California Bound by

Sacramento Daily Union
Friday, November 28, 1862

Transcribed by Betty Loose.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 27th
The steamship Moses Taylor arrived to-day from Realejo, with passengers via Nicaragua.

The following is the list of passengers per steamship Moses Taylor:

Isaac K. ROBERTS, M.O. ROBERTS, Jr., Samuel NORRIS, J. MATT, F. PIERCE, John BUT, Peter VERDEGRIN, Mrs. J.F. PARKE, E. RANSALOFF and wife, G.W. WHITE and wife, A. SHIRECK, A.S. SHIRECK, Miss S. HARDEN, Miss M. MANNER, Mrs. LARUE, Dr. W. CALVERT, Rev. H. GOODWIN, Miss Kate RAMSDELL, Mrs. DIXON, Miss Jennie DIXON, Miss C.B. FRENCH, W.R. DUFF, S.T. GELL, Frank S. LAWLER, Mrs. H. AITKEN, H. CRAWFORD and wife, M.T. DENMAN, A. CURRY, D.L. NICHOLS, Catharine, Chas., and Rosa MARTUS, D. GRIFFITH, M.G. KING, J. RICH, K. BRIER, J. MORRISON, J.B. CLARK, J.W. WOODRUFF, H.E. WOODRUFF, L. RAMSDELL, O. ALLEN, Mrs. McWADE, Miss B. MILES, Miss M. DAILY, Mad. ROCHET and child, Miss JAMIERE, Miss E. NEWTON, Mary WOODHAM, Mrs. F. MILLS, Miss M. FLOWERS, Mrs. Ben. COTTON and child, Miss S. ROWE, Mrs. J.B. CLARK, Miss H. CLARK, Mrs. S. WHITLOCK and two children, A.A. WHITLOCK, Miss A. PHIPPS, J.A. STRICKHAM, M. JAMIERE, T.A. BLAKELEY, W.P. MORRIS, D.S. HAINES, A.D. PELLS, J.P. GREEN, W.W. WOODHAM, E.B. WILDER, M. PARRISH, S. BURDICK, M. VOORHIES and boy, C.D. WARREN, W.P. WARREN, P. NEIL, A. O'DOUGHERTY, E. O'DOUGHERTY, A.B. HILL, Miss IRISH, Mrs. WARREN and boy, Mrs. RICKANCE and boy, Miss McDONALD, Miss T. ROBERTS, Mrs. A. HAINES, Miss BAILEY, Mrs. PAUR, Miss P. STEGER, Mrs. H. DECHAUX, Mrs. BRADWAY, Miss MEADER, Mrs. HOLMES and two children, Mrs. R. MARTUS and child, Miss E. SYMES, Miss E.J. SYMES, Mrs. G. JOHNSON, Miss A. MARTUS, A. LEVEY, W.H. COFFEE, J.A. STAFFORD, wife and child; Miss L. AMES, Mrs. WILLIAMS, Mrs. E. CRAZE and child, Mrs. G. CURRY, Mrs. SHEVILLE, O.V. REYNOLDS, J.S. HALL, E. FOWLER, S.H. CARLISLE, D.J. POTTER, Miss DEMPSEY, Miss COX, Mrs. HAWLINS, Mrs. M. TAYLOR, Mrs. NASH and two children, H.A. BLETHEN, J.P. RODGERS, A.G. BLETHEN, W.M. BULLARD, P. WARREN, R.W. VOSBURGH, D. PROTHERO, A. LEVEY, and 420 in steerage, 175 of whom are women.

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