; and 99 others.” 

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February 1, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the pilot boat Wm G Hackstaff, from New York for San Francisco, Mr Jno E Oliver [John E Oliver], of Malden, Mass.”

February 2, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Drummond, for San Francisco–Messrs Joseph A Whitmarsh, F E Baldwin, E A Kendall, J R Carr, L Cleaves, Humphrey Jameson, Hiram W Colver, Amasa Bryant, Edwin Faxon, Jno Gregory Jr [John Gregory Jr], J W Gay, Thos Emery [Thomas Emery], A Sigournay and Leonard G Rowell, of Boston; Hiram Cummings and Henry Soule, of Duxbury; S W Grush, of Beverly; Geo A Hall [George A Hall], of Roxbury; Francis S Frost, of West Cambridge; Albert Merriam, of East Cambridge; A O Lindsay, J Lindsay, Stephen A Stimpson, Rich'd G French [Richard G French], Geo J Lindsay [George J Lindsay] and Chas T Mallett [Charles T Mallett], of Charlestown; Albert Cook, of Somerville; Jno B White [John B White], of Jamaica Plain; P L Buss, of Springfield; W H Tupper, Jno Holman [John Holman], Sam'l N Fuller [Samuel N Fuller], H M Adams and Merriam Bruwer, of Wilbraham; Enoch Burnett, Jr of Belchertown; D C Smith, of Sandbornton, NH; Jno Hancock [John Hancock], of Bath, NH; G W Colby of Wilmot, NH; Jas Gibbens [James Gibbens], of Barton, Vt; R C M Boynson and F Z Boynson, of Weathersfield; E B Kellogg, of Norwich, Vt; Hy Hancock [Henry Hancock], Geo C Cargall [George C Cargall], Henrick Cummings and Joseph C Trescott, of Wells River; H E Gates, of Canada West.” 

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February 5, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Leonore, for San Francisco–Messrs S B Wetherell, Chas Main [Charles Main], Francis Childs, Thos Pike [Thomas Pike], J N Gale, Geo W Josselyn [George W Josselyn], Jas P Crockett [James P Crockett], W Lewis, J C Morse, T Whitmarsh, Francis E Archbald, J B Stickney, Christopher Rymes, H R Chandler, Parker H Pierce Jr, Jabez Hatch, Geo W Jameson [George W Jameson], Eugene R Fiske, Saml H Whitmarsh [Samuel H Whitmarsh], Rufus Brackett, Chas F Hussey [Charles F Hussey], Geo W Tyler [George W Tyler], Danl Lombard Jr [Daniel Lombard Jr], Harrison Hilton, M L Capen, George Emerson, Saml Newell [Samuel Newell], Royal Oliver Jr, J A Le Cain, P Keenan, Jno A Clark [John A Clark], Hezekiah Roberts, Galen Poole Jr, Joshua Mott Jr, Geo A Putnam [George A Putnam], Jas M'Intyre [James McIntyre], M Le Bozquet and C W Smith, of Boston; Andrew S Leavitt and Geo M Davis [George M Davis], of Cambridgeport; Joshua Atwood and Wm Robbins [William Robbins], of Cambridge; Jas L Harvey [James L Harvey], of East Cambridge; N D Pond, R Howes, Sullivan Bigelow, Hiram C Mayers, J P Jones, A P Chenery and Joshua Mulley, of Charlestown; Thos S Jones [Thomas S Jones], of Somerville; N T Cutler, of Dorchester; Wm F Barker [William F Barker], Asa Wilson Jr, Romeo E Stall, Chas B Kingman [Charles B Kingman] and Geo W Kent [George W Kent], of Newton; Jno Carter [John Carter], of Lynn; Geo W Torr [George W Torr], of Danvers; Wm F Jones [William F Jones], of Salem; Hy H Flagg [Henry H Flagg], Stillman A Porter and Jas M Gilman [James M Gilman], of Woburn; D D Gunnison, of Chicopee; Carmel C Perry, of Milbury; Chas Morrison [Charles Morrison], of Bradford; Chas Plammer [Charles Plammer], Jesse Sawyer and Edw B Morse [Edward B Morse], of Haverhill, Mass; Wm R Cady [William R Cady], Danl L Libbey [Daniel L Libbey] and Albert A Dyar, of Lowell; Amos Weed and E W Morse, of Amesbury; Atkins Dyar, of Provincetown; Augustus Caldwell, of Newburyport; Jno J Simmons [John J Simmons], of Springfield; Chas P Trumball [Charles P Trumball], of Worcester; Wm Jackson [William Jackson] and T S Leonard, of Saxonville; Henry H Hyde Jr, of Framingham, Mass; S S Mann, of Randolph; Hy S Waterman [Henry S Waterman], of Brookfield; Jas O Frost [James O Frost] and Daniel Hinckley, of Bangor, Me; Herman H Greene, (master of the ship) of Hopkinton, NH; Eben D Wilcomb, of Littleton, NH; Jas M Bancroft [James M Bancroft], of Haverhill, NH; N D Fairbanks, of Claremont, NH; Geo H Smith [George H Smith], of Fishersville, NH; Thos R Tripp [Thomas R Tripp], Alpheus W Randall and J W Patterson, of Providence, RI; Wm B Tyler [William B Tyler], of Montpelier, Vt; B B Billings and Levi M Slack, of Plymouth, Vt; Chas Chandler [Charles Chandler], of Strafford, Vt; Robt Bunting [Robert Bunting], of New York; George W Sawyer, of Danvers, Mass; E W Barber, of Cranston, RI–100.

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“In the Rochelle, for San Francisco, Dr Granville G Hayden, Messrs Geo F Beck [George F Beck], H B Evans, Jno S Loveland [John S Loveland], M H Wood, Geo F Brown [George F Brown], Geo F Williams [George F Williams], Jno Ferguson [John Ferguson], J B Reed, Ransom Ward, Jno Lynch [John Lynch] and Danl E Hasselbom [Daniel E Hasselbom], of Boston; Chas A Greeley [Charles A Greeley] and Jno Allen [John Allen], of Nashua, NH; Wm F – [William F –], of Cambridge; Thos Ryan [Thomas Ryan], of Lawrence; Sterne Putnam, of Lancaster; Jonas Thaxter and Leonard A Stone, of Watertown; Danl P Bates [Daniel P Bates], of Plymouth; Israel S Matthews (of the Bromfield House) of Troy, NY; Isaac B Taft and Chas E Taft [Charles E Taft], of Hartford, Vt; Jas Carll [James Carll], J B Carll, Elbridge G Bemis, Danl Y Bailey [Daniel Y Bailey], Dustin Burett, Luke Doe, Jno M Abbott [John M Abbott], Nehemiah G Dyer, Danl W Currier [Daniel W Currier], Asa M Knox, Robt Heneage [Robert Heneage], Edw Quigley [Edward Quigley] and Jas Carroll [James Carroll], of Lowell, Chas E Currier [Charles E Currier], B L Morrill and B Burnham, of Amesbury; Wm Churchill [William Churchill], Josiah Byram, David Gurney and Jno T Pratt [John T Pratt], of East Bridgewater; Jas P Pellow [James P Pellow], of Portland; Geo W Briggs [George W Briggs], of Bath; Matthew G Williams, of Newton –46.

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February 8, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Acadian, for San Francisco, Wm H Mitchell [William H Mitchell], A Barker, Chas Hutchins [Charles Hutchins], Alex J Mitchell, Benj Barker [Benjamin Barker], E Blake, Hy R Taylor [Henry R Taylor], Jacob Rhoades and L Brown Jr, of Boston; W H Hebard, of North Bridgewater; Caleb E White, of East Randoph; Danl P Holbrook [Daniel P Holbrook] and A Davis Adams, of Roxbury; Wm B Carlyle [William B Carlyle], of Lowell –14.

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“In the Anne, from Bristol, RI for San Francisco, John H Comer and Geo W Blanchard [George W Blanchard], Esqs, of Boston.”

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“In the Robert Browne, sailed from New York, the 6th for San Francisco, Messrs Albert Webb, of Roxbury, Mass; Geo Abbott [George Abbott] and Benj Abbott [Benjamin Abbott], of Springfield, Mass; and 167 others.”

February 9, 1849 (Friday)

“In the brig Randolph, under the title of the “Shawmut and California Trading and Mining Company”, Messrs Andrew Watkins, Geo W Wallace [George W Wallace], Thos Le Moyne [Thomas Le Moyne], Geo F Kent [George F Kent], C C Hayden, Wm Bishop [William Bishop], A P Chapman, Wm Cantelow [William Cantelow], Joseph B Dilloway, Lyman P Marden, Chas E Dodd [Charles E Dodd], Chas A Dickason [Charles A Dickason], Thos A Roberts [Thomas A Roberts] and Isaac M'Claman [Isaac McClaman], of Boston; Wm Slater [William Slater] and Wm H Taber [William H Taber], of East Boston; Wm K Blanchard [William K Blanchard] and Jas V Sullivan [James V Sullivan], of Chelsea; David B Kelsey, Jno G Bradbury [John G Bradbury], Edwin B Stiles, Chas Stearns [Charles Stearns] and Daniel P Wise, of Malden; M D Plummer, of Dorchester; Thos Stearns [Thomas Stearns], of Sudbury; Rufus P Wyman, of Woburn; R L Lock, D Hazelton, and Ammi P Dennison, of Lowell; Francis Stebbins, of West Springfield; Harrison Eastman, of Concord, NH; Jeremiah Whitmore, of Alexandria, NH; Jno Whitmore [John Whitmore], of Hebron, NH –33.”

“In the Emily Bourne, from New Bedford for San Francisco, Mr Robt B Almy [Robert B Almy], of Boston.”

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“In the Tremont, from New Bedford for San Francisco, Messrs Geo A Simmons Jr [ George A Simmons Jr] and Caleb F Ruggles, of Roxbury; Jno E Western [John E Western], of Lynn.”

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February 10, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Duxbury, for San Francisco–Mr and Mrs Kinney, Messrs Jas W M'Donald [James W McDonald], Michael Gallagher, Wm M Leod [William M Leod] and Robt K Maltby [Robert K Maltby], of Roxbury; Rev B Brierly, Messrs Hy Leland [Henry Leland], J A Merriam, and A J Kimball, of Grafton, Mass; Dr Burdell and Mr Gardner B Worden, of New York; Col T J Bowler, Messrs J M Clark, Thos P Bartlett [Thomas P Bartlett], Andrew Morris, Danl Howard Jr [Daniel Howard Jr], L Crosby, O B Stanley, Jno A Clark [John A Clark], Saml Fenby [Samuel Fenby], and Geo W Coates [George W Coates], of Lynn; Jno Town [John Town], Jno Dowling [John Dowling], Stephen M Keith, Jas M White [James M White], R C Bacon, Kilean Reiser, Otis F Smith, Christian Reiser, Chas Skillings [Charles Skillings], Saml Kendrick [Samuel Kendrick], Francis L Sargent, C A Upton, Hy Way [Henry Way], Wm E B Andrews [William E B Andrews], Jno Critcherson Jr [John Critcherson Jr] and Chas A Bernard [Chas A Bernard], of Boston; Lot Wheelwright, of South Boston; Wm H DeCosta [William H DeCosta], Rich'd Clements [Richard Clements], Nathl E Howe [Nathaniel E Howe], Albert Marshall, Edw D Shed [Edward D Shed], Chas Bailey [Charles Bailey], H P C Loring, F C Loring, Joseph P Lunt, Moses Heath and G W Pennell, of Charlestown; Wm Stewart [William Stewart], of Cambridge; Joshua J Wentworth, of Cambridgeport, Waston B Hastings, Daniel R Kenney, Chas Litchfield [Charles Litchfield], Isaac Miller, Isaac Underwood Jr, A Sidney Smith and S C Moore, of East Cambridge; Danl M'Neil [Daniel McNeil] of West Cambridge; Wm Munroe [William Munroe] and Thos Cooper [Thomas Cooper], of Dorchester; S R Trevitt, of Brookline; Eyra Leavitt Jr, Joseph Hudson, and Nathan Hudson, of Hingham; Thos Hayes [Thomas Hayes], of Beverly; Wm Gardiner [William Gardiner], J Adams and S F Weeks, of Salem; Jonathan Ogden, of Watertown; Jno Brierly [John Brierly], of Amesbury Mills; Lorenzo Mansfield, of Saugus; James M Moor, of Lawrence; William Harper, of South Braintree; Wm M Carr [William M Carr] and Charles G Carr, of West Newbury; Henry Engelbrecht, John Schrewrs, Frederick Ruwe and Henry Glade, of Plymouth; Daniel M Pierce, S Colson, Thomas H Colby and M T Moore, of Lowell; Jno S Burns [John S Burns], of Ashland; Geo W Rand [George W Rand], of Littleton; A A Wood, of Holden; Jno N Fraser [John N Fraser], of Portland; Valentine Nutter, Jeremiah York, Horace Mansur, Gilman Vickery, Wm Vickery [William Vickery], Jacob Remick, H R French, Chas Dunn [Charles Dunn] and Cyrus Dunn, of Dover, NH; Geo Bolton [George Bolton], of Manchester, NH; H S Loveland, of Concord, NH; R B Thomas, of Portsmouth, NH; C F Putnam, of Walpole, NH; Stephen P Whipple, of Cumberland, RI–103.”

“In the Lanerk, for San Francisco, Rev T R Hawley, Messrs Elijah Darling, MD, (ship's surgeon), Ellis Roby, Edw F Woodbury [Edward F Woodbury], Stephen Otis, David Severy, Wm H Farnham [William H Farnham], Wm W Miller [William W Miller], Galen K Watkins, Thos Bradford [Thomas Bradford], Hugh Waters, Geo W Bolan [George W Bolan], Chas Bolan [Charles Bolan], Wm E Daniels [William E Daniels], Wm Tileston [William Tileston], Wm Gaskell [William Gaskell], Jno Watson [John Watson], S H Morse, Harris Morse, H L Lawrence, Sargent Whitcher, Jas R Foster [James R Foster], Thos B Locke [Thomas B Locke], Henry Tinkham, Philetas Wilkinson, Geo Daniels [George Daniels], Geo Baxter, [George Baxter] H A Tileston, Edw Miller [Edward Miller], J Parker, David R Widman, Geo Baxter [George Baxter], Levi M Wilkinson, Stephen B Judkins, Leonard Jarvis, John G Nute, Augustus P Spaulding, J W H Parker, Ivory M'Donald [Ivory McDonald], Jas D Bullock [James D Bullock], Dudley Hubbard, Rich'd H Rice [Richard H Rice], Chas J Darling [Charles J Darling], Asael G Allen, Sylvester E Kimball, Arthur F Randall, Josiah Merriam, Andrew W Randall, – Campbell, Chas Peirce [Charles Peirce], Wm B Morgan [William B Morgan], Chas E Lang [Charles E Lang], Wm D Rice [William D Rice], Jno S T Whitney [John S T Whitney] and Jno E Rice [John E Rice], of Boston; Jno Reed [John Reed], F P Henley, Jno R Davis [John R Davis], Hy Pratt Jr [Henry Pratt Jr], Augustus Reed, Jno G Ricker [John G Ricker], Jno Downing [John Downing], Jno Reed Jr [John Reed Jr], Taley Freeman, Chas Haines [Charles Haines], Florance Driscoll, Geo Pratt [George Pratt], Marshall M Ripley, David Peirce, Frank Bishop, Reuben Morton, Jno Downey Jr [John Downey Jr], Thos Cracklin [Thomas Cracklin], Wm Boynton [William Boynton], J C Holden, Jno W Moore [John W Moore], Geo W Hall [George W Hall], Wm Prize [William Prize], Edwin A Moore, Wm C Wallace [William C Wallace], Peter Cook, Geo Adams [George Adams], Solomon S Rowe, Thos Erskins [Thomas Erskins], Jas A Liltson [James A Liltson] and Saml Wheelwright [Samuel Wheelwright], of Roxbury; Joseph Sloane, Ezra S Hebbard, Geo B Pray [George B Pray], Walter Baker, Nathl Hebbart [Nathaniel Hebbart], Jno Sias [JohnSias], Jno C Edwards [John C Edwards], Joseph C Robinson, Jas Blanchard [James Blanchard], Henry Pope, Lemuel S Blackman, Wm A Peirce [William A Peirce], Jno S Durgin [John S Durgin], Benj Jacobs [Benjamin Jacobs], Chas C Moore [Charles C Moore], Geo A Hebbard [George A Hebbard], Wm W Brummell [William W Brummell], Henry Beckwith, Wm G Howard [William G Howard], Eben A Tufts, Edwin P Worster, Marcellus Huntoon, Peter Lane, – Beals and John Huntoon, of Dorchester; Chas Todd [Charles Todd], Chas G Clark [Charles G Clark], Wm H Barry [William H Barry], Benj H Maloon [Benjamin H Maloon] and Jno Caswell [John Caswell], of Lynn; Jas H Langley [James H Langley], of Salem–117.”

February 12, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Col Tayloe, for California, Messrs Benj B Gore [Benjamin B Gore], Lucius M Wilder, R M Stephenson and A D Carpenter, of Boston; C Upham, of Chelsea; David Driver, Joseph P Nourse, Gilbert T Hawes and Ebenezer S Webber, of Beverly; Geo P Weeks [George P Weeks], of Lynn; E G Woodside, Thos Wallis [Thomas Wallis], Hy Atwood [Henry Atwood], H Bacon, Chas Spaulding [Charles Spaulding].”

(See also

February 13, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the sch John Allyne, from New Bedford, for San Francisco, Mr William Bruce, of Boston.”

February 14, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the barque Velasco, for San Francisco, (Narragansett Mining and Trading Company)–Messrs Wm Roberts [William Roberts], of South Scituate, RI, (President), Hy A Cleveland [Henry A Cleveland], (Vice President) Chas J Richardson [Charles J Richardson], Cyrus G Cooke, Wm Innes [William Innes] (Secretary), Danl A Jenks [Daniel A Jenks], Wm H Johnson [William H Johnson], Jno T Young [John T Young], Jas Smith [James Smith], Allen Reynolds, Ebenezer Baker, Edw Train [Edward Train], Spencer B Mowry, Freeman Winn, Ezra Baker, Orrin Baker, Elisha W Bucklin (Treasurer), Thos M'Cormick [Thomas McCormick], Nathl Baxter [Nathaniel Baxter], Hiram Carter, Leonard B Read, Jno Horton [John Horton], Geo Humes [George Humes], Davis Perry, Hiram Perry, Wm P Bonney [William P Bonney], Thos Saunders [Thomas Saunders], Sias G Pierce, Harvey Bowen, Saml Graham [Samuel Graham], Hy B Cushman [Henry B Cushman], Wm H Chase [William H Chase], Abraham Sears, Wm Hathaway [William Hathaway] and Jas M'Carty [James McCarty], of Pawtucket; Jno Read [John Read], Levi A Maxey, Obadiah Arnold, Jas D Page [James D Page],  Leander P Burt, Paul Dexter, Abraham Fletcher, Nelson Chace, Jonathan Lambert, Jeremiah A Reynolds, Asa A Andrews, Chas J Randall [Charles J Randall], Fredk E Fish [Frederick E Fish], Jno Atkinson [John Atkinson], Wm L Shephard [William L Shephard], Alfred Messinger, Elisha Brown, Hy G Williams [Henry G Williams], of Providence; Shirley A Ellsbree, of Valley Falls; Geo W Sayles [George W Sayles], Lewis Fales, Francis Rett, Wm Kelly [William Kelly], of Blackstone; Nathl Shephardson [Nathaniel Shephardson], of Hopkinton; Robt Taft [Robert Taft], of East Greenwich; Jas G Cady [James G Cady], of Glocester, RI; Luther W Fisher and Orrin Perrin, of Thompson, Conn; Laban C Wade, Winsor A Mowry, Hy M Arnold [Henry M Arnold], of Woonsocket, RI; Nelson B Jenks, of Smithfield, RI; Wm H Allen [William H Allen], Horace Austin, Lucius Nurse, Saml N Leonard [Samuel N Leonard], Jno M Burgess [John M Burgess] and Thos Read [Thomas Read], of Central Falls; Allen Taylor, of Olneyville; Sanford T Capron, of Lonsdale; Leonard Walker of Seekonk, Mass; Francis E Pierce, of Rehoboth; Wm P Parsons [William P Parsons], of Fairfax, Vt; Benj Smith [Benjamin Smith], of Johnston, RI; Herbert A Ide, Christopher E Skinner, of Attleboro, Mass; Welcome Whipple, of Cumberland, RI–82. The officers of the vessel also form a part of the company.”

