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San Francisco Chronicle, October 23, 1869
SS Alaska
Sailed from New-York City: October 16, 1869


Following is a list of passengers per steamer Alaska, which sailed from New-York October 16th for Aspinwall:
Angell, F. E.
Barber, Arthur T.
Bell, Jane
Bell, Mary
Belton, E.
Belton, Mrs. P. M.
Brandt, Mrs.
Brooks, Mrs.
Brooks, P. H.
Clark, James
Colyer, E.
Creighton, R.
Dangall, Mrs. Jane
Dubois, Mrs., and daughter
Eddie, W.
Flint, J. P., and wife
Gardner, Mrs. W.
Garvon, D. G.
Gluesing, George, and wife
Goiner, W. D.
Granville, Mrs. E. W.
Griffin, Mrs. M. A.
Halsey, George K.
Hamilton, C.
Hanchett, John
James, T., and wife
Johnson, E. A.
Johnson, L. L.
Jones, Ezra
Kempener, Rachel
Kirch, Anna, and sister
Knipp, Allan
Lindsay, Thomas, and wife
Mason, R. G.
Memy, Mrs. W. F.
Mitchell, Dr. C. F. A., and wife
Nichols, Miss A.
Oliver, Mrs. D.
Peckham, Dr.
Rime, Thomas, and wife
Rosenfeld, Mrs. A.
Sister, R. P.
Thissel, Mrs. Emma
Williams, Mrs. Eleanor
Wilson, C. F., and wife
Winer, C. B.
and a large number in the steerage.

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