California Bound by

New-York Times, July 1, 1871

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Conner
Sailed from New-York City: July 1, 1871

New-York ... Friday*, July 1.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Conner, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steam-ship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall and California --
For San Francisco --
Brunt, Samuel, and child
Cooper, Mrs. A. E. F., and child
Covil, F. A.
Doritt, J. W.
Ellenwood, H. N.
Fuller, Geo. A.
Fuller, Mrs. Geo. A.
Keenan, Bridget
King, E. M.
Kutler, Maria
Linz, Miss Augusta
McCutcheon, John H.
Moore, Mrs. E. F., and child
Mulvey, Mrs. Margaret
Nickerson, C. J.
Raymond, Chas.
Reynolds, Capt. H. F.
Thompson, Mrs. George C.
Zuman, Gen., and lady

For Aspinwall:
Ainsworth, P. H.
Bexer, Capt. C. R. F.
Colemones, Memico
Cuadros, Pedro V.
de Puerote, Domingo Quira
Driner, Geo. C.
Gates, H. O.
Gibb, Isaac L.
Greaves, W. H.
Illingroorth, Mr.
Laseanger, Carl Frederich, and wife
Lava, Salvador
Mervin, Rev. A. M., wife, sister and nurse
Nacias, D., wife, nurse and child
Perrago, Fernando
Vernaza, Jose N.
Williams, W. H.
Wollenbug, J.

(* July 1, 1871, was on Saturday. Suspect ship sailed on Friday, August 31, 1871.)

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