(See also

“In the Eudorus, from Frankfort for San Francisco, Messrs G W Dunbar and Wm H Dunbar [William H Dunbar], of Boston.”

(See also

“In the Cameo, from New York for San Francisco, Mr Abel R Nevers, of New York, formerly of Boston.”

(See also

February 17, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Audley Clark, from Newport for California, Mr Wm A Coggeshall [William A Coggeshall]; and 69 others.”

(See also

February 19, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Paragon, from Gloucester for San Francisco, Messrs Geo Grover [George Grover], Arthur Cain and Jason Williams, of G [Gloucester]; A Low, of Essex; Wm H Holliday [William H Holliday], of Boston.”

(See also

February 22, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the sch John W Herbert, for Corpus Christi and California, (Essex Mining and Trading Company), Wm C Waters [William C Waters], (President), Thos Brooks [Thomas Brooks], (Vice President), Benj S Grush [Benjamin S Grush], (Treasurer), Joseph Hale, (Secretary), Warren Prince, E M Chipman and Wm Warner [William Warner], (Directors), David E Parker, Wm E Cox [William E Cox], Henry Danforth, Jere Horton [Jeremiah Horton?], David C Huntoon, Michael Dominick, Galen Dresser, Lewis E Taylor, Greenleaf P Merriam, Robt McCloy [Robert McCloy], Jas Hewes Jr [James Hewes Jr], Geo W Copeland [George W Copeland], Allen A Newhall, Gideon Low, Wm Allen Symonds [William Allen Symonds], Joseph G Nelson, Jonathan Blaney Jr, Henry Fowler and Isaac Kelsey, cook and steward. The following persons accompany the expedition:–Messrs Chas Robinson [Charles Robinson], Geo Foster [George Foster], Jno C Walton [John C Walton], Joseph McGaffy, Chas F Boyden [Charles F Boyden], Stephen Jones and Geo C Todd [George C Todd].”

(See also

“In the Anne, from Bristol, RI for San Francisco, Mr G W Noyes, of Charlestown, Mass.”

(See also

February 23, 1849 (Friday)

“In the St Mary, from New York for San Francisco, J V Newman, MD, and Messrs Ezra Dorr, of West Stockbridge, Mass; Geo M Gibson [George M Gibson], of Great Barrington, Mass; H H Hayes, of Bangor, Me.”

(See also

February 26, 1849 (Monday)

“In the barque Orb, for Honolulu and California, (North Western Association), –Messrs Saml Dunn [Samuel Dunn], Chas Fredk Adams Jr [Charles Frederick Adams Jr], W Watson Davis, Francis Foster, Horatio P Willis, Chas A Downes [Charles A Downes], Newell Adams, Fredk E Bliss [Frederick E Bliss], Wilson Whittier, Caleb S Fay, Thos E Dorr [Thomas E Dorr] and Oren Dolbier, of Boston; Jas L Chaplin [James L Chaplin] and Nathan P Rice, of Cambridge; Wm H Moores [William H Moores], of Charlestown; Alonzo Kinsley, of Canton; Richd Wilkinson [Richard Wilkinson], of Beverly; Chas A Denny [Charles A Denny], of Westborough; Thos W Everett [Thomes W Everett], of Boston; Dr Fredk Heywood [Dr Frederick Heywood], of Worcester; Dr Wm J Henderson [Dr William J Henderson], of Philadelphia–21.”

(See also

February 28, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Regulus, for San Francisco, (the Bunker Hill Trading and Mining Company)– Messrs Jno A Broback [John A Broback], Albert S Southworth, Chas C Phillips [Charles C Phillips], A R Kelley, Wm H Quigley [William H Quigley], Gideon C Wardwell, Albert F Hawes, Chas H Lewis [Charles H Lewis], Ebenezer M Sparks, Wm Fish [William Fish], Jas H Tase [James H Tase], J H Bufford, Solomon Stoddard, Jno C Smith [John C Smith], Samuel G Everett, Miles Sweeney, Chas M Drew [Charles M Drew], Isaac Brooks, Melvin Mathews, Francis P Knight, Geo H Hayden [George H Hayden], A B Weaver, Benj S Wright [Benjamin S Wright], Levi R French, Luke Bicknell, Jas H Howard [James H Howard], Chas W Richardson [Charles W Richardson], S D Leavitt, Chas H Melcher [Charles H Melcher], Wm Stewart [William Stewart], Wm B Kendall [William B Kendall], – Gillis and Amasa F Bryant, of Boston; Danl S Cobb [Daniel S Cobb], Wm Stanley [William Stanley] and Joseph H Tombs, of South Boston; Abbott Robinson, Jas G Smith [James G Smith], Marshall Howe, J M Andrews, Jerome Foster and Danl Lewis [Daniel Lewis], of Pawlet, Vt; Nathan Lynde Jr, of Charlestown, Mass; Danl Bradford [Daniel Bradford]; of Duxbury; Joseph Barrell, of Eastport, Me; Chas H Hayden [Charles H Hayden], of Pembroke, Me; Chas L Smith [Charles L Smith], Wm Stillwell [William Stillwell], Thos Southworth [Thomas Southworth], Geo W Slade [George W Slade] and Lemuel P Fiske, of Fall River; Wm A Brown [William A Brown], Fredk A Waldron [Frederick A Waldron], Wm A Bowen [William A Bowen], Stephen Batty and Danl Usher [Daniel Usher], of Providence, RI; Wm Brown [William Brown], of Albion Village, RI; Jno T Thurston [John T Thurston], Gardiner S Hall and Edwin Lee, of North Providence, RI; Jno W Martin [John W Martin], of Woonsocket, RI; Cyrus Libbey and Wm F Oxnard [William F Oxnard], of Portland, Me; Alfred Flanders, G H Beckman, Edw A Sawyer [Edward A Sawyer], Jno C Currier [John C Currier], Jacob Allen and John Johnson, of Amesbury; Jno D Carleton [John D Carleton ], W F Ellenwood, Chas Burlingham [Charles Burlingham] and Jas Walker [James Walker], of Woburn; Jno W Berri [John W Berri], Weymouth; Murphy and Warren Lane, of Portsmouth, NH; Wm M Parker [William M Parker] and William B Worthley, of Manchester, NH; Benj Osgood [Benjamin Osgood], Ephraim Brown and Thos Williams [Thomas Williams], of Salisbury; Ezra L Pettengill, of Perry, Me; Hy Snow [Henry Snow], of Hampden, Me; Edwin M Clark, of Oak Dale, Mass; Franklin Felloes, of West Roscawen; Hy Tibbets [Henry Tibbets], of Hamilton; Stephen Clapp, Wm Clapp [William Clapp] and Franklin B Hawes, of Dorchester; Alpheus Woodbury, Thos W Sargent [Thomas W Sargent], Jas Clark Jr [James Clark Jr] and Chas Langford [Charles Langford], of Gloucester; Jas L Smith [James L Smith], of Swampscot, Mass; Patrick Kirwin, of New Bedford; E F Hazelton and Chas Lilley [Charles Lilley], of Lowell; Chas A Warner [Charles A Warner], of Granby; Thos B Bradford [Thomas B Bradford], of Kingston; Chas E Bryant [Charles E Bryant], of Plympton; Jno A Cox [John A Cox, of Malden; Geo E Capron [George E Capron], of Worcester; Geo Robbins [George Robbins], of Newfame, Vt; Hiram B Beals, of East Stoughton; Wm H Beals [William H Beals], of Stoughton; Jason L Howe and Lucius Hawthorn 2d, of Springfield; Jno P Brown [John P Brown], of Reading, Vt; Chas Allen [Charles Allen] and Lafayette Hawes, of West Boylston; Edw L Valentine [Edward L Valentine], of Ashland; Leland Howe, of Townsend,  Vt; Jarvis Jewett, of St Johnsbury, Vt; Jno D Shafter [John D Shafter], of Athens, Vt; Amos E Rogers and Amos C Rogers, of Danbury, Vt; C W Phelps, of East Ruport, Vt; Geo W Wilson [George W Wilson], of Cavendish, Vt; Zachariah Brainard, of Windsor, Vt; Jonathan Moore and Joel Clemons, of Wells, Me; Abraham I Gould, Jr, of Andover, Mass; Winslow L Fish and Dr Moses Hill, of Manchester, Mass–124.”

(See also

March 1, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the schooner Edwin, for Chagres, (and thence overland to San Francisco), the “Boston and Newburyport Company” –Messrs Bard Plummer, Albert W Goodwin and Wm W Huse [William H Huse], (Directors) of — —; Samuel E Allen, (Treasurer) and Jno S Scott [John S Scott], (Secretary) of Boston; G P Tebbett, (Physician) and H W Adams, (Surgeon) of Gilmantown, NH; Joseph Mansfield and Jas Wentworth [James Wentworth], of Boston; Francis A Sadler, of Salem; Moses Brown, of Salisbury, Mass; Levi Goodwin, Chas E Huse [Charles E Huse], Wm W Henville [William W Henville] and C J Buffum, of — —. The following gentlemen accompany the expedition: –Jas Davis [James Davis], Levi Howard, John Howard, Wm Watson [William Watson] and Saml Frost [Samuel Frost], of Boston; Horace Dunlap, Jas Borden [James Borden] and Hy Jameson [Henry Jameson], of Salem; Arthur Branger, of Watertown; Wm Kidder [William Kidder], Jno M Moore [John M Moore] and Richd M Thompson [Richard M Thompson], of Newburyport; Edw M Moore [Edward M Moore] and T D Sanger, of Lowell; B G Frost, of Sandwich, NH; C Sanborn and H T Lyford, of Barnstead; J J Eastman, of Pittsfield, NH.”

(See also

“In the St Mary, from New York, for San Francisco, Messrs C H Haynes and Wm H Farnham [William H Farnham], of Bangor, Me.”

March 2, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Sweden, sailed yesterday, for San Francisco–


(See also

“In the Thames, sailed yesterday, for Chagres–Messrs Jas T Olmstead [James T Olmstead], I H Gardner and Hy Augustus Webber [Henry Augustus Webber], of Boston; W L Wilbur, A T Bolkcom, Jno Belcher [John Belcher], Jas Hastings [James Hastings] and Josiah Johnson, of East Boston; Chas S Jenkins [Charles S Jenkins], of Barre, Mass; Jno A Morrill [John A Morrill], Isaac S Parker and Danl Choate [Daniel Choate], of Cambridgeport; Phineas Davis, of Cambridge; Jas Sprague [James Sprague] and Jesse H Sprague, of South Weymouth; Jos Brown Jr [Joseph Brown Jr], of Petersham; Edw B M'Intyre [Edward B McIntyre], of Lancaster, NH; Benj S Gilman [Benjamin S Gilman], of Bangor; A D Smith, Jas W Crossman [James W Crossman], Philip Briggs, Caleb B Hall, Wm B Congdon [William B Congdon], Albert Johnson, A H Wilson, Saml Eldridge [Samuel Eldridge] and D W C Gaskill, of Clarendon, Vt. Also, the following, residence unknown–Messrs B A Dudley, C H Hall, Jacob Marshall, Saml D Loud [Samuel D Loud], Stephen H Chadbourne, Alfred Titcomb and Ichabod Titcomb–34.”

(See also

March 3, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the steamship Northerner, from New York for Chagres, Messrs P A Brinsmade, R J Stevens, and others.”

(See also

March 5, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Edward Fletcher, for California, Messrs Jno Turner [John Turner], Chas F Shattuck [Charles F Shattuck], Chas H Valentine [Charles H Valentine], Wm Hayden [William Hayden], Kimball Hayden, John A Carroll, John E Carroll, John B Nutter, Thos Hill [Thomas Hill], J H Baldwin, Wm H Ormsbee [William H Ormsbee], Benj Atwill [Benjamin Atwill], Jno Gault [John Gault], George Tirrell, Saml H Jones [Samuel H Jones], Wm Gavett [William Gavett], Josiah O Standish, Charles B Kilton, John Bayran, Benjamin F Reed, David Dunlap, George D Fiske, Henry M Smith, Zibra Briggs, Samuel B Canterbury, Thos W Ingalls [Thomas W Ingalls], Edwin F Farwell, Ansel Bisse, Edmund A George, George B Bradford, of Boston–50.”

(See also

March 6, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Charlotte, for San Francisco–Messrs Geo H Green [George H Green], Peter Marsh, Jos R Connell [Joseph R Connell], Geo W Lewis [George W Lewis], Geo W Parseley [George W Parseley], Stephen S Keane, S R Godfrey, Geo Danforth [George Danforth], Geo W Bowker [George W Bowker], Milton Wasson, Thomas Barry, Chas B Grant [Charles B Grant], M Manning Bridsail, Saml Darton [Samuel Darton], Thos Corey [Thomas Corey], Jno Green [John Green], N P Roberts, Jas Ritchie [James Ritchie], Jas Miller [James Miller], Joel C Warrren, Rufus S Kittredge, Peter O Corey, Wm Luley [William Luley], Nathl C Woodman [Nathaniel C Woodman], Jno H Williams [John H Williams], H C Manson and Geo L Murdock [George L Murdock], of Boston; Geo W Janvrin [George W Janvrin], Lafayette Chapman, Harrison Sanborn, Benj C Wattles [Benjamin C Wattles], Warren H Derby, Augustus S Tyrrell and Wm Wixwell [William Wixwell], of Exeter, NH; S C Lewis, of Pittsfield, Asa R Read, Edwin A Rich, Edwin H Tarbox, W H Bissell, Saml E Colyer [Samuel E Colyer], Thos Stevenson [Thomas Stevenson], Wm Blaney [William Blaney], Geo H Sprague [George H Sprague], Robt B Walsh [Robert B Walsh] and Jno Dyer [John Dyer], of Lynn; Stephen D Blanchard, of Brookline; Edwin Stanley, of Danvers; Chas Whitton [Charles Whitton], W H Homer and A Wellington, of Cambridgeport; Jas P Hobart [James P Hobart], David Warren, Chas B Ames [Charles B Ames], Langley B Lewis, Fredk Quinlaw [Frederick Quinlaw], Job Richardson and Robt Peppard [Robert Peppard], of Charlestown; Newton R Benedict, of Providence; Jos L Brown [Joseph L Brown], W H Erskine, Greenleaf W Woods, Eugene Wright, Albion K Perry, Edw M Smith [Edward M Smith], Robt Parsons [Robert Parsons], Orlando Gale, Jno Gale [John Gale], Stephen Sargent, Freeman Marshall, Franklin Walker, Martin L Whitney, Jas Fansons [James Fansons], Wm Morgan [William Morgan], Jno P H Wentworth [John P H Wentworth], Josiah B French Jr, of Lowell; Geo H Fessenden [George H Fessenden], of West Cambridge; Noah L Thomas, of South Weymouth, Mass; Mathew Skilton, of Charlestown; Geo Lamson [George Lamson], of Chelsea; Joseph Hartwell, of Salem;  Jas Bolton [James Bolton] and George Bolton, of Manchester; Wm K Lambert [William K Lambert], of Rowley; David D Veazey, of Upton; S D Jones, of East Bridgewater; Jeremiah Perkins, of York, Me; Thos Dixon [Thomas Dixon], of Barre; Edw D Hitchens [Edward D Hitchens], of Saugus; Jos B Benedict [Joseph B Benedict], of Pawtucket; Benj Darling [Benjamin Darling] and Isaac H Harris, of Cambridge; Danl M'Gowan [Daniel McGowan] and Geo Jones [George Jones], of South Boston; Geo W Currier [George W Currier], of Meredith, NH; E R Fisk and P Parker Jr, of Roxbury; Hy S Soule [Henry S Soule], of Freeport, Me; Horace Bucklin, of Swanzey, NH; J B Sturtevant, of Hartford, Vt; S Adams and J W Haskell, of Portland; Warden Paine, of New Bedford; Lewis E Gore and H Weymouth, of Kensington, NH; Jos Lochary [Joseph Lochary], of St Andrews; C W Jaques, of Somerville; Joseph Getchell, of Derby, NH; E H Bowan and Hy Livermore [Henry Livermore], of Fitchburg; P K Rooney, of Albany; F S Stratton, of Waltham; Alfred Stedman and Jos I Fuller [Joseph I Fuller], of Newton; Martin J Thurston, of Providence; Jas Butler [James Butler], H Kingsley, J B Kingsley and Edw W Gibson [Edward W Gibson], residence unknown; Dr F M'Lellan [Dr F McLellan], of Boston. Also, the Boston and California Gold Company, viz:–Messrs Saml P Poor [Samuel P Poor], Nathl A Doane [Nathaniel A Doane] and Wells Smith of Beverly; E H Brown, of Lynn; Geo Tapley [George Tapley], Geo K Whitehouse [George K Whitehouse] and Chas Perkins [Charles Perkins], of Roxbury; Chas O'Neil [Charles O'Neil], of Boston; W H Carpenter, of Worcester–128.”

(See also

March 8, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Sea Eagle, for California (Middlesex Company)–Messrs Jno Dodge 2d [John Dodge 2d], Jno A Eaton [John A Eaton], Joseph H Morrison, Allen L Shaw, Horace F Farrington, Seth Simmons Jr, Fredk D Stimpson [Frederick D Stimpson], Hy H Wheeler [Henry H Wheeler], Geo B Smith [George B Smith], Joseph Hicks, Hy Colston [Henry Colston], Thos W Williams [Thomas W Williams], Peter Ward, Joshua Hughes, Richard Brown, Chas W Symons [Charles W Symons] and Thos H Williams [Thomas H Williams], of Boston; Amos Fillebrown, of Cambridge; Luther Lock, Geo H Mayhew [Geo H Mayhew] and Benedict Anthone, of Charlestown; Saml F Ireland [Samuel F Ireland], Geo A Locke [George A Locke] and Jona F Locke [Jonas F Locke?], of Somerville; Wm W Draper [William W Draper], of Roxbury; Danl G Corliss [Daniel G Corliss], Edw C Corliss [Edward C Corliss] and Simon B Corliss, of Quincy; Thos Haskell [Thomas Haskell], of Milton; Jno Leish [John Leish], Jas M Baldwin [James M Baldwin], Wm Baldwin [William Baldwin], Geo Fuller [George Fuller], Jona Taylor [Jonas Taylor?], Nathl Ward [Nathaniel Ward], Geo Holliday [George Holliday], and Saml Harris [Samuel Harris], of Malden; Richd G Wait [Richard G Wait], of Dedham; Jotham Salsbury and Alex W Salsbury, of Weymouth; Elisha Hanners, Geo W Johnson [George W Johnson] and Asa Frizell, of Walpole; Lucius E Buckman, N W Bickford and Greely Merrill, of Stoneham; Hy Bancroft [Henry Bancroft] and Darius Wellington, of Reading; Benj K Bancroft [Benjamin K Bancroft]; Jas H Burnham [James H Burnham], Hiram H Doten, Geo Cox [George Cox], and Jacob Townsend Jr, of South Reading; Saml F Lurvey [Samuel F Lurvey], S P Carpenter and Marvel Parker, of Milford; Philip Bailey and Caleb Hathaway, of New Bedford; A S Crowell, Loren D Flanders, Eli B Parker, Geo L Rollins [George L Rollins] and Alvin G Johnson, of Lowell; Seth S Hurd, of Brewster, Mass; Joshua Littlefield, of Somerville; Hy E Holland [Henry E Holland], of Walpole, NH; E A Bailey, and Saml Robbe [Samuel Robbe], of Acworth, NH; Edw S Poole [Edward S Poole], of Portland, Me; Edmund Burke of Andover, Ill.”

