California Bound by

New-York Times, December 1, 1872

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: November 30, 1872

New-York ... Saturday, Nov. 30.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steam-ship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Ocean Queen, for San Francisco --
Banish, Master, and sister
Basham, F. (E. ?)
Berry, Miss Anna M. F.
Bidlack, Dr. J. B. W.
Brennan, Miss Mary A.
Bridge, Gen. Samuel J.
Catmus, Geo. A.
Crane, R. C.
Daly, P. J., and wife
Garity, Miss Delia
Gibson, W., and wife
Griffin, Miss Catharine, and niece
Hall, John, wife and 2 children
Hamilton, Mr. E., and wife
Hathaway, Mr., and wife
Howe, Geo.
Keeks, Joseph, and wife
King, Wm., and wife
Locke, R. D.
Maury, Merritt E.
Mills, Jacob, and wife
Polhemus (Pothemus ?), Henry
Richards, E.
Upton, Clarence W.
Wardell, Benj.
Wardell, Henry
Wheeler, Miss M. E.
Wicks, Geo.
Wilson, H., and wife
Wright, J. C.

Way Passengers --
Abren, Arthur
Bernard, Mr.
Constantine, Juan Baptiste
Cornwell, George R.
Diego, Edward
Hollenbeck, J. E., and wife
Judson, W. A.
Leutze (Lentze ?), H. C.
Martinez (Martines ?), Carlos
Menocal, A. G.
Montealegre, J.
Moser, Lieut. J. F.
Mullarkey, P.
Navarro, Dr. Aug.
Navarro,, Antonio
Nelson, Peter
Pitou, Peter
Richards, G. W.
Robinson, Mrs. Tracy
Schenck, H. J.
Schutz, Lieut.-Commander G. C.
Searle, Capt. R.
Smith, D. R.
Smith, Mrs. Capt. G.
Smith, R. C.
Storne, H., and wife

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