California Bound by

New-York Times, July 30, 1871

SS Rising Star
Captain Conner
Sailed from New-York City: July 29, 1871

New-York ... Saturday, July 29.

Steamship Rising Star, Conner, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Rising Star, for California --
Archer, George A., wife, nurse and infant
Bailey, Sarah Jane S.
Bemelman, J.
Collins, Mary
Crosbie, W. C.
Denslow, Mrs. A. P.
Dorr, Walter H.
Duffy, Mrs., and daughter
Eager, Mrs. Jane, and child
Eyre, Mrs., nurse and 2 infants
Hennessey, Mrs. Emma
Herrate, David
Hurst, Mrs. C.
Kimpson, Mrs.
Lane, Mrs. H. D., and 3 children
Lant, Leon
Lund, P. W., and wife
Mathew, Victor
Meinberg, Frauz (Franz ?), and child
Ohm, G. H.
Rappel, E. H.
Schilling, D.
Schultz, Margaret
Strom, Charles
Weber, Carlo S.
Wheeler, Mrs. M. E.
Zieder, Auguste

For Aspinwall:
Albrecht, Martin
Armert, N. Franco
Capurro, L.
Dawson, I.
de la Cuadia, Juan F., and wife
de Ydeaques, Jose M.
Deacon, George H.
del Rice, Insto
Delgado, M.
Jacobson, Adolphus
Lindo, G.
Lopez, P. F.
Lydell, Dr. F., and 2 daughters
Miguel, D., and friend
Sanford, Mrs. E. F.
Schmidt, Herman
Tujoz, Jose Gregorio

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