(See also

March 9, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Peerless, from New York, for Corpus Christi, and then overland to San Francisco–Messrs E T Brooks and J B Christy, of Boston; Wm Hobbs [William Hobbs] and Stephen N Nichols, of Charlestown; E K Baxter and L B Brooks, of Cambridge; N R Blaney, Jno Chapman [John Chapman], A Cragin, R L Snow, Peter Doliber, Jno W Glover [John W Glover], Benj Wormstead [Benjamin Wormstead] and Wm Thorner [William Thorner], of Marblehead; Jas Christy [James Christy], of Waterbury, Vt.”

(See also

March 12, 1849 (Monday)

“In the schooner Harriet Neal, for Chagres, (Massasoit Mining and Trading Association) Dr Alanson Abbe, President, Boston, Mass; J B Judkins, Secretary, Boston; George F Weare, Cambridge; Edward Wilder, Boston; Benj F Shepard [Benjamin F Shepard], Wilmot, NH; D W Stearns, Ware, Mass; A W Gould, Roxbury; Directors; A T Dunbar, L L Baker, Edward H Sanderson, C J Baldwin, L T Tyler, L P Brown, E B Thaxter, J F Lathrop, Chas P Dunn [Charles P Dunn], Ira C Roat, A D Slater, H B May, G W Rey, S Peters, of Boston; Chas M Holbrook [Charles M Holbrook], Watertown; S C Loring, Braintree; Wm S Hanscomb [William S Hanscomb], China, Me; Iretus Goodell, Lower Waterford, Me; R Parcher, Morristown, Vt; H W Carter, Waterbury, Vt; J S Buswell, East Kingston, NH; Capt Osgood, of Maine; L Story, A B Story, Concord, NH. Total 32.”

(See also

March 16, 1849 (Friday)

“In the steamship Crescent City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Jas White Stevens Jr [James White Stevens Jr] and J Edwin S Stearns, of Somerville, Mass.”

(See also

March 19, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Lagrange, from Salem for San Francisco, Capt Nathl Osgood [Nathanial Osgood] and Messrs Rich'd H Austin [Richard H Austin], of Salem; Augustus Elliott, W T Putnam, Addison Ware, and Wm H Souther [William H Souther], of Boston; and abt 54 others.”

(See also

March 27, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Samoset, from New York for California, Mr J D Arther, Capt Hall and wife, of Boston.”

(See also

“In the Mayflower, from New Bedford for San Francisco, Messrs Geo Pierce [George Pierce], of Boston; D K Ritchie, of Needham; Joseph Huse, of Newburyport; and 37 others.”

March 29, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Obed Mitchell, from New Bedford for San Francisco–the members of the Kennebec Trading and Mining Company, viz:–G L Cox, of Pittston, master; Edw B Hunt [Edward B Hunt], of Boston, 1st mate; Fred'k Wells [Frederick Wells], of Pittston, 2d mate; Chas E Taylor [Charles E Taylor], Director; Wm H Clark [William H Clark], of Hallowell, Secretary; C M N Cooper, of Pittston, Treasurer; B F Pollard and J S Brayton, of Hallowell; Robt Hall [Robert Hall], of Newcastle Mills; J J Jarvis, B F Stone, Jno Warren [John Warren], Jno H Kimball [John H Kimball] and Miss Caroline Barnard, of Gardiner, Me; Messrs Lewis Gowell, of Litchfield, Me; David P Bodfish and lady, of Fairfield, Me; W A Cooper, Amos W Cutts, Hy M Bullen [Henry M Bullen] and J F Citner, of Pittston; Chas Robbins [Charles Robbins], Jno Seaward [John Seaward] and Edw Prescott [Edward Prescott], of South Vassalboro, Me; E L Lothrop and Rowland A Gilmore, of South Leeds, Me; Albert Turner, of Whitefield, Me; Jas A Rigly [James A Rigly], of Oldtown, Me; Artemas Rigly, E P Treat, and Wm H Ramsdell [William H Ramsdell], of Orono, Me; Hy L Francis [Henry L Francis], David Woodward, and Josiah Wedgwood, of Bangor; Wm H Cox [William H Cox] and Wm T Cox [William T Cox], of New Bedford; Hy M Whitney [Henry M Whitney] and Jas Hyde [James Hyde], of Boston; Jas Thompson [James Thompson], of ——, Me; Chas H Craig [Charles H Craig], of Readfield, Me; Jno Murphy [John Murphy], Chas Morrill [Charles Morrill], S S Wentworth, Joseph Shepherd, Benj Givings [Benjamin Givings], Jno R Richards [John R Richards], Wm Crockett [William Crockett], Chas H Russell [Charles H Russell] and Arthur Thing, of ——, Me; Chas Rider [Charles Rider], of Rhode Island; Richard Penderghast, Saml Tucker [Samuel Tucker], Chas Williams [Charles Williams], and Geo S Mattherson [George S Mattherson ].”

(See also

March 30, 1849 (Friday)

“In the barque Rising Sun, from New York for San Francisco–Capt E B Hooper, of Salem, Mass; Messrs Christopher Gill, of Boston; F A Thompson, F A Sampson and A D W Sampson, of Dedham; and 77 others.”

(See also

April 2, 1849 (Monday)

“In the York, for San Francisco–Messrs Jno W Cartwright [John W Cartwright], C John Hall, J H Barnes, C W Smith, F W Whittemore, Chas H Hubbard [Charles H Hubbard], Alfred Wheelwright, N H Piper, Nathl Welles [Nathaniel Welles], Ed M Dennie, Geo W Minor [George W Minor], S E Teschemacher, Wm H Thayer [William H Thayer], Thos R Campbell [Thomas R Campbell], I B Thompson, J W Cartwright Jr, Adoma L Melvin and Robt R Lear [Robert R Lear], of Boston; Geo N Cheever [George N Cheever], (master of the ship) of Salem; Geo Drew [George Drew], Enoch Soule and E Wadsworth, of Duxbury; Joseph Trumbull, of Worcester; Wm H Barrett [William H Barrett] and Ferdinand C Ewer, of Nantucket; Arthur O Gay, of Hingham; Jno Colby [John Colby], of Lowell; John A Spooner, of Plymouth; Jno Cheever [John Cheever], of Saugus; Sydney Ainsworth, of Barnstable; R H Hooper, I Littlefield and H T Burr, of Charlestown; Theo Bassett [Theodore Bassett], of New Bedford; Clement Small, of East Boston; I M Williams and Geo Bailey [George Bailey], of Wiscasset; F B Clark, of Wells, Me; C A Swift, of Monmouth, Me.–39.”

“In the Canonicus, for San Francisco via Valparaiso, the El Dorado Association–John S Martin, of Castine, master of the vessel; Christopher Godfrey, of Providence, first officer; Andrew Wessinthall of Boston, second officer; – Judkins of Roxbury, 3d officer; Leml Lyon [Lemuel Lyon] of Roxbury, President; W C Perkins, of Roxbury, Vice President; Francis D Craft, of Roxbury, Nathanial L Howard, of Boston, and A W Carleton, of Methuen, Directors; Charles H Davis, of Roxbury, Secretary; F B French, Edwin A Kent, B Schlesinger, G H B Devoll, Frederick A Snow, D W Neal, Henry Bense, Edward H Tileston, Edw Prescott Jr [Edward Prescott Jr], Edmund F Woodward, of Boston; Nathaniel Kimball, Gilman I Davis, Roxbury; E F Emerson, of Stoneham; Chas E Hill [Charles E Hill], Portsmouth, NH; Thos Marsh [Thomas Marsh], Andover; John S Osgood, Chelsea; Chas W Collins [Charles W Collins], Ezekiel Doane, Eastham; John S Farrington, Claremont; Jacob Amee, John G Ames, of Cambridge; Wm A Gilman [William A Gilman], Thos Barker [Thomas Barker], (physican), Bangor; Joseph H Emery, John R Larrabee, Augusta, Me; E Edmands, Corinth, Me; Warren Woodward, Edward N Woodward, Taunton; H W Birckhead, Shoreham, Vt; Edw Levine [Edward Levine], Heber N Tilden, Montpelier; Seth K Harwood, Athol; John D Wilson, Lowell; Champlin Lyon, Ashford, Conn; John D Clark, Augustus Eastman, Erastus Foss, Salem; Elias K Jewett, Lexington; Wm Cogswell [William Cogswell], Plainfield, Conn. Also as passengers, Chas M Atherton [Chas M Atherton], Castine; Robert Dunlap, Alexander Carson, Chauncey Gould and A C Stewart, Boston; C R Wyman, Melrose; Wm Jones [William Jones] and R L Camden, of —, 57.”

(See also

“In the Taranto, for San Francisco, Capt C Saunders, (the Shawmut Mining and Trading Association), A Borier, President, South Boston; Wm A Legg [William A Legg], Vice President, Boston; Z S Booth, Surgeon, Derby, Ct; R M Waldron, C E Small, D H Rice, J F Cloutman, W F Somerby, J Shaw, L Shaw, H M Underwood, G Kercher, J S Gould, W Hancock, B F Griggs, J Fletcher, J Gordon, F Sumner, H C Stowell, H Shaw, G S Gould, J Gould, Boston; P Jones, East Boston; C S Flagg, T T Bartlett, Roxbury; H W Chafer, S Bowen, Oxford; P Larkin, Holliston; A Warren, Mansfield; G P Rust, Gloucester; J Koskin, E Brown, G Lewis, F MaGuire, Lowell; E West, Belfast; F W Robinson, Portland; N Watrues, Windsor, Vt; S B Blanchard, Springfield; C Burlingame, Brighton; W A Wilcutt, D W Poor, Danvers; L Downs, Manchester, NH; H Thomas, Needham; S Dickerman, G Ward, Nashua; W G Rider, Albion, Me; W Morrison, Salem; J S Willoughby, Nashua; G W Sager, Lynn; A J Tuck, J C Bullins, and B Swazey, Chicopee; M King, East Cambridge; Z Cushman, Kingston; J C Currell, Charlestown; S Jameson, Nashua; W Bumstead, Chicopee; C H Hill, Dedham; J H Barbour, Portland; S S Weston, Goffstown, NH.”

(See also

“In the Emma Isadora, for San Francisco–Messrs Stephen Cusick, Jno P Fletcher [John P Fletcher], Lorenzo Giles, Wm Atkin [William Atkin], J H Wilkinson, Andrew Riley and Danl Francis [Daniel Francis], of Boston; Truman Flower, of East Boston; Lewis Sage and Augustus R Coburn, of Cambridge; Joseph Green, Ephraim Sawyer, Stephen A Hall, Ephraim Roberts and Chas H Hall [Charles H Hall], of Chelsea; Geo F Culbertson [George F Culbertson], of Charlestown; Hosea G Pitman and Francis E Ruggles, of Dorchester; Adam Elliot and Wm Pray [William Pray], of Milton; Fred'k Sanderson [Frederick Sanderson] and Levi F Sanderson, of Newton; Danl B Newhall [Daniel B Newhall] and Wm C Stone [William C Stone], of Lynn; Josiah Watson, of Woburn; Alfred M Whitney and Jas Shepherd Jr [James Shepherd Jr], of Worcester; Austin E Nichols, of Holden, Mass; Geo E Moore [George E Moore] and Reuben Shaw, of Palmer, Mass; Jas Mitchell [James Mitchell], of Leominster, Mass; I G Kittridge and Oscar Burbank, of Lowell; Jas H Whiting [James H Whiting], of Southbridge; Jno Sturgis [John Sturgis], of Holmes Hole; Fred'k A Brightman [Frederick A Brightman], of Fall River; A Henry Stevens, of Portland, Me; Benjamin Flagg, of Topsham, Me; Hiram W Emery, of Castine, Me; Aaron Winslow, Syvanus Judkins, Philo Chamberlain, Edw A Dunlap [Edward A Dunlap] and Danl Kendrick [Daniel Kendrick], of Brunswick, Me; Christopher Atwood, Jno Staples [John Staples] and C F Weeks, of Providence, RI; Joseph Wilson and Derson Wilson, of Keene, NH; Calvin Smith, of New Boston, Conn –50.”

(See also

April 3, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Planet, for San Francisco–(the South Shore and California Joint Stock Mining and Trading Company)– Capt Hy Pratt [Henry Pratt], President; Messrs Jno H Baker [John H Baker], Vice President; Hy S Bates [Henry S Bates], Secretary, all of Cohasset; Clark Cutting and Artemas Thorndike, of Cohasset; Geo Adams [George Adams] and Geo Stoddard [George Stoddard], of Hingham, Directors; Jas Bates [James Bates], C Augustus Cousens, Zealous Bates, Chas Bourne [Charles Bourne], Frederick A Bates, Joseph Briggs Jr, Manuel King, Geo S Smith [George S Smith], Geo W Stoddard [George W Stoddard], Otis Barnes, Isaac Pratt, Aquila R T Hilvern and Elijah Marble, of Cohasset; Geo Bradford [George Bradford], Chas Curtis [Charles Curtis] and Israel Vinal, of Scituate; Geo Jacobs [George Jacobs], David P Eldridge and Saml B Barstow [Samuel B Barstow], of Hingham; Ezekiel Morse, of East Boston; Prescott Whitcomb, Jas R Hall [James R Hall] and Harvey Hunt, of Boston; Lot Stoddard, of Cohasset, cook and steward–31.”

(See also

April 4, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Elizabeth, from Salem for San Francisco, Mr L P Whitman, of Boston; and others.”

April 6, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Areatus, for San Fransisco–(Bay State and California Mining and Trading Company)–Messrs James P Trask, Enoch Berry, Jas A Godfrey [James A Godfrey], Jas M Hiller [James M Hiller], Geo L Smith [George L Smith], J P Donnavan, Jas Hickman [James Hickman], Wm Hall [William Hall], Geo W Park [George W Park], Saml Gibson [Samuel Gibson], Joseph W Pratt, Wm H Rand [William H Rand], Geo W Harris [George W Harris], Hy W Bowen [Henry W Bowen] and Wm Chesley [William Chesley], of Boston; Geo A Hayes [George A Hayes], of East Boston; Wm H Hatch [William H Hatch], Benj Ripley [Benjamin Ripley], Jas Woolley [James Woolley], Jas W Welton [James W Welton], Edw Pease, [Edward Pease] Philip Short and Jno Gardner [John Gardner], of Lynn; Robt M'Leod [Robert McLeod], of Cambridgeport; Chas R Richardson [Charles R Richardson] and Jno Billings [John Billings], of Cambridge; Robt B Hall [Robert B Hall], of East Greenwich, RI; Otis Putney, Enos Nickerson, Jos Crowell [Joseph Crowell], W W Boober and Leonard Hadley, of Valley Falls, RI; E J Westcott, Andrew Conlin, Lyman Marcy, and Wm H Tourtelott [William H Tourtelott], of Woonsocket, RI; Comfort Searle and Nathl Cherry [Nathaniel Cherry], of Coventry, RI; Wm Maury [William Maury], of Providence, RI; Wm H Wilson [William H Wilson], of Little Falls, NY; Danl W Luther [Daniel W Luther], of Smithfield, RI; Wm H Sawyer [William H Sawyer], Nicholas Brown, Ellis Willis, Saml Garfield [Samuel Garfield], S S Bacon and H Hunt, of Sudbury; Geo P Wilson [George P Wilson], Derby M Gerry, Archibald Waugh, G L Winslow, J B Davis, E S Colley, J O Townsend, Jas Leonard [James Leonard], Wm H Hagar [William H Hagar], Chas Snow [Charles Snow], Luther J Phelps and Frederick Prince, of Lowell; Theodore S Lindsey, Bostwick Gilbert, Ezra Gilbert and Ezra K Hatchers, of W Brookfield; Noah H Carwell, of Winchendon; Jas P Nash [James P Nash], of New York; Chas Campbell [Charles Campbell] and Eli W Grover; of Worcester; Jas Morgan [James Morgan], of Concord, NH; Ira G Pinch of Chatham; E G Wallace, of Berwick; Jeremiah Tarbox and Jonathan West, of Westborough; Thos O Poor [Thomas O Poor] and Lewis Proder, of Lawrence; Jas C Goodwin [James C Goodwin], of South Berwick, Me; Bradford Stetson, of North Bridgewater; Merrill S Bean, of Dorchester; Danl Plummer [Daniel Plummer], of Newburyport; Chas T Lyons [Charles T Lyons], of Cloeraine; Calvin J Foss, of Saco; Marshall M Blood, Jno M'Gee [John McGee] and Horace Wilson, of Andover; Franklin Hadley, Wm Reed [William Reed], Chas H Sargent [Charles H Sargent], Alvin Bixby and Thos Stewart [Thomas Stewart], of North Andover; Ezra L Smith, of New Boston; Chas Beckwith [Charles Beckwith], of Saratoga, NY; S N Holbrook, of Onondaga, NY; Jas R Bean [James R Bean], of Rochester; H G M'Nally [H G McNally], of Taunton; Elias Fisher and S Rand, of Milton; Albion C Gay, of Foxborough; Jno H Stanley [John H Stanley], of Attleborough; Jas O Draper [James O Draper], of Norton; H J Day and Jas H Kingman [James H Kingman], of Marshfield; Chas B Underhill [Charles B Underhill], of Chester, NY; Saml Hillyar [Samuel Hillyar], of Warren, Mass; Hosea Booth, of Claremont, NH; Jas O Whiting [James O Whiting] and Merrill S Symonds, of Rindge, NH; Thos A H Johnson [Thomas A H Johnson], of Walpole, NH; Paul Oberly, of Durham; Simeon Chase, of Chicopee, Mass; Otis H Smith, C H Chapman, Lewis T Maloon, J W Fowle and Benj S Smith [Benjamin S Smith], of Newmarket, NH; Levi Bigelow and John Campbell Jr, of Fitzwilliam; Moses Gould, Benj Warren [Benjamin Warren], and Geo Willard [George Willard], of Nashua, NH; Andrew Tompkins, of New Bedford, Geo A Howe [George A Howe], of Leominster; A S Mellen, of Medford; Alfred Bailey, of Cambridge; Sydney C Clark, of Keene, NH; Benj Austin [Benjamin Austin], of Cumberland; Jno H Hantley [John H Hantley], of Brookfield; Simeon Chase, of Chicopee; Richd A Sayles [Richard A Sayles] and Wm Hyer [William Hyer], of Mansfield; Robt F Crowell [Robert F Crowell], of Ware; Alonzo Hill, of Spencer; Geo Dreury [George Dreury], of New Braintree; Jerome W Bigelow, of “Charter”; Jos Hutchins Jr [Joseph Hutchins Jr], of Barnstable; Franklin A Wood, of Wayland; Francis Wright, of Hanover, NH; S G Jones, of West Topsham; Joshua W Copeland, of Foxborough, H G Kelley, of Brookline–139.”

(See also

April 13, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Memnon, sailed 11th, from New York for San Francisco, Mrs Joseph R Gordon, of Boston; and others.”

