California Bound by

New-York Times, August 6, 1870

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Mawrey (Maury ?)
Sailed from New-York City: August 5, 1870

New-York ... Friday, Aug. 5.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Mawrey, Aspinwall, Panama Pacific Steam-ship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Ocean Queen, for Aspinwall and California --

For Aspinwall --
Alvarez, J.
Billings, Charles
Billings, H. D.
Buenaventura, B.
Cotes, M. and Mrs.
Dantry, Santos E.
Davila, Romolio
Echevique, R.
Fisher, Mrs., 3 daughters and son
Freire, Leopold
Parraga, S.
Rundon, F. E.

For California --
Bell, Mrs. J. B.
Chandler, David D.
Cock, J. V.
Cox, Mrs. Eliza
Davis, R. E., and wife
Gazet, Mrs. Rope
Geppenield, Mrs. B.
Gray, Mrs. Mary A., and 2 children
Gulick, F. W., wife and child
Hearsy, John, and wife
Hueter, Mrs. Louise, son and daughter
Johnson, Capt. H., son and daughter
Kleiget, Miss Theresa
Meacock, W.
Raymond, J. W., daughter and servant
Schick, Augustin
Shortley, Allan, wife and sister
Stratoff, Mrs.
Thompson, Chas. E., and wife
Titchnor, Stephen C.
Wells, Mrs., and party

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