California Bound by

Sacramento Daily Union
Monday, March 23, 1868

Transcribed by Betty Loose.

PASSENGERS FORM THE EAST - The following passengers (says the Bulletin) sailed from New York in the Arizona for Aspinwall and California, February 29th:

Captain GARICA, M. LAFUNTE, Ramen ANTIQUEDAD, John BROPHY, Joe N. USQUER, Andrew BAIRD, S. GREENWALD, wife and two children; J. GREENBAUM, wife and child; J.K. ARNOLD, J.S. SMITH, W.L. STARK, wife and child; L.L. BENTON, Miss Anna COOK, J.H. TURNEY, Mrs. A.C. TAYLOR, J. BECKWITH and wife, W.A. MUSLAYER, C. LEGACHE, wife and child; Mrs. REAGAN and daughter, J. WEILLER, J.L. JENNINGS, Mrs. MORSE and four children, Antonio BARINO, J. ROSENBAUM,Simon L. STONE, L. LESZINSKY, L. MALLANDER, B.I. STONE, S.A. RAYMOND, wife and daughter; Miss E. BEUGOUGH, C.W. HEIR, J. BAUM, W. LUBENON, wife and 3 children; F.W. McCUE, C.S. LORD and mother, F.R. FITZGERALD, Howard FULTON, Charles BABCOCK, E. BOCHMAN, C.B. EDWARDS and wife, S. EPPSTEIN, Rev. J. Eaton SMITH, A.M. SMITH, I.R. MUFLER, Miss M. FREEL, L. MANDEVILLE, I. GLUCKMAN and wife, D.C. PRICE and wife, Jacob BARHYDT, Frank C. GROSS, M. LAVENSON and wife, J.L. JONES, G. STANBERG and wife, Wm. YOUNG, W.C. BAYRON, Lieut. A.R. YOUNG, L. COBURN, wife and child; Mrs. L.S. UPTON, J.D. OUTWATER, Isaac HECHT, wife and two children, Miss Susan and child, H. SAMUELS, wife and two children, Thomas ROACH, Nicholas ROACH, L. FOCKSABRO, S. WATSON, H.J. GROVE, Horace THOMPSON, Mrs. A. LEVY, Miss R. JACOB, S. JACOBS, Miss HAWSER, Henry WHITELINE, Miss Lizzie BICKHELL, Miss M. WILKINSON, R. HOLMES, A.N. McGILL, wife and three children; D.H. GRUBB, wife and two children; Mrs. P.A. OWENS and child, G.C. WRIGHT, F.A. FOSTER, S.C. KILTON, G.D. ROGERS, Thomas GRAY, R. DEAL and wife, A. ACTION, S.G. ELLIOTT, wife and child; Mrs. J.J. RODGERS, Miss M. BLANCHARD, Mrs. A. BURKETT, mother, two children and servant; B.P. HUME, A.T. FULLER, wife and daughter; Mrs. Mary PRINCE, Charles F. HUMES, Mrs. Elizabeth KENYON, W.H. DUNBAR, Lewis W. BLEN and wife, W.F. BAILEY, George BAILEY, S.A.PEYSER, wife and child, W. WHITELINE, Franklin MILLER, M. ROZE and wife, E.J. BALDWIN, wife and child; S.A. ROGERS and wife, Miss DODSON, Miss CARROLL, P. NICHOLS and wife, B.S. ROWE, J.B. WYLIE, L.M. PEARLMAN, F. KLOSKERMAN, C.H.  WISE and wife, S.B. GODDARD, wife and sister; R.T. REYNOLDS, W.H. MILLER, Mrs. L. HAMER, John HILL, C.S. SWASEY, wife and three children; William H. BALCH, David MORAN, Lyon ROBERTS, Robert BRURD, Stephen BRURD, Francis BRURD, Augustus P. BRURD, Fuller BRURD, D.A. FRAZIER, and a large number in the second cabin and steerage.

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