(See also

April 17, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Frances Ann, for San Francisco–Howlett H Hazen, Joshua Bates, Theodore Harris, John K Wellington, of Boston; John Haskins, Peter Haskins, of Waltham; E S Pepper, of Salem; Stephen Putnam, Mrs Stephen Putnam and two children, of Danvers; Thos Snow 3d [Thomas Snow 3d], Lot Peach, Thos Meek [Thomas Meek], of Marblehead; Jos L Hosley [Joseph L Hosley], John Haggerty, of Plymouth; Wm Collamore [William Collamore], of Barre, Mass; Wm Hall [William Hall], of Halifax, Mass; Parish Badger, of Norwich, Vt; Francis O'Donough, of Ireland–20.”

(See also

April 19, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Azalia, from New York for Chagres, the New York Mint Drop Mining Association–Dr J P Wheeler, President; Dr J A Reed, Secretary; S Rowland, Treasurer; T Sanburn, E Brown, E L Wheeler, W H Seaman, H R Perry, C H Cole, of Rindge, NH; S Cobb, of Boston; Wm M Tolman [William M Tolman], of Winchendon, Mass; F W Scovill, of Walpole, NH; C Robertson, W Griffin, of Calais, Me; C S Thorp, H S Burr, M Sweetser, J Sinclair, O G Fleming, S S Edsall, L G Gones, W Pratt, S Aken, J Lidenheart, A Henry, A Martin, W W Spaulding, W Davis, of Hallowell; F Pickering. Total 40.”

April 24, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the steamship Unicorn, from New York for Valparaiso, Mr C T Ward, of Boston. For San Francisco, R L Putnam, of Maine; S Osborn, A Andrews, W Haywood and J Perry, of Massachusetts; O R Howes and E C Jenney, of Rochester, Mass; and others.”

(See also

April 25, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Susan & Abigail, for San Francisco &c, Mr Stephen B Elwell, of Boston.”

(See also

May 2, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the New Jersey, for San Francisco–Mr and Mrs J C Pelton, of Andover; Mr and Mrs H Bryant, of Boston; D M Shepherd and servant, M Shepherd, of Salem; F Faxon, of Quincy; F Dingley, Rev C A Farley, of Boston; J Ross, S S Eaton, B J Beal, M B Lucas, A Spear, A Mellow, D Taylor and A Linn.

Members of the Suffolk and California Mutual Trading and Mining Association–Beresford Boynton, of Boston, President; Wm H Hardy [William H Hardy], of Contocookville, NH, Vice President; R C Marsh, Jesse Morrill, of Boston, Safford Towers, of Richmond, Vt, Edmund Cardell, of Warren, Vt, Jno Patch [John Patch], of Ipswich, and F C Hanson, of Lynn, Directors; J Coffin, of Newburyport, Secretary; Rev Barlow Dyer, of Contocookville, Chaplain; Dr C Gibbs, of Wareham, Physician; R P Boss, of Charlestown, captain; Wm Snow [William Snow], of Charlestown, mate; A S Crocker, of Sandwich, 2d mate; Robt Griggs [Robert Griggs], Franklin Jones, Jno T Buntin [John T Buntin], H M Wadsworth, Asa Walcott, L H Colburn, C F Cheney, J C Heath, H C Lea, E J Mann and H O Byram, of Boston; G G Trull, of Watertown; Ransom Tuft, Olney Dodge, of Slaterville; Austin Thompson, A G Hastings, Timothy Chillis, D L Page, and Joshua Sargent, of Contocookville; L Spaulding, of East Lexington; G B Lawrence, Chas Blood [Charles Blood] and S P Wood, of Groton; W Hooper Sheldon, of Gardiner, Me; C Griner, C F Walcott, G F Rogers and W H Hill, of Watertown; G A Bailey and T R Bailey, of Waltham; H Fernald and C Richardson, of Cambridge; C T Stumoke, J M Ginn and Joseph Mears, of Charlestown; Wm H H Hall [William H H Hall], C Hewlett, J D Smith, J C Gleason and J L Foster, of Warren, Vt; C A Stevens, of E Abington; C E Blood, of Groton; L Morse, of Warren, Vt; J B Grant, of Salem; J Plympton of Jamaica Plains; B G Folsom of Gifford, NH; G H Webster of Roxbury; Jackson Reed of Newport, NH; Lewis Morrill of Pembroke, NH; R Gove, G N Scott, Albert Keith, of Uxbridge; James Taft; Jonah Williams of Plymouth; John Ayres of Chelsea; G N Fiske of Bedford; H Wheeler, Jos Reilly [Joseph Reilly], Watertown; — Driver, of Lynn; J R Cole of Beverly; John McDonald, Z W Smith, of Richmond, Vt; D L Swain of Chichester; J B James of Smithfield, RI: W E Crowell, Jona Crowell [Jonas Crowell?] of Newport, NH; Lemuel Neal of Athol; J A Southworth of Duxbury; T Dyer of Portland; W W Reed of Danvers; J C Alden of Leeds, Me; T J Weeks, Wayne, Me; G P Morrill, Robt Hooton [Robert Hooton], Augustus Reed, T P Merrill, W R Merrill, R Merrill Jr, J H W Merrill, L G Merrill, N H Pike, L F Merrill, Hanson Merrill, J Weed, J H Depeaux, L F Tarbett, W S Bartlett, J E Kitts, D H Morrill, G W Hobby, O W Brandenberg, J Shadd, J L Fiske, J Hunnewell, P Clowry, J A Meyer, W French, F Winn, Thos Emery [Thomas Emery], Dr Thomas Welsh, of Boston; R W Knox, Geo Bickford [George Bickford], C G Evans, of Epsom, NH; Danl Choate [Daniel Choate], Portland; J S Williams, Jos Dunn [Joseph Dunn], East Abington; R R Woodbury, Pembroke, NH; J C Bemis, Cold Brook; John Fiske, Bedford; G W Atkinson, D P Ring, Maine; R H Goddard, Litchfield, Me; Royal Boston, Dorchester; John Hogan, L Gilson, Lynn; C Tappan, Manchester; E B Leach, Loverman Buel, B A Goldsmith, Charlestown; W F Sibley, Keene, NH; M Rehfish, Montreal; C C Parsons, Manchester, Mass; A R Richardson, Lynn; C M Kemp, Dunstable; — Frost; W H Bartlett, South Natick; S Whitney, Fitchburg; W E Johnson, Attleboro; J Cash; W A Melvin; Jason Richardson, Woburn; D A Mowry, Burrillville, RI; A Dennison, Lowell; B Haley, W J Bryan, South Boston; A Burke, Hallowell; Alphonso Benson, Worcester; B F Cross, S S Green, Medford; S Libbey, J Besom, J Hasty, John Adams, Sewall Goddard, N A Gordon, Lynn; S P Gilman, Hingham; T H Borden, Chelsea; C T Cohanit. Total 180.”

(See also

“In the Susan Jane, for San Francisco–In cabin, Messrs Saml E Cooke [Samuel E Cooke], of Harwich, RI; Jas D Southworth [James D Southworth], of Duxbury; Jno R Butler [John R Butler] and Jno Givens [John Givens], of Boston. In the steerage–Messrs Geo W Adams [George W Adams], Jno Gilbert [John Gilbert], Thos P Littlefield [Thomas P Littlefield], Patrick Matthews, Handlin J Keene, Wm H Edwards [William H Edwards] and Joseph M Davis, of Boston; Thos Murphy [Thomas Murphy], of Salem.”

May 5, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the New Jersey, for San Francisco, (additional) Mr Madison Hawes, of Boston.”

“In the Walter Scott, to sail the 7th, from Edgartown for San Francisco, Messrs Jas M'Neil [James McNeil] and Moses M'Neil [Moses McNeil], of Boston; and others.”

(See also

May 9, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Susan G Owen, from Philadelphia for San Francisco, Messrs Joel L Pike, of Boston; Wm C Kelly [William C Kelly] and Everett Webster, of Haverhill, Mass; M G Hoyt, of Grafton, NH; and others.”

(See also

May 14, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Helen Augusta, for San Francisco–(The Massachusetts Mechanic's Mining Company)– Messrs Fred'k W Myrick [Frederick W Myrick], (Captain and President), of Newburyport; A L Adams, (Vice President), of Boston; C C Dame, (Secretary), of Newburyport; Isaac Sawyer, of Amesbury, John H Conant, of Charlestown; Joshua Leavitt, of Hingham; J B Williams and D E Coleman, of Newburyport, Directors; Winslow L Knowles Jr, (1st mate), of Brewster, Mass; Jas P Hedge [James P Hedge], (2d mate), of Plymouth; Moses C White, Thos Bickerton [Thomas Bickerton], Francis B Casas, – Crossett, Wm R Mellen [William R Mellen], Prentiss Hobbs, Benj L White [Benjamin L White], Jas L Crossett [James L Crossett], – Davis, Jas H Jacobs [James H Jacobs] and Thos J Anderson [Thomas J Anderson], of Boston; Corneluis Walker Conant and Joel Simmons, of Charlestown; Alfred Bailey, of Cambridgeport; Hans K Hitchings, of Malden; Thos F M Berrey [Thomas F M Berrey], of Lawrence; H Learned, of —; Joseph Palmer, Geo Damon [George Damon] and Peter H Jacobs, of Hingham; Wm Reith [William Reith] and Isaac H Southwick, of Danvers; Joseph Northey Jr, of Scituate; Wm Ashley Jr [William Ashley Jr], Jas H Bradley [James H Bradley], Jas S Tappan [James S Tappan], Jno Caldwell Jr [John Caldwell Jr], Richard Fowler Jr, Chas A Bradley [Charles A Bradley], Geo L Mansfield [George L Mansfield], Danl W Payson [Daniel W Payson], Jere C Ackerman [Jeremiah C Ackerman?], Thos H Gould [Thomas H Gould], Jno Hurley [John Hurley] and Jas W Somerby [James W Somerby], of Newburyport; Luther D French, Hiram Collins, David M Deal, Geo Nason [George Nason] and Jas P French [James P French], of Salisbury; Chas C Kingsbury, of Amesbury; Barney Quinn, of Nashua, NH; Wm H Dunver [William H Dunver] and Marshall M Dame, of Portsmouth, NH; Joshua P Ward, of Great Falls, NH; Jno C Sawyer [John C Sawyer], of Munroe, Me; Geo Buckman [George Buckman], of Eastport; Kneeland Farnum, of Penobscot; Cirl W Thompson and Jno B Littlefield [John B Littlefield], of Prospect, Me; Thaddeus Wiswell, of East Machias. Messrs Geo W Cook [George W Cook], of Nantucket; and Henry Warden, of Salem, accompanies the expedition–Making in all 63.”

(See also

“In the Chatham, for San Francisco–(Essex Mining and Trading Company)–Edward Isnard, Joseph Isnard, George J Jeffries, John R Bradford Jr, T P Shaw Jr, Thos Cusack [Thomas Cusack], T W Freelan, John Vroom, Woodbury Locke, Geo V Knight [George V Knight] and John Prince, of Boston; David F Dodge, of Cambridge; Isaac G Hodge, Medford; Wm Coleman [William Coleman], Wm Walden [William Walden], J C Huffington, and Wm R Tibbets [William R Tibbets], Salem; John Miller, J S Phillips, F A Gregory, Benj T Graves [Benjamin T Graves], Andrew Wadison and E J Flinn, Marblehead; J R Padleford, A K Vanderwalker and M W Weston, Taunton; W V Wallace and J H Jordan, Braintree; A P Crowell, Manchester.–30.”

(See also

May 15, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Henry Ewbank, for San Francisco–Messrs A Coffin and lady, Moses Chandler, – Garland, Wm Carroll [William Carroll] and Wm D Emery [William D Emery].”

(See also

May 31, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the J Walls Jr, from New Haven for San Francisco– Josiah Sanford Jr, (master) of Topsham, Me; Nathl M Wallis [Nathaniel M Wallis], (1st mate) of Beverly, Mass; Danl Drew Jr [Daniel Drew Jr], (2d mate) of Eastport, Me; Chas H Taylor [Charles H Taylor], (1st steward) of Boston, Mass; Abel Robinson, of Chelsea, and Philip Hennessey, of Beverly, (seamen); Messrs Jno Williams [John Williams], Wm L Farley [William L Farley] and Jas Andrews [James Andrews], of Beverly; A H Glover, of Salem; Wm Libbey [William Libbey], E Cherrington, Geo Wilson [George Wilson], J H Lounden and Joseph H Mack, of Boston; E Edmonson, (physician) of North Andover, Mass; Nathl W Wallace [Nathaniel W Wallace] and Nathl M Hicks [Nathaniel M Hicks], of Massachusetts; Silas P Gammons, Danl Drew [Daniel Drew] and E H Hunting, of Maine; and 80 others.”

(See also

June 2, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Ann, for San Francisco–the Mattapan and California Trading and Mining Company–Messrs Joshua C Gafton, Wm Austin [William Austin], Matthew Stewart, Henry Peeler, Edgar Humphrey, Joseph W Rice, Wm Hooags [William Hooags], James Cheever, Thos C George [Thomas C George], Enoch Strout and Hy Hassan [Henry Hassan], of Boston; Thos Sheridan [Thomas Sheridan], of Roxbury; James Nalan, Jno Donald [John Donald] and Edw Thompson [Edward Thompson], of Malden; Saml L Smith [Samuel L Smith] and Chas Goodridge Jr [Charles Goodridge Jr], of Charlestown, Mass; Thos W Southard [Thomas W Southard], of Salem; Wm Benton [William Benton], of Gloucester; Jno Smith [John Smith], of Orleans, Mass; Jno Sweeney [John Sweeney], of Stow, Mass; Reed Welch, Jas Lowery [James Lowery] and Edw Short [Edward Short], of Lowell; Thos Winthrop [Thomas Winthrop], of Ballard Vale, Mass; Wm H Bailey [William H Bailey], of Portland, Me; Isaac F Ryan, of Saco; Jas K Gardiner [James K Gardiner] and Lorenzo Lawton, of Freetown, Me; Michael Crowley, of Rochester, NH; Jno Goodrich [John Goodrich], of Concord, NH; Dunbar Averill, of New Fain, NH; Jonathan P Lougee, of Manchester, NH; Hosea H Smith, of Deerfield, NH; Wm S Thompson [William S Thompson], of Jerico, Vt; Dr Jno May [Dr John May] and Jonathan Hopkins, of Burlington, Vt; Hy Long [Henry Long], of Fort Covington, NY–38.”

(See also

June 4, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Ann, for San Francisco, (additional) Messrs Jas C Taber [James C Taber], of Freetown, Me; Wm Allison [William Allison] and H B Thomas, seaman, of Somerville, Mass; Hy L Blake [Henry L Blake], Francis O Smith, of Boston; Fred'k E Lufkin [Frederick E Lufkin], of Concord, NH–Making in all 44.”

(See also

“In the Jacob Perkins, for San Francisco, Messrs Edw F Baker [Edward F Baker], of Roxbury, Mass; Jno Rayner [John Rayner], of South Reading, Mass; F G Fitch, of Charlestown, NH; Thomas Rogers, of Pittsfield, NY.”

(See also

June 5, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Deucalion, for San Francisco, Mrs Lane (captain's lady) Messrs Andrew Davis, of Gloucester; — Peirce, of Boston.”

June 11, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Chas J Dow, for San Francisco–Mrs Eayres and child, Messrs Jno Towle [John Towle], lady and two children, Robt I Wade [Robert I Wade], Ira E Eaton, Thomas Austin Jr, Henry Wort and G R Ramsey, of Boston; Henry W Decker, of East Boston; Capt – Pray, of Portsmouth; Messrs John N Hovey and E D White, of Hollowell; Edmund Sanderson, of Springfield; Marshall H Walker, of Lexington; – Stetson, of Damariscotta.”

(See also

June 19, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Sacramento, for San Francisco, Messrs Albert G Balch, F S Balch, J W Palmer, Danl Martin [Daniel Martin], J V Lawrence, and about 25 others–comprising the Trescott Mining and Trading Association.”

June 23, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Oxnard, for San Francisco, Rev Mr Edw P Bond [Edward P Bond], missionary, Mr Chas R Bond [Charles R Bond], of Boston; and 24 others.”

(See also

June 25, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Oxnard, for San Francisco, Rev Mr Edw P Bond [Edward P Bond], missionary, Mr Chas R Bond [Charles R Bond], W R Bailey, Zephania Haven, Geo W Crosby [George W Crosby], Caleb Whitney, Geo J Whitney [George J Whitney], Gideon Jennings and David A Elwell, of Boston; David D Mitchell and Hamilton Moses, of Cambridge; Jno Wooluver [John Wooluver], of Cambridgeport; Hugh M'Grath [Hugh McGrath] and Jas L Nutting [James L Nutting], of East Cambridge; Ezra W Brintnall, of Charlestown; Albert G Bowles, of Roxbury; Joseph E Nutting, W R Wolcott and Geo Hutchinson [George Hutchinson], of Watertown; Calvin Blood, Chas Wyman [Charles Wyman] and Ezekiel Upton, of Waltham; David G Fuller, of Concord, NH; N Dodge Jr, of Providence; Sanford Lyon and Cyrus Lyon, of Machias; Paul Prior, of California.”

(See also

June 27, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Vistula, for San Francisco, Messrs Thos Scott Harmon [Thomas Scott Harmon], G Peirce, and Nathl W Grover [Nathaniel W Grover], of Boston; Jas M Paddock [James M Paddock], Philander Paddock, Hy S Carr [Henry S Carr] and Jas F Stewart [James F Stewart], of Newburyport; Robt Fay [Robert Fay], of Lowell; M A Simpson, of Durham, NH; Arthur W Marshall, of Hampstead, NH.”

(See also

June 28, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the J Merithew, which sailed from Searsport, Me, June 23d, for California, Freeman M'Gilvery [Freeman McGilvery], master; Capt Geo Pierce [Captain George Pierce], of Castine; Messrs Jos W Boynton [Joseph W Boynton], Franklin A Rogers, Wm Savage [William Savage], Joseph Palmer, Geo A Hamblin [George A Hamblin], Jno T Webb [John T Webb] and son, Francis Garland, Wm W Hersey [William W Hersey], Albert C Weeks, Wm M Libbey [William M Libbey], Wm Farwell [Wiliam Farwell], Artemas J Egery, Wm H Ratcliff [William H Ratcliff] and J F Parker, of Bangor; Cyrus True and Isaac C Fowler, of Searsport; Jno Whitehouse [John Whitehouse], of Prospect; Geo Walker [George Walker], of Hampden; Paul Brown, of Oldtown; Wm Clarke [Wiliam Clarke], of Belfast; Joseph Worthy, of Skowhegan;  Hy Work [Henry Work], of Plymouth; I H Dwight and David Whitehouse, of Boston; C C Stubbs and Capt S Rider, of Bucksport.”

(See also

June 29, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Globe, for San Francisco, Capt J Johnson, of Boston.”

June 30, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the ship Constantine, for San Francisco, Albert Mardell, Boston; Joseph T Walker, Roxbury; Otis Soule and Henry Winsor, Duxbury; F A Tozier, Waltham; S S Manson, Scituate; Amos Chuse, Jr, New Bedford; Augustus C Moore, Wilmington, Vt; J A Hall, New Orleans.”

(See also

July 5, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the schooner San Francisco, from New York for California, Mr Chas Pierson [Charles Pierson], of Boston.”

July 12, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Patapsco, for San Francisco, Capt – Moore and wife, Messrs Saml H Dearborn [Samuel H Dearborn], Francis A Rutherford, Matthew Bridge, Jno Hutchinson [John Hutchinson], Henry Eveleth and Miss M A Coffin, of Boston; Mr – Lenox, of Bath; Capt Joseph Brown and Capt – Yates, of Bristol, Me.”

