California Bound by

Sacramento Daily Union
Friday, November 27, 1862

Transcribed by Betty Loose.

SAN FRANCISCO NEWS - A dispatch to the Bee yesterday has the following intelligence:
The steamer St. Louis arrived this morning from Panama. The following is her list of passengers:

Thomas RUSSELL, Mrs. B. COLE and child, Mrs. BARR, Mrs. A.H. HARPER and three children, James C. REND, Mr. and Mrs. MONROE, three children and servant; Rev. A. ADENBURG, Mr. CLARE, Rev. Mr. CUNNINGHAM, Marion M. CASTEN, M. JACOBS, F. CHIN, ___ HAMILTON and wife, A.T. HONES and wife, Mr. VARNEY and child, M.J. BAKER, J.G. JAMES and wife, Miss J. LASELLA and child, Miss Mary MEDBURY, William BRADLEY, C. SIMPSON and child, Mrs. PACHARD and daughter, Miss LARAGE, Mrs. A. SNEDIKER, Miss Nolu POMEROY, Mrs. H.A. PENNY and child, Mr. and Mrs. R.O. DENON, Mrs. Mary McKIM, Julia HOLMES, Miss D. BOOBER, Mr. and Mrs. PULLMER, E.M. TAYLOR, Helen DRICHEL and child, Oscar BURTON, Mrs. Dr. JOHNSON, Mrs. C. HARLIN and child, Leon SAUNDERS, Mrs. J.C. DENON, James Conden BENNUMAN, Miss C. DULLEAN, Salsbury L. MUMNEN and wife, Miss E. DOLAN, Miss Caroline THOMPSON, Miss Clara AUSTIN, Mrs. STEEL, Mr. MEDDOW, M.C. DAVIS, Mrs. BEEBE and two children, Mr. GIDEON, Mr. KING, Mr. CINEL, Mr. DEENOR, Ann CONNLIN, Mrs. E. GRADY and child, J.T. FARMER, S.T. BLACK, James REPEY, wife and child; Miss Jane LUDDER, Mrs. LUDDER, J.H. UNDERWOOD, Sarah DECKINS, Mrs. C. JOHNSON and child, Mrs. R. DAVIES and two children, Mrs. T.D. CALLON and child, J.T. HASKINS, Miss MASS, J. SCHERBERG, Franklin OALSON, Sam ELLIS, J.N. GRAY, Samuel THOMAS, Henry HARDING, John PARKER, James FARREL, T.L. CONMAN, M. HITCHINGS, F. WORHMAN, H.H. NELSON, A.C. MILLER, Mr. SMITH and wife, ___ LETCHEL, Mrs. RICHARDS and daughter, L.W. KERLEY, Sarah WELLINGTON, Mrs. A.C. GRAY, Mrs. N.GRAY, Miss M. DOLEN, A. MANUS, wife and three children; C.M. ROLLINS and child, Mrs. M. HATCH and two children, N.L. RECHETEL, wife and two children; M. MURPHY, L.D. PALMER, V. JOSEPH, M. PEDRO, Miss E. HENLEY, Wm. GORMAN, Miss A. ACLUM, W.R. WILLIAMS, H. McCULTER, James ENNIS, M. RODGERS, Mr. ROLLAND, G.F. AUSTIN, James CHENERY, Mr. SELFRIDGE, son and daughter; L. SCHAERTEN, Mrs. W. WOODY and child, Dr. E.G. CHURCH and wife, W.R. ROWE, Mrs. M. CONNELL and child, Captain A.F. FLETCHER, Captain J.N. KING, D.C. McCARTHY, Mrs. ELAIS, J. JACKLIN, J.H. PRESTON, F.M. HERNED, Mrs. SENTAKER, Mrs. Julia HODGE, Mrs. J.K. LOAHNED and child, John MATHER, Philip MUNYRES, G.W.STERLEY, Mrs. A.S. ROSE and child, Mrs. McCALL and family, Susan NICHOLS, Miss Rebecca MATHEWS, Miss H. B. GAMMOND.

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