California Bound by

New-York Times, February 2, 1873

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Seabury
Sailed from New-York City: February 1, 1873

New-York ... Saturday, Feb. 1.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Seabury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steam-ship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Ocean Queen, for San Francisco--
Allen, George, wife and daughter
Anderson, E.
Bryar, W.
Clough, James P.
Comstock, H. S.
Davidson, T.
Day, T. M., and wife
Dowling, J. A.
Evans, Thomas W.
Evans, W.
Folsom, Charles D.
Folsom. George E.
Freeborn, G. M., and wife
Greenough, C. C.
Greenough, G. G.
Heyem, Eugene
Housekamp, G. L., and wife
Hummer, Gotfried,
Hutchingson, F. R.
Hyatt, Stephen, Jr.
Kingsley, Mrs. E. M.
Maas, Mrs. Katrina
Oppenheimer, Teresa
Reeves, E. W.
Sproul, W. R.
Tonjes, J. H.
Tyler, Frank J.
Webster, D., wife, and son
Wiggins, E.
Williams, Capt. H. G.
Wilson, Samuel W.
Winfield, Robert

Way Passengers.--
Carney, Walter E.
Copper, George
Dougherty, C.
Ells, C. W.
Gunido, D. M.
Hevner, P.
Jansohn, Mrs. Barbara
Tompkins, Boatswain Wm. G.

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