(See also

July 14, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Emily Farnham, for San Francisco–Hanington Osgood, Mary Osgood, James Timmins, Myron B Kelly, of Boston; John Tucker, Rufus Coffin, Jonas R Perkins, Mary B Tucker, of New Bedford; Thos Russell [Thomas Russell], Geo A Russell [George A Russell], Tristram P Swain, Nancy Russell, Alexander Chase, of Nantucket; Wm Paxton [William Paxton], Mary Paxton, of New York; John P Sheldon, James Jewett, of Gardiner, Me.”

(See also

July 19, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Roanoke, for California, the “Boston Marine Mining Company”– Wm N Shelley [William N Shelley], Hy Williams [Henry Williams], Wm Cole [William Cole], Geo M Josselyn [George M Josselyn], Christian Kirkoteop, Philip W Bell, Chas Hilburn [Charles Hilburn], M R Sylvester, W H V Gallup and Isaac Leonard, of Boston; Hy Haste [Henry Haste], of Charlestown; Geo Bartlett [George Bartlett], of Kingston; Russell Bourne, Jno E Sever [John E Sever], and Frederic Morton, of Plymouth; Wm B Josselyn [William B Josselyn], of Pembroke; Lawrence Pauton, of Milton; Jno E Cushing [John E Cushing], of Hanover; Hy H Barstow [Henry H Barstow], of Exeter; Phineas Pettengill and Warren Pettengill Jr, of North Londonderry, NH–21.”

July 20, 1849 (Friday)

“In the John Parker, for San Francisco, Mrs J Wheelock and daughter; Messrs Joseph W Green Jr and Wm Fries [William Fries], of Boston; Ira Comstock, of Seekonk.”

July 21, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the steamship Empire City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Jno J Sullivan [John J Sullivan] and Joseph Bluxome, of Boston.”

(See also

July 23, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Bostonian, for San Francisco, R L Hinckley, MD, of Belgrade, Me; Messrs Thos B Cushing [Thomas B Cushing] and Moses P Hubbard, of East Boston; Walter M Elliott of Exeter, NH.”

“In the Canton, for San Francisco, Messrs A J Burrill, Wm Bennett Jr [William Bennett Jr], Mellen Jellison, Albert H Bonzey, David C Jellison, Saml J Lord [Samuel J Lord], James Leighton, Horatio N Whitcomb, Albion P Bonzey, John H Joy, Albion K P Squin, and Solomon Squin, all of the United States–12.”

July 25, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Charter Oak, from New York for San Francisco, Mr T F Tillinghast, of Massachusetts; and others.”

(See also

July 26, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Helen B Fiske, for San Francisco, Messrs Albert Chapman and Isaac Bastow, of Waldoboro, Me; Nathan Simonds, of Lexington, Mass; William Hutton, of Marblehead, Mass; A W W Loveing, of Philadelphia.”

July 27, 1849 (Friday)

“In the ship Japan, for San Francisco, Messrs Timothy S Bigelow, of Boston; Elias Marble, of Maine; Thomas Montgomery, of Nantucket; Hy Thorn [Henry Thorn], of Michigan.”

“In the William Penn, for San Francisco, Messrs Jno M'Gowen [John McGowen], Isaac Cushing Jr and Levi N Lincoln, of Boston; Ensign A Nickerson, of Chatham; Dr Valle, of Germany.”

August 7, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Robert Pulstord, for San Francisco, Messrs E W Griffin, of Boston; Geo H Nelson [George H Nelson], of New York.”

August 8, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the San Francisco, from Salem, for San Francisco, the “San Francisco Company”, viz:–Thos Remmons [Thomas Remmons], Jno G Butman [John G Butman], Andrew Larcum Jr, Jas Brown [James Brown], Washington Scott, Tracy P Wales, E A Ellingwood, Josiah F Bennett, Wm Rowell [William Rowell], Chas Pickett [Charles Pickett], Benj W Foster [Benjamin W Foster], Luther Haskell, Calvin Wallis, Isaac Wallis, Danl Wallis [Daniel Wallis], Th D Davis, Geo R Cromford [George R Cromford], Joshua Carrico, Saml O Gallup [Samuel O Gallup], Edw A Perry [Edward A Perry], Benj Rogers [Benjamin Rogers], Livermore Whitredge, Isaac W Baker, Albert Perry, Chas H Perry [Charles H Perry] and Emery P Lummas, all of Beverly; Jos S Wyman [Joseph S Wyman], Jos Blake Jr [Joseph Blake Jr], Jno Knight 2d [John Knight 2d] and Jacob Webster, of Woburn; Wm Swaney [William Swaney], Jacob Barker and Wm A Perkins [William A Perkins], of Salem; Joseph W Clark, of Rowley. Also not of the company:–Geo Whitmarsh [George Whitmarsh], Wm J Dodge [William J Dodge], Edw Woodberry [Edward Woodberry] and Wm Goodridge [William Goodridge], of Beverly; Aroich Wentworth, of Dover, NH; Wm Foster [William Foster], of Boxford.”

August 9, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Grotius, for San Francisco, Mr Joseph S Leonard, of Cambridgeport.”

“In the Norfolk, for San Francisco, Ralph S Dorr, Esq, of Boston; and 14 others.”

“In the Alkmaar for California, Messrs Henry Barton, Carlos Freeman, C Chamberlain, Eugene Thomas, B F Greene.”

August 10, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Norfolk, for San Francisco, A C Henley, of Boston; G W Hewes, of Chelsea; John C Bell, Henry Stewart, Ralph S Dorr Jr and Thomas Butler, of Roxbury; H M Tremlett, of Dorchester; John Y Faxon and Alvin A Stevens, of Quincy. In the steerage, Antonio Brusone and Antonio Galeano, of Boston.”

August 17, 1849 (Friday)

“In the San Francisco, from Beverly for San Francisco, Messrs David Dodge, of Beverly; Zebulon W Davidson, David Wharff, Alex Allen, of Chelsea; Daniel J Haskell Jr, Wm Chapman [William Chapman], of Ipswich; Wm H Farnham [William H Farnham], Saml Jelly [Samuel Jelly], Chas Woodbury [Charles Woodbury], – –, of Salem; Wm Pond [William Pond], of Danvers.”

August 20, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Juno, Capt Edwin T Cook, from New Bedford for San Francisco, Messrs T J Lucas, J B Wrightington, T D Williams, P Brown, J Barker, P Groves, Z Kelley, A P Jenney, S Jenney, L Dexter, B E Bourne, M C King, S Hezar, O H Parker, H Groves, R Godfrey, J H Crittenden, J Jones, Wm H Cummings [William H Cummings], Jno A Barker [John A Barker], of New Bedford; Wm Cole Jr [William Cole Jr], of Fall River; Morton Alger, of Taunton.”

“In the schooner Two Brothers, of New Bedford, which sailed from Holmes Hole the 14th, for San Francisco, including the ship's company, Messrs E Baldwin, Wm Lambert [William Lambert], T B Norton, E Dexter, J H Holmes, E Dillingham, C Dunham and J Keane, of Holmes Hole; W H Green, of Falmouth; H Smith, of Nantucket; G W Raymond, F M Baldwin, J B Austin, and J H Loomis, of Berkshire, Mass.”

“In the steamer Empire City, from New York for California, Capt Wm W Taylor [Captain William W Taylor], Thos Warren [Thomas Warren], Wm Jeffreys [William Jeffreys], Peleg T Barker, David Sisson, Geo Smith Jr [George Smith Jr], Wm T Butts [William T Butts], of Dartmouth.”

August 21, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Mount Vernon, for San Francisco, Jesse Ames, of Manchester, NH; Wm Smith [William Smith], Edw B Baker [Edward B Baker], Anthony Baker, Veramus Aiken, Thos Hale [Thomas Hale] and Edwin Russell, of South Dartmouth, Mass; S Atwood, George Chalden, David R Angell, and Andrew Sigourney, of Boston;

August 28, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the William Penn, for California, (additional) Messrs Ebenezer Darling, of Boston; David Shepard, of Malden.”

August 29, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the schooner Mary M Wood, for California–John Wilcox, James McGray, Albert Putnam, Geo W Cole [George W Cole], James Colley, Charles H Burgess, Frank Favor, Joel Butler, Charles N Ludd, Davis S Whitney and Wm H Ranney [William H Ranney], of Boston; Joseph L McClary, of Lowell; James H Curtis, of Scituate; John Clare, of Fairhaven; Sylvester Hatch, of Lawrence; John A Sanderson and Geo R Sanderson [George R Sanderson], of Weston; Albert B Pickering, of Lynn; Thos G Bridgen [Thomas G Bridgen], of Dorchester; Jacob L Nichols, of Hingham; John Mulford, John L Mulford, Nathl E Glover [Nathaniel E Glover], Thomas Baxter, Andrew Jackson White, Geo W Russ [George W Russ], Wm Wood [William Wood] and James Edwards, of Quincy; Charles Gray, of Barnstable; Silas Crane, of Ipswich; John B Goodhue, of Salem; Nathan Pratt, of Braintree; Wm Rowe [William Rowe], Wm M Boyd [William Boyd], John Frasier and Timothy S Morrill, of Newcastle, Me; Wm L Hanscomb [William L Hanscomb] and Dr L M Willis of Elliot, Me; E P Empie, of Corning, NY–39.”

“In the Friendship from Fairhaven for San Francisco– Saml Sawyer [Samuel Sawyer], MD, and W L B Jenney, Esq, of Fairhaven. The following persons comprise the ship's company:–Wm Stott [William Stott], captain; Jno H Stackpole [John H Stackpole], 1st, and Edwin Folger, second mate; Franklin Bates, Chas E Hussey [Charles E Hussey], Jno A Macomber [John A Macomber], Alex Waggoner, Jesse Shearman, Lemuel Martin, Robt T Bisbee [Robert T Bisbee] and Joshua P Davis, of Fairhaven; Sylvanus T Nye, Wm L Davis [William L Davis], Geo F Allen [George F Allen], Wm T Ashley [William T Ashley], Hugh Morrison, Chas T Mitchell [Charles T Mitchell], Edw I Barrett [Edward I Barrett] and Fredk P Taber [Frederick P Taber], of New Bedford; Austin I Roberts, of Middleborough; Ezra T Nye, of Falmouth; Austin Andrews, of Saco, Me.”

September 1, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Wellingsley for San Francisco, Messrs John R Davis and Marcus S Von Praag, of Surinam; – Herrick, of Salem.”

September 3, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Albatross, for San Francisco–Messrs F H Bouvey, J P Russed and J Lee Jr, of Boston; Thos B Parker [Thomas B Parker], J Downes Wilson, F H Tremere and Wm H Ramsdell [William H Ramsdell], of Roxbury; Caleb Widdows and lady, of Dorchester; Aaron Hill 2d, Washington Marsh, B F Richardson, Wm B Eaton [William B Eaton], Rufus H Frost, Danl Bryant [Daniel Bryant], Jno Spuhr [John Spuhr], Eldridge Gerry, E P Prime, J F Hersam and J F Howard, of Stoneham; A K Hobson, of Milton; Stephen Hyde, of Melrose; H F Eaton, of Reading; Abraham Emerson, Jno Derby [John Derby] and L E Emerson, of South Reading; Saml Brown [Samuel Brown], of Lawrence; Geo H Merrill [George H Merrill], of Haverhill; Geo S Curson [George S Curson], of New York; Franklin W Hills, of Waterbury, Vt; Charles H Wiley, of Lake Village; George H Townsend, of Baltimore; B Loring, – Myers, of Memphis, Tenn; Geo W Maddox [George W Maddox] and Capt Morrill Marston, of Machias Port.”

September 10, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Akbar, for San Francisco, Messrs Edw P Morton [Edward P Morton] and Saml Starrett [Samuel Starrett], of Boston; Joseph W Pierce, Saml C Talbot [Samuel C Talbot], Jno B Payson [John B Payson], Horace Dewing, Nathan B Clark and Jno Paine [John Paine], of Dorchester; Jno F Babcock [John F Babcock], S Babcock and Wm C Maxfield [William C Maxfield], of New Bedford; Wm P Hiller [William P Hiller], Peter Folger, Benj F Coffin [Benjamin F Coffin] and Shuabel F Wood, of Nantucket.”

“In the Chief, for San Francisco, Mr Augustus Stearns, of Boston.”

September 11, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Carthage, for San Francisco, Messrs Francis F Emery, Francis A Houghton, John B Bates, Thomas Dembrark and Levi H Hamlin, of Boston; Chas Shultz [Charles Shultz], of –.”

September 13, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the new ship Hampton, from Bath, the 8th, for San Francisco, Messrs C W Larrabee, J B Eames and E S Curtis, of Boston; Lorenzo Dillingham and John Dowse, of East Woburn; Hiram Pierce, of Lexington; William Plympton, of Medford; and 41 others, chiefly from Kennebec River.”

September 15, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Talma, from Salem for San Francisco, Captain Cornelius Evans and son, Messrs Chas A Low [Charles A Low], Oliver D Witter, John F Scholfield, Mark Kelley, and John Lennox.”

September 18, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Empire City, from New York, on Saturday, for Chagres, James P Flint, Esq, (late of Flint & Train), of Boston.”

September 19, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Oriental, from East Machias for San Francisco, Messrs Wm H Tobey [William H Tobey], S B Wilson, H C Wilson, J Kerwine, P Murphy, G O Wilson, D T Hovey, L G Weston, P Oulligan and D Gardner, of East Machias; Wm N Boggs [William N Boggs], of Columbia; W H Reynolds, of Whitingville; R Thompson, of Machias Port. The ship's company consists of Wm C Talbot [William C Talbot], master, of East Machias; H Cleaveland, 1st officer, of Nantucket; A Boyd, 2d officer; Geo Keller [George Keller], A Munson, L Munson, G Wilson, E Tobey and G M'Quillin [G McQuillin], of East Machias; Wm Nelson [William Nelson], of New York; and P Leighton, of Columbia, seamen.”

September 20, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Harriet Rockwell, for California–(the Franklin California Mining and Trading Company) –Messrs G M Bancroft, Peter M Baldwin, Wm C Crispin [William C Crispin], C M Whelden, Wm O Saville, Chas P Fessenden [Charles P Fessenden], E E Pope, John Collier, Levi Goodwin, Chas Jackson [Charles Jackson], Chas O Oberg [Charles O Oberg], Cephas Turner Jr, Henry Soule, Joseph M Danforth, Jno H Hallowell [John H Hallowell]; Edmund G Spear, Jonathan C Pinkham and Chas F Willey [Charles F Willey], of Boston; Geo York [George York], Danl F Ward [Daniel F Ward] and Cushing Barnes, of East Boston; Wm Langley [William Lamgley], – P Kinsley, Jno D Bennett [John D Bennett], Theodore Hastings, Joseph W Hastings and F Merrifield, of Cambridge; Saml A Marshall [Samuel A Marshall], Jno H Ginter [John H Ginter] and Royal Underwood, of Charlestown; Wm Stocker [William Stocker], Geo H Mann 2d [Geo H Mann 2d] and Benj Whittier [Benjamin Whittier], of Chelsea; Isaac Barker Jr, of Somerville; Chas Tucker Jr [Charles Tucker Jr], of Milton; Geo Nichols [George Nichols], Wm Read [William Read] and Benj E Eaton [Benjamin E Eaton], of Woburn; Alden Southworth and Henry Lewis Jr, of Lynn; E X Willard and E S Willard, of Newton;  Alvan Todd and Saml S Prime [Samuel S Prime], of Rowley; Franklin Upton, J S P Wheeler and Israel S Lee, of Salem; David Saville and Saml Herrick [Samuel Herrick], of Gloucester; Asa Curtis, of Scituate; Wm Flanders [William Flanders], of New Bedford; Stephen P Sears, of Plymouth; Stephen W Fish, of Sandwich; John Shields, of Grafton; Jno M'Coy Jr [John McCoy Jr], of Lowell; Jas W Smith [James W Smith], of Abington; C O Mussey, of Lexington; Elisha Smith, of Erving; G B Dinsmore, of Northborough; Royal Smith, of Walpole; Lucius C Whiting and Geo H Mann [George H Mann], of Hanover; O W Tucker, of Shrewsbury; Geo Harrington [George Harrington], Henry Zotteman and Philander Murry, of Burlington; Wm Folsom [William Folsom], of Guilford, NH; L D Richardson, Lisbon, NH; Otis Cooper, Geo P Haven [George P Haven], D S Tinker, Richard Tinker, Josiah H Gale, Benj Stockwell [Benjamin Stockwell], Lorenzo Dow and Moses Walker, of Croydon, NH; G F Chase, of Cornish, NH; Humphrey Grant, of Beverwick, Me; John Hall, of Saco; Joel B Smith, of Friendship, Me; Geo G Greely [George G Greely], of Belfast, Me; L de Bonneville, Wm B Lever [William B Lever] and Chas Saunders [Charles Saunders], of Providence; Stillman Stockwell, J W Putnam, David Sherman, Saml Sherman [Samuel Sherman], Philip Harding, Wm H Collins [William H Collins], B W Jenks Jr and Jeremiah Ladd, of Newport: C G Boger, of Curacao–93.”

 September 21, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Antares, from Beverly for San Francisco, Messrs Chas Winslow [Charles Winslow], of Boston; Wm Leach [William Leach], of Beverly; Jno Stone [John Stone], Jos Duvin [Joseph Duvin], David Boynton, Rich'd Caswell [Richard Caswell] and Jos S Brown [Joseph S Brown], of Lynn.”

“In the Ruth, from Portland for San Francisco, Messrs Eben'r True [Ebenezer True],  Danl W Fessenden [Daniel W Fessenden], Danl Stevens [Danial Stevens], Jabez Stevens Jr, Wm Bean [William Bean], Nelson W Chisholm, J F Young, Richard Abbott, Eathan A Sawyer, Isaac Fickett, Wm Bailey [William Bailey], Hy Dunn [Henry Dunn], Isaac Binney, Hy S Giles [Henry S Giles], Geo Hoyt [George Hoyt], Cyrus Kennard, Wm M Wiswell [William W Wiswell], Jno Bean [John Bean], Mighel Nutting and Jas L Covell [James L Covell], of Portland; Thaxter True, of Bath; Edw E Hale [Edward E Hale], of Parkman, Me; Jacob Webber, of Newry, Me;  Jas Boyd [James Boyd], of Lubec; Greenleaf Drue, of Charlestown, Mass. The ship's company consists of Jabez Stevens, master, Theophilus Skillens, 1st mate, Richd E Brown [Richard E Brown], 2d mate, Chas Staples [Charles Staples], A L Fox, Elijah Scagel, Frank A Russell, and Hiram Stevens, of Portland; and Ferdinand Sherman, of Freeport, seamen; Elias Pike, of Lubec, and Philip H Welch, of Portland, stewards.”

