California Bound by

New-York Times, December 12, 1872

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: December 11, 1872

New-York ... Wednesday, Dec. 11.

Steam-ship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspiwall, Pacific Mail Steam-ship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Henry Chauncey, for San Francisco --
Bergen, Henry
Brown, J. E., wife and 2 infants
Burwell, Miss Sarah
Colby, L. J.
Cullen, John P.
Decker, Eugene C.
Gautillett, Mrs., and daughter
Harvey, E., and son
Higgins, J. D.
Holmes, W. G.
Isaacs, C.
Lewis, Miss J. E.
Lewis, W. A.
Mast, Rev. Isaac
McCarthy, Miss Ella
McKenzie, W., and wife
McPherson, S. D.
Miller, Charles E.
Reed, Capt. D. W.
Towers, J. R. V.
Whiting, Dwight
Whitney, Miss J. L.
Whitney, Mrs. A. M.
Wilson, Henry
Winstanley, Clement

Way Passengers --
Betz, Jacob
Blair, Miss Lizzie
Burns, James
Caciedo, Joaquin
Colburn, Mrs. Clara
Cumberson, Miss Sarah
Davis, John
de T. Pinto, Geo.
de T. Pinto, Geo., Jr.
de T. Pinto, Miss L.
de T. Pinto, Miss R. C.
Douglass, Capt. A. T.
Duff, Cal.
Gutierres, E., and servant
Hanion, Jas.
Hughes, Jas.
Hurlburt, W. H.
Isaacs, S. L.
Jackson, S. W. D.
Keith, H. M., wife, 4 children and 3 servants
Keith, Miss Emily
Kennedy, Mrs. Francis
Lendholm, Mrs. M., and child
Long, Dr. O. M.
Melliss, Ernest
Mieras, M., and son
Mora, F., wife and servant
Mora, Miss M.
Norton, W. H.
Perry, Manuel
Quezada, F.
Quezada, Mrs. M. E., and nurse
Reeve, J. F.
Richardson, Joseph
Rubenhimer, M.
Rubenhimer, N.
Sanders, Jas.
Slaks, G.
Slaks, W.
Somners, R.
Stevenson, Major J. S.
Sullivan, S.
Tompson, W.
Wilson, G. F., wife, nurse and servant
Wiseman, Wm.
Wright, E. B.
Ziledon, J. C.

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