California Bound by

New-York Times, January 12, 1873

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: January 11, 1873

New-York ... Saturday, Jan. 11.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Henry Chauncey, for San Francisco --
Allen, Mrs. L. J., and 2 children
Anthony, A. R.
Anthony, Miss H. S.
Boorman, J. M.
Brady, Miss M. A.
Cargill, Duncan
Chapman, Miss
Clinton, Mrs. Carrie
Cox, Miss Kate
Dexter, Newton
Fadir, Mrs. A. K., and 4 children
Freeman, E. M.
Gavit, H. T.
Goodall, J. P.
Halpin, Michael
Hammond, Eugene
Hastings, Mrs. William, and child
Johnson, Mrs. and infant
Jones, S. R.
Littlefield, A.
Littlefield, Capt. E. F.
Maclean, John
Monroe, E. B., wife an 4 children
Monroe, J. M.
Purney, B. B.
Sanborn, W. J.
Stearns, J. H., and wife
Stilwell, J. H.
Thompson, Miss W.
Watkins, John O., and wife
White, W. J.
Whiting, Mrs. Nathaniel

Way Passengers --
Amora, Capt. Thomas
Center, Mrs. A. J., and 2 daughters
Clark, Mrs., and 2 children
Colman, Mr.
Cook, Miss Mary Ann
Donison, Thomas
Halibet, Maria
Hinepey (Hinopey ?), Dennis
Irvine, J. C.
Keith, M. H., and wife
Keith, Master
Kimball, Frederick
Mason, M.
Medina, Gonsalo
Selfridge, Commander T. O.
Smith, D. A. (Pay-master)
Smith, James A.

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