September 24, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Daniel Webster, for San Francisco, Mrs E W Abbott, Mrs Hall, Messrs Jno C Seipp [John C Seipp] and wife, F H Osborn, and D Richards, of Boston; Timothy Batts and Francis Arkaman, of Cambridge; John Loring, 2d, Hingham; Geo E Hinkly [George E Hinkly], Quincy; Edward Wardwell, Wm Cole [William Cole], Jos W Payne [Joseph W Payne], G H Wardwell, and Wm W Rust, Jr [William W Rust, Jr], of Lynn; Mr J P Fowler, wife, and 2 children, of Danvers, Reuben Drew, and Danl Davis [Daniel Davis], of New Bedford; Wm MacAvoy [William MacAvoy], and Francis D Barnes, of Sharon; Jas Mulligan [James Mulligan] of North Eastern; John Baker and Geo Babson [George Babson], Gloucester; Richard Saunders, Andover; E D Ensign, Taunton; A Sweetland, J L Akerman, J W Ross and Geo Russell [George Russell], of Ipswich; W E Young, O S Dorman, John Collyer and Doct D G Robinson, of Lowell; Henry Whinnery, Haverhill; Moses Durkee, of Lebanon, NH; E L Darling, Newport; Jesse R Rundlett and Danl Roby [Daniel Roby], of Manchester; J B Little, Thomaston, Me; F H and C F Merrill, of Topsham, Me; J C Moore, A R Sprowle, E R Grant, C Johnson, C B Holmes, A Conant, Cornelius Lane and Doct J C Hooper, of Frankfort, Me; Vincent Smith, of New York.”

September 25, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Flavio, for San Francisco, Messrs Hiram P Bean, Isaac W Elwell and Joseph M'Intire [Joseph McIntire], of Boston. Hervey Washburn, D B Banks, W O Wright and Scammon Burrill, of –.”

September 26, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Cordova, for San Francisco–(the North Pacific Trading and Mining Association)–Mrs Jas Rowland [Mrs James Rowland], Mrs Austin Buel, Messrs Frank Sleeper and wife, N P Baldwin and wife, Chas J Chindelf [Charles J Chindelf], Thos H Jones [Thomas H Jones], Alexander Dove, Chas Rice [Charles Rice], Jas Rowland [James Rowland], Richard Magee, George Washburn, Jno Q Simmons [John Q Simmons], Thos Hammond [Thomas Hammond], Geo W Fletcher [George W Fletcher], Eben'r Hollis [Ebenezer Hollis], J M W—, S T Richards, Norman M'Lellan [Norman McLellan], Wm Jameson [William Jameson], T S Derby, C J Folsom, Samuel Taylor, C J—, Alden Hettis, M S—, Jno McKenney [John McKenney], Lewis Ketchel, Geo W Wright [George W Wright] and Collins E Flanders, of Boston; C E Moulton, of East Boston; Jno Kendrick [John Kendrick], Henry Crow and Guy Rand, of Chelsea; Hiram H Howard, of Charlestown; Chas Morse [Charles Morse] and Jonathan Coggshall, of Roxbury; Wm Houtson [William Houtson], of Medford; Levi Mundage, of Dorchester; Augustus Jackson, of Brookline; Jerome Barnard, of Watertown; Thos Watkins [Thomas Watkins], of West Newton; Wm H Brooks [William H Brooks], John Felt, Francis W Randall, Benj F Wast [Benjamin F Wast], Wm J Lunt [William J Lunt], Jno R Mansfield [John R Mansfield], Saml P Williston [Samuel P Williston], Jno Baker [John Baker], Jas Stetson [James Stetson], Joseph A Willis, Wm P Haskell [William P Haskell], Ephraim Lord, Henry A Farnum, Thos G Symonds [Thomas G Symonds], Joseph Stevens Jr, Richard Dowst, Geo D Symonds [George D Symonds], S F Huber, Chas Gardner [Charles Gardner], Jas Mordon [James Mordon], Wesley Dowst, – Corkary, and – Fairfield, of Salem; Thos Patterson [Thomas Patterson], Simon Farrell and Jno Johnson [John Johnson], of Quincy; Geo M Bartlett [George M Bartlett], Jno Phillips [John Phillips] and Saml B Burrill [Samuel B Burrill], of Weymouth; Mrs Seth Morton, Mrs Anna Bartlett and child, Messrs Danl Williams [Daniel Williams], Wm R Lanman [William R Lanman], Seth Morton Jr, Ichabod Harlow and Geo White [George White], of Plymouth; Moses F Hatch, of Saugus; Jas Bennett [James Bennett], of North Bridgewater; Tillson Gardner, of W Bridgewater; Marshall J Moore, of Sudbury; Theodore Wemot, of Westborough; Geo Root [George Root], of Springfield; Hiram P Hardy and Wm P Haines [William P Haines], of Andover; Isaac M Hardy, of South Andover; Dexter Phillps, Granvale T Sprout, Joseph Sampson Jr, Thos C Mellen [Thomas C Mellen], Chas C Mellen [Charles C Mellen], Joseph W Morton, Wm F Ellis [William F Ellis], Geo W Rich [George W Rich], Jas T P Thrasher [James T P Thrasher] and Alonzo Pool, of Middleborough; Heman Crocker of Sharon; Danl Roy [Daniel Roy], of New Bedford; David Choate and Austin Buel, of Lowell; Thos J Washburn [Thomas J Washburn], of Raynham; Chas E Ramsdell [Charles E Ramsdell], of Millford; Wm Severance [William Severance], of Auburn, NH; Jno G Scales [John G Scales], Canterbury, NH; Elbridge E Garland, of Portsmouth, NH; Levi Lafoe, of Hampden, Me; Jno Harmon [John Harmon], of China, Me; Wm L Wright [William L Wright], of Winsor, Me; Wm Ayer [William Ayer] and Obed W Ayer, of Emden, Me; Rich'd Baxter [Richard Baxter] and Jas M Small [James M Small], of Brunswick, Me; J Prindlie, of Newark, NJ; Alden Bolton and Francis Bolton, of Newbury, Vermont; Aaron H Cole, Jonathan D Brown, Philo B Cole, Albert Brown and Wm Irvin [William Irvin], of Stanstead, LC–112.”

September 27, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Chester, for San Francisco –Mrs Mary Dawson, Miss Margaret Scallay, Mrs E G Jenkins, Mrs Mary Annsee, Miss – Hinckley, Messrs Fred'k Mahn [Frederick Mahn], Johnston B Clark, Jno M Webb [John M Webb], Jonathan Bartlett and Chas P Huff [Charles P Huff], of Boston; Luther Davis, of Charlestown; Wm G Manter [William G Manter], of Dedham; Jas Walker [James Walker] and Chas Walker [Charles Walker], of Waltham; Michael Dolan and C Arnold, of Chelsea; Jno M Clair [John M Clair], of Weymouth; Cyrus Bryant, of Hingham; E M Page, Jas Bassart [James Bassart], Horace Johnston, Joseph Ferring, Francis Ellis and Jacob Howland, of Quincy; George A Hastings, of Woburn; Asa Chapman of Scituate; Jas Bryant [James Bryant], of Duxbury; Quincy Holbrook and C Brooks, of Abington; Jno W Grew [John W Grew], of Falmouth; Saml P Allen [Samuel P Allen], of Dartmouth; Philander D Leonard, of Bridgewater; Peter Nye, of New Bedford; C W Hammond, of South Woburn; Jno F Whiting [John F Whiting] and Jno Cowdry [John Cowdry], of Reading; Thos Vining [Thomas Vining] and Wm Wardrobe [William Wardrobe], of Hanover; Jno A Keith Jr [John A Keith Jr] and Isaac N Perkins, of Middleborough; Jno F Earl [John F Earl], of Fitchburg; Life Wiley and Chas Stimpson [Charles Stimpson], of Lowell; Fred'k Capen [Frederick Capen] and Rufus Wentworth, of Stoughton; Jas Kennedy [James Kennedy], of Goffstown, NH; Franklin A Hammond, of Elliott, Me; Stephen Goodrich, of Portland; Benjamin Brown, of Augusta, Me; Robt Sidelenger [Robert Sidelenger], of Waldoboro, Me; Alden Standish, of Gardner, Mass; Reuben Fisher, of Norwich, Conn; Thos Matthewson [Thomas Matthewson], Wm Henderson [William Henderson], E Whiting Jr, Jno Martin [John Martin], Alkin Gollin, Jas Marsh Jr [James Marsh Jr], Sumner Holbrook, Calvin Rogers, Harrison Stevens, Prince A Davis, Stephen C Alger, Robt Bunting [Robert Bunting] and Jonathen Peirce, of Connecticut; Wm Atkinson [William Atkinson], of Stoughton, Mass; Wm M'Kenzie [William McKenzie], of Picton, NS –67.”

September 29, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the John Jay, from New Bedford for San Francisco, Messrs S Griffitts Morgan (supercargo) and Borden Hathaway, of New Bedford.”

October 3, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Spartacus, for San Francisco, Messrs George O Harvey, Jas M Smith [James M Smith], J Neal Moulton, Isaac H Augustus, Samuel N Chamberlain, of Boston; – Barker and Wilber F Wilson, of Charlestown; Wm Russell [William Russell], of Scituate; Van R Despeau, of Athol; Benj Green [Benjamin Green], Nathan Keen, Oren Baker, of Cranston; Henry H Welch, of Harvard; Loami Dame, James H Price and Emerson Sherburne, of Portsmouth, NH; Chas Topliff [Charles Topliff], Elijah T Gooding, Edw Nicholas [Edward Nicholas] and Benj Randall [Benjamin Randall], of Rhode Island; John W Ritter, of Chilicothe, Ohio; Garland Pollad, of East Berkshire, Ohio; Benj Bennett [Benjamin Bennett], of —. Total 26.”

October 17, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Henry, for San Francisco, Messrs A P Wales, N F Clark, G W Quinn and G A Lloyd, of Lawrence, Mass; Hy Beales [Henry Beales], of Manchester, NH.”

(See also

“In the schooner William A Tarlton, from Newburyport for San Francisco, Dr Dilwyn, Messrs Wm E Davis [William E Davis], S Varney, Geo L Clement [George L Clement] and Enoch T Collins, of Newburyport; Major Theodore F Rowe, (an active officer in the late Mexican war) and Edwin Locke, of Portsmouth; Jno S Hoyt [John S Hoyt], of Exeter; Chas Bachelder [Charles Bachelder], of Lawrence. The following comprises the crew:–Jas Woodbury [James Woodbury], master; Wm Gray [William Gray], sailing master; Joseph Poor, Rufus Pierce, Jno M'Corrison [John McCorrison], Eben T Wood [Ebenezer T Wood?] and Joseph Newell. It is said the seamen have paid $60 in addition to giving their services for the voyage.

October 18, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the James Caskie, for San Francisco, Mrs Jones (captain's wife) and child, Messrs Gorham Currier, Chas H Currier [Charles H Currier] and Chas H Hale [Charles H Hale], of Newburyport; Michael Clapp and Chas Bowker [Charles Bowker], of Boston.”

(See also

“In the Glencoe, from New York for San Francisco, Messrs Amasa S Hildreth, Chas S Hildreth [Charles S Hildreth] and Ansel Potter, of Gardiner, Me.”

(See also

October 20, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Monsoon, for San Francisco, Capt Edw Bacon [Captain Edward Bacon], of Barnstable.”

October 24, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the brig Colorado for San Francisco–Miss Sophia M Eastman, Miss M Jane Stenchfield. Mrs E M Knight, Mrs H Brackett, Messrs S M Brackett, J H Grush, Solomon True, W S Tarbox, Chas M Robertson [Charles M Robertson], Chas M Small [Charles M Small], Francis H Wood, Chester Brown, Isaac Trowbridge, R D Parker and Isaiah Parker, of Boston; J M Stoddard, E B Sawyer and Luke Brooks, of Templeton; S Whitney, of Harvard; L Greenwood Jr and D W Buck, of Winchendon.”

(See also

“In the schooner Harriett Lawrence, for San Francisco–Messrs Hy S Newhall [Henry S Newhall], Wm J Rhoades [William J Rhoades], Francis M Lloyd, Chas Hanneford [Charles Hanneford], Jas Riley [James Riley] and Horatio Ricker, of Boston; J S Marchant, of Dorchester; Chas Grant [Charles Grant], of Milton; Jno B Montrose [John B Montrose], of West Newton; L M Crocker, of Springfield; John Matthews, of Augusta, Me.”

(See also

October 25, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the barque Ninus, for San Francisco–Jas Arnold Jr, Esq [James Arnold Jr, Esq], Geo Arnold, Esq [George Arnold, Esq], Jas Arnold, Esq [James Arnold, Esq], and Hy Smith, Esq [Henry Smith, Esq], of Boston; Ezra H Alden, Esq, of Bridgewater, Mass; Capt Sylvanus Luce, of Holmes Hole.”

(See also

October 27, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Henry Ware, for San Francisco, Christopher S Robinson, Alfred Hartwell, Andrew Waterman and Geo Sanderson [George Sanderson], of Boston; Luther B Taylor, John R Taylor, Joel Russell, of East Cambridge; John H Kimball, Simon Frost, Lanson H Burritt, Chas Smith [Charles Smith], Florimond B Moore, Saml R Newcomb [Samuel R Newcomb], E A Ingalls, Edw E Hawkes [Edward E Hawkes], Moses Compton, of Lynn; Henry W and Geo Howe [Henry W Howe and George Howe], Geo C Hervey [George C Hervey], John B Burridge, of Medford; J H Curtis, Charles Howland and Robert Lord, of Kennebunk.”

(See also

“In the Archelaus, for San Francisco–Messrs Joseph E Porter, Frederick Dinsmore, Reuben Small, Jas Bowker [James Bowker], and Lewis M Burquis.”

(See also

October 30, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Hamilton, for San Francisco, Messrs Jno Dunn [John Dunn], Saml Tower [Samuel Tower], Jno Cook [John Cook] and – Mitchell, of Boston.”

“In the Grecian, from New York for San Francisco, Mr Converse R Lilly, of Boston; and others belonging to Brewster, Mass.”

(See also

October 31, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Walter, from Providence for San Francisco, Messrs Elisha Tey, Richd Olney [Richard Olney] and Wm A Bateman [William A Bateman], of Scituate, RI; Jno T Fales [John T Fales], of Attleboro, Mass; and 72 others.”

(See also

“In the Rio, from Newport for San Francisco, Messrs Judah Baker Jr, of Boston; Wm Rupp [William Rupp], Jno W Cole [John W Cole] and Wm Dow [William Dow], of Woburn; and 60 others.”

(See also

 November 1, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Grecian, from New York for San Francisco, Mrs Nathl Crosby [Mrs Nathaniel Crosby] and three children, Mrs C Crosby and three children, Mrs A Crosby, Mrs Washington Hurd and child, Mrs Holmes, Mr Richd Hartley [Richard Hartley] (most of the above belong to Brewster, Mass); Mr Converse R Lilly, of Boston–14.”

(See also

November 2, 1849 (Friday)

“In the George Shattuck, for San Francisco, Messrs Wm Teal [William Teal], C Walker and Seth Sawyer, of Charlestown.”

(See also

“In the Ark, from Newburyport for San Francisco, Messrs Eben C Hurd, G W Campbell, J P Butler and Chas B Chandler [Charles B Chandler], of Boston; and 109 others.”

(See also

November 3, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Ganges, for San Francisco, Messrs Chas Bruce [Charles Bruce], Wesley Ware, Sandford P Ware, Saml W Jennings [Samuel W Jennings] and – Sargent, of Cambridge; Wm A Ashby [William A Ashby], of Bedford.”

(See also

“In the Delaware, from Fall River for San Francisco, Mr Thos C Doxbury, [Thomas C Doxbury] of Boston; and 49 others.”

(See also

November 5, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Lamartine, for San Francisco–Messrs Joseph T French, Seth K Bailey, Peter Clapp, Wm Cary [William Cary], Munroe Perkins, Geo W Citizen [George W Citizen], Geo Penamon [George Penamon], Jas C Goodhue [James C Goodhue], Saml Goodhue [Samuel Goodhue], Hy Perkins [Henry Perkins], Edmund Hobbs, Chas Creswell [Charles Creswell], Joseph Corless, Saml P Wheeler [Samuel P Wheeler], Parker Faxon, Granville A Spear, Jno A Pratt [John A Pratt] and Geo Curtis [George Curtis], of Quincy; Davis W Robinson, Thos H Beal [Thomas H Beal], Jno Lyman [John Lyman] and Jno W Small [John W Small], of Dorchester; Wm Quirk [William Quirk] and Elbridge G Fuller, of Middleborough; Benj F Hayden [Benjamin F Hayden], of Boston; Calvin Percival, of Charlestown; Phineas H Swift, of Wareham; Peter K Burley and Hiram P Burley, of Sanbornton, NH; Jas J Gibson [James J Gibson], of Franklin, NH; Wm Babbard [William Babbard], of Piermont, Vt; Wm Williams [William Williams], of Remson, NY.”

(See also

November 6, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the schooner Civilian, for San Francisco–(the Cochituate Mining and Trading Company)–Messrs Josiah Hayward, (President) of Salem; Marcus Q Jackson, (Treasurer) of Boston; Philip Blaney, of Danvers; Israel H Bullard, of Framingham; and B Frank Pinkham, of Northwood, NH; Directors: Jno N Bolen [John N Bolen], Peter Justisen, Peter Hermonson, Geo Joseph [George Joseph], R F Hahn, James Monroe, Jas Greenleaf [James Greenleaf], – Greenleaf, J P Sylvester, B F Fuller, J Hoyt, S Bromhall and Danl Wentz [Daniel Wentz], of Boston; M L Haskell, of Chelsea; J G Giles and Robert Marshall, of Dorchester; Ephraim B Waite, of Malden; G A Cushing, of Weymouth; Franklin W Graves and Benj Jenkins [Benjamin Jenkins], of Lynn; Saml Arbuckle [Samuel Arbuckle], of Beverly; Fred'k A Crosby [Frederick A Crosby], of Haverhill; Joseph Reith, Lauriston Stiles, M L Skinner, L A Poole and Francis Poole, of Danvers; Josiah Hayward Jr, Danl W Lord [Daniel W Lord], Wm Hale Ives [William Hale Ives], Amos L Vincent, Rich'd Lavers [Richard Lavers], Wm Batchelder [William Batchelder] and Moses B Trask, of Salem; Wm G Prescott [William G Prescott], of Quincy; O H P Norcross and Caleb F Briggs, of Lawrence; Jas Giles [James Giles], of Rockport; Geo Goodwin [George Goodwin], of East Medway; Fidel Henger, of Warren, RI. –45.”

(See also

“In the Pico, for Benicia, California, Augustus A Woodbury, of Boston; Tristram Fall and – Stevens, of Charlestown; Jno Conner [John Conner], of Cambridge; Samuel Mansur and Henry D Hills, of Dorchester; Thomas George, Wm W Saunders [William W Saunders] and Daniel C Wiston, of Newton; Mathew Richardson, Watertown; Henry Kimball, of Methuen; Leonard Dickinson, of Maine; Rev James W Capen, of Springfield.”

November 8, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Helen S Page, for San Francisco–Messrs Nathl Butler [Nathaniel Butler], Geo Emerson [George Emerson], Wm F Murphy [William F Murphy] and Solomon Williams, of Boston; Alexander E Gifford, Chas E Saunders [Charles E Saunders], Geo K Reed [George K Reed], Geo A Kimball [George A Kimball] and Jno B F Davis [John B F Davis], of Newton, Mass; Wm B White [William B White], Chas Davis [Charles Davis], Joseph C Pitkin and Danl Burns [Daniel Burns], of Massachusetts; Hy Bachelder [Henry Batchelder], of Danvers; Elisha W Lock, of Sandwich, NH; George A Bennett and Benj F Brooks [Benjamin F Brooks], of New Hampshire; Warren Morrell, of Hallowell, Me; Geo W Porter [George W Porter], of Maine.”

(See also

November 10, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Mattakeesett, for San Francisco–Messrs Geo W Amory [George W Amory], W H Cole, Henry Laken, Albion K Plummer and – Carter, of Boston; T H Page, of Charlestown; E O Sumner, B Royce, and E S Warren, of Dorchester; J H Kanuse, of Chicopee; – Crosby and friend, of Lowell; Drury Wadsworth, Geo C Weston [George C Weston], Jno Weston [John Weston], B L Cushman, H Y Sampson, S E Ripley and Lysander Baker, of Duxbury–18.”

(See also

“In the B L Allen, for San Francisco–Messrs Constantine M'Kensey [Constantine McKensey], Wm C Rust [William C Rust], Perley Brown, S Osgood, C Johnson, T N Hosmer, Nehemiah R Peirce, Ebenezer Kimball, Jno F Edgly [John F Edgly], Benj F Hawkins [Benjamin F Hawkins], Putnam Peasly, M W Follansbee, Henry Hoyt, Michael Sweeney, Wm C Long [William C Long], and James Domican–16.”

(See also

November 12, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Euphrasia, for San Francisco–In cabin–J Young, MD, of Boston; Mrs Mary Ann Sabin, Leonidas Balch, Jno Nutter [John Nutter], Newell Wilcomb and Richd S Spofford [Richard S Spofford], of Newburyport; Charles W Gerrish; Jas H Thompson [James H Thompson], Timothy M Clark, John G Tibbuts and Geo H Gerrish [George H Gerrish], of Portsmouth, NH; John S Macomber and Mrs Caroline A Macomber, of Durham, Me; Thos Brooks [Thomas Brooks], of London, Eng. In steerage–Messrs Philip H Colby, of Boston; Chester Sabin, Chas W Perry [Charles W Perry], Benj H Cheever [Benjamin H Cheever], Warren Kilborn, Thos L Nelson [Thomas L Nelson], Nathl S Bartlett [Nathaniel S Bartlett], Saml Moody [Samuel Moody], Gardiner S Moody, Wm T Merrill [William T Merrill], Thos Colby [Thomas Colby], Martin Winslow, Chas W Davis [Charles W Davis], Wm H Tredick [William H Tredick], Chas Ash [Charles Ash] [ and Stephen P Randall, of Newburyport; Joseph Hale, Moses Emery, Saml E Parker [Samuel E Parker], Joseph Stockman, Jacob W Tuttle, Benj F Wheeler [Benjamin F Wheeler], Jas Lowe [James Lowe], Isaac R Pray and E B Andrews, of Rockport, Mass; S H Wise, J M Doe, Jno P Stevens [John P Stevens], Gorham P Poor, Jacob C Weal, Thos E Snell [Thomas E Snell], Walter L Smith, Geo Gray [George Gray], Jonathan Merrill, Philander Snelling, Jno G White [John G White], Andrew J Harris and J W Smith, of Methuen; C J Snow, Jno Litchfield [John Litchfield], Nathan A Wright, Jno L M'Kenzie [John L McKenzie], Horatio M Howard, Quincy Morss, Orison Abbott, Edwin O'Dea, Chas Noyes [Charles Noyes], L W Daggett, Jas Mahar [James Mahar], Warren Perrin, J M Beane, Cotton Pratt and Bailey Sargent, of Lawrence; Jas Norbourne [James Norbourne], Milo S Torsey, David W Noyes, Foster H Whitcomb, Hiram Spearin, Jno B Pulsifer [John B Pulsifer], Cyrus H Bumpus, Kimball R Noyes, Jno Hubbard [John Hubbard], Jas C Jackson [James C Jackson], Wm P Crosby [William P Crosby], Jas S Hopkinson [James S Hopkinson], A J Wood and Chas O Thompson [Charles O Thompson], of Lowell; Geo M Kimball [George M Kimball], of Bradford, Mass; Henry E Holmes, Wm A Morrison [William A Morrison], Richd Horton [Richard Horton], Saml Berry [Samuel Berry] and Jonathan Littlefield, of Ipswich; Gideon H Brown, of Lawrence; Asa B Lowell, Jno Smith [John Smith] and Albion B Strout, of Wrentham, Mass; Amos French, of Salisbury, Mass; Henry Stevens, of Haverhill, Mass; Jonas Townsend, of Dover, Mass; Geo S Norris [George S Norris], of West Boylston, Mass; Timothy Goodwin, of West Amesbury, Mass; Joseph W Day, of Bradford, Mass; Henry W Trefethen, Wm E Adams [William E Adams], Geo H Gerrish [George H Gerrish], Jeremiah Raith, Jno H Madgridge [John H Madgridge], Luther B Harris and Danl N Davis [Daniel N Davis], of Portsmouth, NH; Wm Lyon [William Lyon], of Danville; B G Gerrish, of Salisbury, NH; Roland H Niles, of Haverhill, NH; Joseph K Sherman and Thos Sherman [Thomas Sherman], of Lebanon, NH; Cyrus Bruce, Thatcher T White, Albert H Woodward, Harrison Davis and Barton Ross, of Somersworth, Me; Cyrus Brown, of Portland; Benj Allen [Benjamin Allen] and Leonard S Folson, of South Berwick, Me; Solomon Stevens Jr, of Wells, Me; Hiram White, of New Gloucester, Me; J C Morrill and Fordyce C Burbank, of Lewiston, Me; Elbridge Wallingford and Freeman F Ricker, of Sandford, Me; Tristram H Tucker, of Newfield; Peleg Wood, of Munroe; Washington E Hates, of Dover, NH–131.”

(See also

November 13 (Tuesday)

 “In the brig Triumph, for San Francisco–Messrs Jno W Roberts [John W Roberts], Edwin Shannon, Jno L Shannon [John L Shannon], Robt Young [Robert Young], Levi D Barnard and Thos Mullery [Thomas Mullery], of Boston; Hezekiah Coggeshall and Hy Coggeshall [Henry Coggeshall], of Newton Lower Falls; Chas Turner [Charles Turner], of Scituate, Mass; C L Badger, L C Badger and A G Davis, of Quincy; Chas F Pitts [Charles F Pitts], of Dighton; Jacob C Staples, Jas O Phillips [James O Phillips], Jno M Phillips [John M Phillips], Brazilla Walker, Jas E Walker [James E Walker], Chas Moulton [Charles Moulton] and Capt – Loring, of Taunton; Abel W Cudsworth, of Fall River; Jno Hathaway [John Hathaway], D F Cummings, David Hoxey, Walter D Nichols, Thos B Crane [Thomas B Crane] and Sylvester L Cummings, of Berkley, Mass; Levi Hathaway, of North Middleborough; Nathan H Chase, of Dartmouth; Wm Edson [William Edson] and Danl Edson Jr [Daniel Edson Jr], of Swansey, Mass; S P Kimball, MD, Physician and Surgeon of the ship, of Mt Vernon, NH, formerly of New Fame, Vt; Jno Liscomb [John Liscomb], of Burlington Vt; Cornelius P Tyler, of Westford, Vt; Reuben Libbey, of Moultonborough, NH; Jno T Tilton [John T Tilton], of Sandwich, NH; Leonard B Brown, of Keene, NH; Franklin Dolloff and C H Emery, of Manchester, NH; Leonard B Cummings, Union, Me; Nahum Nason, Acton, Me; Capt Orin H Linn, of Baltimore, Md–42.”

(See also

“In the Orion, for San Francisco–Henry C Bunker (captain) and wife, Thos S Bunker [Thomas S Bunker], Benj P Swift [Benjamin P Swift], Francis D Lawrence, B P Lawrence, Elijah Robinson, Ervin Robinson, Thos Robinson [Thomas Robinson], Sylvanus Robinson, Lewis W C Robinson, Chas W Dimmick [Charles W Dimmick], Prince L Dimmick, Stephen Dye, Wm Allen [William Allen], Chas F Bassett [Charles F Bassett], Albert G Haines, Jno C Childs [John C Childs], David Eldridge, Stephen Burgess, Owen Eldred, Silas Eldred, Reuben Hamlin, Sylvanus Hamblin, Simeon Hamblin, Foster H Jenkins and Jno L Webster [John L Webster], of Falmouth, Mass; Francis Pope, of Sandwich–29.”

(See also

(See also below)

November 14, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Orion, for San Francisco, (additional)–Messrs Edw Kingsley Jr [Edward Kingsley Jr], Jno R Dennis [John R Dennis], Zina H Oliver, Sylvester Goodwin, Moses R Edwards, Francis Savery, F D Moores, I Doherty, Hugh M'Guire [Hugh McGuire], Jacob Spence, Geo Spence [George Spence], Edw Kingsley [Edward Kingsley], Hy Stewart [Henry Stewart] and wife and Mrs A M Wheeler, of Boston; Jas A Grant [James A Grant], Thos Darby [Thomas Darby], M Denigan, P Farrell and Wm Harvey [William Harvey], of East Cambridge; Thos Dryman [Thomas Dryman], Jno A Burnes [John A Burnes] and lady, of Cambridge; I Moulton, of Charlestown; Thos H Robinson [Thomas H Robinson], Edw I Foster [Edward I Foster] and Wm Duff [William Duff], of Dorchester; E H Bese, of Newton; E B Chadwick, Wm L Brackett [William L Brackett], Chas H Packard [Charles H Packard], G Cleaveland and Geo W Hersey [George W Hersey], of Quincy; Saml Bourne [Samuel Bourne], of Sandwich; M G Sawtelle, Hy T Besse [Henry T Besse], Wm Richardson [William Richardson], David Perkins, H S Bradley and A Flint, of Lowell; Elias W Nash and Joshua Phillips, of Braintree; Wm Cochran [William Cochran], of Lawrence; Chas Hawkins [Charles Hawkins], of Lynn; Albert C Goodwin, of Newburyport; J W Ward, J M Ward, M D H Ward, and Calvin Lawes, of Chelmsford; J Q A Parker, E T Hartshorn and Chas Davis [Charles Davis], of South Reading; Fred'k Coburn [Frederick Coburn], of Dracut; Seth Draper and Wm F Thatcher [William F Thatcher], of South Attleboro; E Gage, of Wayne, Me; Wm B M'Intire [William B McIntire], O B M'Intire [O B McIntire], Geo Barrell [George Barrell] and E A Emerson, of York, Me; Franklin Phillips, of Belfast, Me; J O Willey, of Litchfield, Me; Jno Bixby [John Bixby], of Hancock, NH; A L Greely, of Nashua, NH; Jas C Shepherd [James C Shepherd], of Chicago, Ill; Jas L Taylor [James L Taylor], of Moscow, Michigan–Total 93.”

November 15, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the E Randall, for San Francisco–Messrs Wm Bulwer [William Bulwer], Temple W Webber and Stephen S Colby, of East Cambridge; Geo W Copeland [George W Copeland] and Leonard Burrows, of Cambridgeport; Silas Hersey Jr, of Rochester, NH–6.”

(See also

“In the steamship Crescent City, from New York for Chagres, Messrs Nathaniel Head, of Boston; L M Bowdoin, of Saco, Me; Lieut Geo T Evans [Lieutenant George C Evans], USA; Capt Gillespie, USA; and about 270 others.”

(See also

“In the steamship Ohio, from New York for Chagres, Mr J L Riddle, of Boston, and about 500 others.”

November 16, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Woodside, for San Francisco–Messrs William Fisher, of Boston; Andrew Smith, of Framingham.”

November 17, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Ruby, for San Francisco, Messrs L Curtis, of Steuben, Me; W B Lyman, Timothy Lyons and Levi Wakefield, of Cherryfield; Henry Wood, of Gouldsboro, Me; M W Potter, of New York–6.”

“In the Sarah Abigail, from Plymouth for San Francisco, Mr Alexander Brooks, of Boston; and 34 others.”

November 19, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Carlo Mauran, for San Francisco–Messrs C W Roberts, F W Roberts, W H Blake, Hy Sedley [Henry Sedley], Wm F Redding [William F Redding], J M'Lean [J McLean], A G Oakes, W H Simpson, Thos S Murray [Thomas S Murray], C F Gardner, Wm Barnard [William Barnard], C W Davis, Thos Fitzpatrick Jr [Thomas Fitzpatrick Jr], Wm H Dwyer [William H Dwyer], Hy Seaverns [Henry Seaverns], J O Worthby and W H Denton, of Boston; J W Edmands, Alonzo Southwick, H N M'Farland [H N McFarland], S L Loring and Robt M'Farland [Robert McFarland], of Charlestown; Danl Ames [Daniel Ames], of Manchester; Jno W W Watkins [John W W Watkins], of South Malden; Capt Jefferson Ford, of South Woburn; Wm Mudgley [William Mudgley], of Somerville; Jno W Laird [John W Laird], Andrew M'Farland [Andrew McFarland], Jno Walker [John Walker], Robt L Trowbridge [Robert L Trowbridge] and Lyman Way, of Barnet, Vt; C C Lee, of Phipsburg; A C Chick, of Frankfort; F A Deane, of Portland; Gilbert T Witham, of Alfred, Me–38.”

(See also

“In the Dominga, from Newburyport for California–Messrs Geo Stoddard [George Stoddard] and lady, Wm J Niles [William J Niles], J W Fairchild, S E Townsend, W H Barnard, Saml Hescock [Samuel Hescock], I W Davis, Geo W Woods [George W Woods], – Samuels, Edw  B Hayden [Edward B Hayden], Jno Tornence [John Tornence], W H Burrill, Wm Wait [William Wait] and Martin M'Lamin [Martin McLamin], of Boston; D W Sawin, Ebenezer Roby, Chas H Cummings [Charles H Cummings] and B B Thompson, of Cambridge; Joseph A Talpey and Joseph Meally, of Roxbury; and others.”

November 20, 1849 (Tuesday)

“In the George Ryan, for San Francisco–Messrs Edw Wilbasky [Edward Wilbasky] and Wm Wilbasky [William Wilbasky], of Boston.”

November 23, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Reindeer, for San Francisco–Messrs David Keeser, Chas A Parsons [Charles A Parsons], T O Wardwell, N Rand, Jno Burke [John Burke], Robt Bruce [Robert Bruce], V Reinhart, G Fickett, J Horn, C M Plum, E Chick, P S Blair, J Driscoll, Jas Morris [James Morris], Meded Welch, D Darling, G W Adams, G W Adams Jr, J P Upton, F S Raymond, Rich'd Cooper [Richard Cooper], L Robinson, Geo Gregg [George Gregg], H C Morrill, J H Whitcomb A L Goodnow, E H Phillips, Jno Murphy [John Murphy], W W Burt, Jno Darrow [John Darrow], Jas Cordell [James Cordell], James G Carr, Jno Boyle [John Boyle], C G Howard, Geo W Butler [George W Butler] and Saml Griffith [Samuel Griffith], of Boston; Wm Donnell [William Donnell], D M'Norton [D McNorton], J B Lathrop and F P Gregory, of Cambridge, G M Fox, of Milton; Geo M Cutler [George M Cutler] and Hiram Cutler, of Somerville; Jno Brady [John Brady], of Medford; N Woodbury, of Beverly; E T Jewett, W N Jewett and G W Stone, of Danvers; John Atwood, of Chelsea, Wm Harmon [William Harmon], Jason Clapp, Jno Farren [John Farren], Hy Thayer [Henry Thayer], and A Thayer, of Charlestown; H S Dillaba, of Saxonville; Chas F Savil [Charles F Savil], of Quincy; John N Stanzan, of Plymouth; W C Childs, J S Adams, G W Pierce and C A Davis, of Natick; Lewis Follett, Newell Lawrence, A B Thatcher and L C Place, of Burlington; E P Stringer, R Packard and N Packard, of West Bridgewater; F Dunbar, of North Bridgewater; Saml Jackson [Samuel Jackson], Geo M Henry [George M Henry], F E Abbott and O L Whiting, of Manchester; Ira Mason, W F Downes, S W Clark, and O M Wardwell, of Andover; Geo W Kendall [George W Kendall], of Tewksbury; Wm Johnson [William Johnson], C T Mansfield, Hy A Mansfield [Henry A Mansfield], Jerome Kendall, Thos Jameson [Thomas Jameson], Cyrus Kendall, S A Scripture, A Gordon, Jno Q A Thayer [John Q A Thayer], L W Emerson, J Watkins, R D Norton, J Kelly, Wm Gilson [William Gilson], J B Sanborn, J H Jordan, Geo Travis [George Travis], Benj F Varney [Benjamin F Varney], M N Rogers, Jas Fogg [James Fogg], Chas Webster [Charles Webster], Jno Smith [John Smith], Saml Pollard [Samuel Pollard], Andrew Nute, Chas H Coarser [Charles H Coarser], Nicholas Coarser, Geo T Prince [George T Prince], W P Underwood, M Houghton, E Fletcher and W C Hutchinson, of Lowell; Thos Gaskill [Thomas Gaskill], Jno Evans [John Evans], Benj Parker [Benjamin Parker] and Saml K Brown [Samuel K Brown], of Roxbury; Rich'd Cutting [Richard Cutting], of Weston; M Talbot, M Tooney, Lawrence Carr, M Ryan and Jas Teameey [James Teameey], of Salem; Edmund Kimball, of Wenham; H L Langsford and J W Roberts, of Gloucester; O Chickering and T H Chickering, of Southborough; Wm M Tracy [William M Tracy], of Lawrence; H Collins and Geo Gay [George Gay], of Framingham; J C Fisk, of Hancock; F A Coffin, of Concord; J D Wilcomb and W E Fales, of Milford; Wm Woolson [William Woolson], of Littleton; Wm Fay [William Fay], W H Stockman and W H Hatch, of Lancaster; J W Crosby, of Orleans; B F Andrews, of Moscow; Joel Lilly, of Ashfield; L Johnson, of Bradford; Thos J Tarlton [Thomas J Tarlton], of Newcastle; S Sawyer, of –; Wm Low Jr [William Low Jr], of –; P Wherty, –; W Bennell, of –; Wm H Chase [William H Chase], of Nashua, NH; Oliver H Joy, E Andrews, Chas W Andrews [Charles W Andrews], Hy Myers [Henry Myers], W H Twombly and Jno Sandborn [John Sandborn], of Somersworth, NH; N Fernald and Geo Fernald [George Fernald], of Portsmouth; Benj Leavitt [Benjamin Leavitt], of Gilford, NH; J T Rollingsford and D C Webster, of Gilman; G B Hubbard, of Charlestown, NH; Jno Sweat [John Sweat], of Strafford, NH; Warren Johnson, of Saco, Me; J Wilson, of Biddeford; G F Floyd, W B Rowe, Noah Edgcomb, J D Hademan and W Bonney, of Portland; J C Ring, of Eastport; Jas H Young [James H Young], of Belfast; J L Barnard, of Thomaston; Wm Lunt [William Lunt], of Brunswick, Me; O Maloom and Geo W Rideout [George W Rideout], of Bowdoinham; Sewell Goddard, of Sidney, Me; L F Sawyer, of Chicopee; Geo B Merrill [George B Merrill], of Westport, NY; G W Reed, of Montpelier, Vt; M M Walas and M Hosington, of Woodstock, Vt; H G Nelson and Robt Nelson [Robert Nelson], of Ryegate, Vt; John Randall Jr and John Peach 2d, of Newbury, Vt; A F Burdock, of Jerico, Vt–182.”

 “In the Hannibal, for San Francisco–Messrs S D Harvey, J H Simonds, A T Waterman, Henry Sebert, Peter Lunt, P Walling, Joseph H Lord, Geo W Clark [George W Clark], Chas R White [Charles R White], A D M'Kenzie [A D McKenzie], – Farmer, Wm Jones [William Jones], S D Winship, G A Whitney, M F Whitney and wife, H R Riley, S S Williams, Geo H Mears [George H Mears], wife and three children, Jno H Learned [John H Learned], S W Learned, F S Saxton, T L Saxton, N H Cate, T Hall, L Johnson, Wm Mular [William Mular], Danl C Leavitt [Daniel C Leavitt], F A Spear, G W Young, N Anderson, Wm Taylor [William Taylor], Thos Fitzpatrick [Thomas Fitzpatrick], E C Webster, F Johnson, Wm Higgins [William Higgins], Jno K Barker [John K Barker] and Dr H D Wakefield, of Boston; L Vincent and L Elwell, of East Boston; Miss Young, Messrs Nathl Lawrence [Nathaniel Lawrence], Geo Young [George Young], J G Wilson and M Fallen, of Roxbury; T Mooney, Martin Mahan and wife, of East Cambridge; Edw Hall [Edward Hall], Jas Hall [James Hall] and M A Coolidge, of Cambridge; O R Howard, C F Stevens and Dr S B Sewell, of Somerville; Jas Walters [James Walters] and Putney Emerson, of Malden; Joseph H Wilson, of Marblehead; Amos French Jr, of Stow; Jno Brotherson [John Brotherson] and Andrew J Parker, of Dover; B Stone, of Oxford; S S Richardson, of Baldwin; R B Messer, of Salem; Jno Brown [John Brown], of Acton; G Randall and wife, C S Perham and R C Perham, of Lowell; Geo W Rand [George W Rand], of Littleton; Jas S Hudson [James S Hudson], of Lunenburg; Alden Miller, of Warren; Saml Massey [Samuel Massey], of Saugus; Nathan Harlow, Edw Goodroe [Edward Goodroe], Joseph Dazzle, Edw M Dufy [Edward M Dufy], J H Boss and Jno Q Bright [John Q Bright], of Fitchburg; Erasmus D Kimball and C W Kimball, of Lawrence; J Hickey and Joseph Bell, of Grafton; Francis Fisher, of Northfield; Jno Kelley [John Kelley], of Lonsdale; Geo Grant [George Grant], of Thomaston; A S Richardson, of Knox, Me; Dr B H Sheppard, of Wiscasset, Me; J M'Coul [J McCoul], Henry Seelye, F D Seelye, Geo W Mowe [George W Mowe] and wife, W S Dyer, Silas Thayer, Oliver Livermore, W T Brooks, of Eastport; Leander W Coggswell, of Henniker, NH; L W Stone, of Chicago–102.”

“In the Plato, from Portland for San Francisco–Messrs Jno B Dow [John B Dow], of Portland; Wm Hall [William Hall] and – Boyd, of Saco.”

November 28, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Curacoa, for San Francisco–Messrs Arthur Waters and wife, Jno M'Auleffe [John McAuleffe], wife and three children, G Lincoln Simmons and Litton Munn, of Boston; Henry C Davis, of Concord, NH; Gilbert Bradley, of Haverhill, Mass; Jas Morrison [James Morrison], of Chester, New York.”

“In the Traveller, for San Francisco–Messrs Chas Williams [Charles Williams] and Isaiah L Scammon, of Franklin, Me; – Flanders, of Newton, Mass.”

November 30, 1849 (Friday)

“In the Nestor, for Benicia, (California)–Messrs Danl W Caldwell [Daniel W Caldwell], Jno Doherty [John Doherty], Orlando Fuller and wife, Jos Hermeler [Jos Hermeler], Gerhard Schraez, Josscum Deker and Heinrick Schuck, of Boston; Enoch P Fuller, Theodore Littlefield, Jessie S Norcross, Jno Hayman Jr [John Hayman Jr], Stephen W Richardson, Thos D Hooper [Thomas D Hooper], Jas Nelson, Jr [James Nelson, Jr], Wm Ireland [William Ireland], Jno W Bickford [John W Bickford], Nathl Nelson [Nathaniel Nelson], Alexander Nelson, Saml Fuller [Samuel Fuller], Benj Fuller [Benjamin Fuller], Enoch Fuller, S S Swasey, Jno Hall [John Hall], Jacob Nay, Saml Nay [Samuel Nay], David Kelley, Jno Ball [John Ball], Wm Russell [William Russell], Edwin Janes, Misses Ann Bickford, Mary H Richardson and Mrs Nelson, of Salem; Messrs Francis Hovey, of Ipswich; J W Putnam and S W Holt, of Ballardvale; Joseph M Wiggin and Jno Wentworth [John Wentworth], of Greenland, NH; Pierce W Barker and Henry T Barker, of Waltham; Jno Wardwell [John Wardwell], Rich'd Firth [Richard Firth], – Morrison, Horace Holt, G F Barker, Osgood J Dascomb, Joseph Hunt and Joseph S Smith, of Andover; B M Lucas, of West Newton; Jno Jones [John Jones], of Danvers –50.”

“In the Herculean, for San Francisco–Messrs Thos E Richardson [Thomas E Richardson], J A Loring and Geo T Hodges [George T Hodges], of Boston; Miss Chapin, of South Boston; Messrs Hector Linn and wife, of Andover; Jno C Goodwin [John C Goodwin], of Lawrence, Wm G Hill [William G Hill] and A M Green, of Sheffield, Mass; Hy Bradley [Henry Bradley], Warren Goodwin, Chas D Horn [Charles D Horn], Geo W Webster [George W Webster], Wm A Webster [William A Webster], Geo S Ladd [George S Ladd], Owen Langmaid, Jas S Thompson [James S Thompson], Stanley Page, Francis Russell, Hiram Babbitt, Josiah S Woodward and Hy Northrop [Henry Northrop], of Danville, Vt; C Pullen, J P Smith, – Lacy, D T Strong, Moulton Taylor, Geo W Morse [George W Morse], Chas Lane [Charles Lane], D Nason, Thos Randall [Thomas Randall], and John W Sharp, of Augusta, Me; Chas Fiske [Charles Fiske] and Wentworth Smith, of Waterborough, Me; Robt Sutcliff [Robert Sutcliff], Nathan Barnard and Henry E Young, of –37.”

December 1, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Annah, from Newburyport for San Francisco–Messrs Danl Thompson [Daniel Thompson], of Boston; Robt Bixby [Robert Bixby], of Waltham; and 29 others.”

December 5, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Cheshire, for San Francisco–Messrs George Freeman, W W O Dwyer, Horace Cousins, Francis C Walsh, Anderson Seavy, Wm H Basin [William H Basin], John H Dorry, L F Lincoln, A J Roberts, John Kidder, Danl T Pollard [Daniel T Pollard], Jas G Dwyer [James G Dwyer], Thos R Spear Jr [Thomas R Spear Jr], Geo A Stover [George A Stover], Thos Jessia [Thomas Jessia], Michael Daly, John Cuminskey, Waldo Haskell, Jno Flanagan [John Flanagan], Saml S Richards [Samuel S Richards] and B Emerson, of Boston; E W Patten, B C Whitman, Augustus Fox, W S Gerrish, Alex C Grover, Hiram Billings, John Jones, of Portland; T B Stover, Jeffrey Castillo, of Fitchburg; Franklin Bucknam, of Lisbon, Me; Saml Knox [Samuel Knox], John Chase, Amos A Hill, G W Eastman, of Conway, NH; Noah Franklin, Jas Emerson [James Emerson], of South Reading;  A D Wilder, of Templeton; John Agnes, Jos L Butterfield [Joseph L Butterfield], of Tyngsborough; Jas H Andrews [James H Andrews], John Peatfield, of Ipswich; Daniel Andrews, Isaiah Stevenson, of Maine; Clark Simonds, of Alexandria, NH; David S Fowler, Blake Fowler, J C Blaisdell, of Bristol, NH; Wm H Hill [William H Hill], Leonard Stearns, Thos Burke [Thomas Burke], Benj Milliken [Benjamin Milliken], Fernald H Butler, Wm Russell [William Russell], J M'Scoff [J McScoff], Reuben Stetson, Luke Ayer Jr, Nathl P Fish [Nathaniel P Fish], John Sargent, Jas Simpson [James Simpson], Henry Frost, J E Smith, Edw Theo Russell [Edward Theo Russell], of West Cambridge; Geo W Hawes [George W Hawes], Wm Moody [William Moody], Lewis D Sanborn, L Swan, of Lowell; Jos Smith [Joseph Smith], Edw Williams [Edward Williams], Stephen Brown, of Somerset; Jos L Elllis [Joseph L Ellis], Geo Ellis [George Ellis], of Lexington; Ellis Holmes, of Duxbury; John W Bennett, of Northumberland, NH; Hezekiah Stowe, of Newry, Me; Benj Franklin Morse [Benjamin Franklin Morse], James T Hazeltine, of Haverhill; O E Creene, Alonzo Stiles, Alfred Stiles, of Shrewsbury, Mass; John B Libbey, of Brookline; Nathan Field, of Somerville; Jas A Perry [James A Perry], of Danvers; Isaac J Upton, Michael McGuire and Jno Smallwood [John Smallwood], of Auburn, NY; Robinson Brown, of Auburn, NH; Joshua B Fenno, John S Staniels and Geo E Green [George E Green], of Chelsea; A J Bates and Joseph Holmes, of Plymouth; R L Mack, Saml Bayley [Samuel Bayley] and Rodney Tapley, of Lancaster; Geo W Rice [George W Rice] and J A Goodrich, of Worcester; George Rhodes and Jonas Goodell, of Lyme, NH; Jonas Hamlet, of Dracut; Jacob O Jordan, of Denmark, Me; Benj Emery [Benjamin Emery], of Limington, Me; Lyman Small, of Greenland, Me; S S Townsend, W W Allen, – Albee, Chas B Woodman [Charles B Woodman], Hartley Cotting, John McDonald, Harvey Rice and Patrick Birmingham, of Marlboro; Leonard Emery, of Charlestown; W W Whitney, of Hartland, Vt; R P Smith and Geo Staples [George Staples], of Great Falls, NH; Jno Chandler [John Chandler] and Saml Adams [Samuel Adams], of Westford; Geo L Woodbury [George L Woodbury] and Thos Williams, [Thomas Williams] of Manchester; Ephraim Lewis, of Barnstable; C Robinson, of Dorchester; Benj Snow [Benjamin Snow], of Scituate; Martin White, Morton Eddy, Nicholas Smith and Wm Cardell [William Cardell], of Rockaway, NY; Allen Taylor, of Wisconsin; – Hildreth, of Nashua, NH; B F Johnson, of Walpole; Geo W Brown [George W Brown], of Kingston; T Parsons and D Woodbury, of Rockport; P Wood, of Somersworth, Me; Joel Emery, of South Berwick; Thos Beals [Thomas Beals], of Milton; Jno Young [John Young], of –; Cornelius Swan and Isaiah Stevenson, of –, Me; Geo Townsend [George Townsend] and Hy Marsh [Henry Marsh], of Concord; Geo Thomas [George Thomas] and Patrick Linde, of Newton; M Murphy, of Cambridge; Nathan Somes, of Ware; Nathan Reed and P Elliot, of Montpelier, Vt; Geo Rich [George Rich], of Wenham; Peter Greene, of Hamilton; Zenas Stone, of Byfield–151.

“In the ship Oneco, for San Francisco–Messrs Geo W Sargent [George W Sargent], Thos Bailey [Thomas Bailey], – Meer, David Hovey, Timothy Shorey, J C Smith and Benj Silsby [Benjamin Silsby], of Boston; Russell Sturgis, of Plymouth; Jas Lothrop [James Lothrop], Jas K Ewer [James K Ewer], Warren Fair, Theodore Brown, H N Blake, Wm Holt [William Holt], J B Harris, E W Blunt, C A Johnson and J C Peat–residences not given. Also, Mr Edw C R Walker [Edward C R Walker], late recording secretary of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.”

December 8, 1849 (Saturday)

“In the Marcia Cleaves, for San Francisco–Messrs Jas Ogden [James Ogden], – Blansfield, M O'Connell, Jas Ford [James Ford], C H Carter, J K Young, Hy Safford [Henry Safford], N P Wiggin, Chas Dyer [Charles Dyer], Hy Dyer [Henry Dyer], Theodore Wiggin, Michael Welsh, Calvin Hamlen, Isaac Goce, E Lincoln Blake, Josiah A Gale, Chas H Howard [Charles H Howard], E Hall, Amos Durant and Jno Ross [John Ross], of Boston; Geo Damon [George Damon], – Rice and Andrew M'Mullen [Andrew McMullen], of Cambridge; John A Bacon, Henry Kingsbury, Chas P Daniels [Charles P Daniels], J F Bigelow, J F Stodder, Chas Stodder [Charles Stodder], Chas Baldwin [Charles Baldwin], of Roxbury; – Johnson and Jos Lindsey [Joseph Lindsey], of Marblehead; Job C Davis and wife, of Barnstable; D Sullivan, G Worster, J Hangood, J G Hayden, Horace Jones, of Harvard; Rufus Douglas and Simon Bryer, of China, Me–41.”

“In the Ottoman, from Portland for San Francisco, Mr Theodore F Grant, of Roxbury, Mass.”

December 12, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Ceylon, for San Francisco, Messrs Jackson Lang, of Boston; Henry Osgood and Henry Osgood Jr, of Somerville.”

“In the Hallowell, from Newport for San Francisco–Messrs John Bohan, D N Fisher, Jos King [Joseph King], Edw Ellis [Edward Ellis], Wm Brooks [William Brooks], of Boston; J J Brown, of Maine; and 56 others.”

December 14, 1849 (Friday)

“In the steamship Sarah Sands, from New York for California, Messrs A W H Sanford and Danl W Childs [Daniel W Childs], of Boston; and abt 37 others.”

“In the steamship Crescent City, from New York for Chagres, Capt W Constant; and 51 others.”

“In the steamship Ohio, from New York for Havana and Chagres, Chas A Denison [Charles A Denison], bearer of despatches and special agent of Hon Secretary of State; and 200 others.”

 December 17, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Northern Light, for San Francisco–Messrs E K Smillie. – Argyras, Geo M Hall [George M Hall], Jas F Gould [James F Gould], Geo Harridan [George Harridan], Mrs Harridan and Miss Harridan–7.”

“In the Saml French, sailed from Eastport, the 11th, for California, Messrs Sidney Noyes, of Mansfield, Mass; Chas F Tucker [Charles F Tucker], of Fall River; and 10 others.”

“In the W O Alden, from Belfast for San Francisco, Mr Edw P Clark [Edward P Clark], of Boston.”

December 18,1849 (Tuesday)

“In the Emma, from Bath for San Francisco–Messrs J B Brown, Jas W L Gridley [James W J Gridley], Chas H Gridley [Charles H Gridley], Wm Scott [William Scott], Reuben Morse, Jno Scott [John Scott], Wm Phee [William Phee], Wm Haslam [William Haslam] and Jno M Williams [John M Williams], of Boston; and17 others.”

December 19, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Leopard, for San Francisco–Messrs F A Richardson, supercargo, Geo W Chipman [George W Chipman], R Hogan, Jacob C Briggs, Hy E Hunting [Henry E Hunting], Gottlieb Miller, Geo Woods [George Woods], Jno B Evans [John B Evans], A B Skinner, C H Dexter, Hale Evans, J B Wing, Howard P Burke, Ebenezer Crocker, Christian Forth, Jno P Lanster [John P Lanster], Wm Daly [William Daly], Peter Baker, Jas Murray [James Murray], Patrick Riley and Mrs Chas H Shaffer [Mrs Charles H Shaffer], of Boston; Messrs Geo Wiley [George Wiley], of Roxbury; Allen F Eastman, H W Burckes and Alfred Higgins, of Charlestown; H B Homer, of Cambridge; Wm Whittemore [William Whittemore], Geo Godfrey [George Godfrey] and wife, of West Cambridge; Calvin D Hawes, Chas Ferguson [Charles Ferguson] and Isaac W Smith, of Waltham; Frank Bigelow and Ambrose Blodgett, of Lexington, C F Abbott, C M Abbott, Wm S Howard [William S Howard] and Jno Carroll [John Carroll], of Lawrence; Jno M'Inness [John McInness], of Saxonville; L B Holmes, of Stoughton; Jno Noonan [John Noonan], Patrick Clark and Michael Ranagan, of Randolph; Nathl Lane [Nathaniel Lane], of Westminster; C O Ryan and Gilbert Cole, of Bath, Me; Alval L Styles, Thos Day [Thomas Day], S J Marston and Amos Styles, of Whitneyville, Me; Hy N Fogg [Henry N Fogg], of Monmouth, Me; A Upham, F J Wendall, W S Upham and wife, of Readfield, Me; Saml E Spurling [Samuel E Spurling], of Cranberry Isles; – Davis, of Maine; Moses Glynn, Benj Russell [Benjamin Russell], Lawrence D Bailey, of Milford, NH; W S M'Curdy [W S McCurdy], Albert Jones and Jno R Cochran [John R Cochran], of New Boston, NH; Wm W Sheldon [William W Sheldon], of New Ipswich, NH; Jno Hopkins [John Hopkins], Robt Stewart [Robert Stewart], Thos Weaver [Thomas Weaver], Jno Stricklan [John Stricklan], and Jas Galoway [James Galoway], of Newport, RI; Thos B Barsham [Thomas B Barsham], of Groton, Vt; Danl L Perkins [Daniel L Perkins], of Barnard, Vt; Wm Fay [William Fay] and Clark Stockwell, of Royalton, Vt; Wm Cowd [William Cowd], Hy Cowd [Henry Cowd], David R Chapman and Chas Cowd [Charles Cowd], of Waterbury, Conn; D S Hoag and David Bruce, of Plattsburg, NY; M V S???ton and P D Merriam, of Westport, NY; Jas Bottomly [James Bottomly], of Mass; Alexander Cohner, of Pesth, Hungary–83.”

December 26, 1849 (Wednesday)

“In the Chalcedony, for Benicia, California, Messrs David C Dunond, of Salem; Hugh Early, of Provincetown; Patrick Roderham, of Boston; Pedro Lyons, of Paramaribo; Ariel S Goleman, of Prussia.”

“In the Rowland, for San Francisco–Mrs Elizabeth Dresser, Messrs Jno Hennison [John Hennison], Jno Fox [John Fox] and Hugh McDonald, of Boston; Alfred Perkins, Danl Davenport [Daniel Davenport], Jno McLean [John McLean], Roderick McLean and Mrs C S Davenport, of South Boston; Messrs Otis Ayres, of Roxbury; Thos Whittredge [Thomas Whittredge], of Beverly; Albert W Pettingill, Jas Webster [James Webster] and Rowland Webster, of Salem. Theophilus Brown, of Stoughton; Edw Rolph [Edward Rolph], of Chester, Vt.”

“In the Russell Glover, sailed from New York for San Francisco, Mr Wm Vassall Gibbons [William Vassall Gibbons], of Boston.”

“In the Caroline Augusta, from Salem for San Francisco, Capt Thos O Holmes [Captain Thomas O Holmes], of Salem.”

December 27, 1849 (Thursday)

“In the Plymouth, for San Francisco–Messrs Andrew Ochs, Jno Cramer [John Cramer], Jno Weber [John Weber], G Weber, M E Parsons and wife, of Boston; E Pote, of Salem; A J Walker, of West Roxbury; L S Wheelock, of Milford; Jonathan Phelps and Alfred Sowder, of Grafton, NH; W S Ferguson, of Shapleigh, Me; E Bryant, of Haverhill.”

“In the Osceola, for California, Mrs Clara L Barstow, (captain's wife) of Brunswick, Me; Miss Mary E Barstow, of Damariscotta; Messrs Geo H Kingsbury [George H Kingsbury], of Kingsbury, Me; Joseph W Hussey, of Newcastle, Me; Edwin Quimby, of Bangor–5.”

December 31, 1849 (Monday)

“In the Louisa, for San Francisco, Messrs Wm Hopkins [William Hopkins], of Boston; Edmund Harris, of Dorchester; Orus Clark, of Andover; Jno Stewart [John Stewart] and Miss Stewart, of Watertown; Messrs Geo W Noble [George W Noble], of Springfield; Cyrus Quimby, of Kennebunk, Me.”

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