California Bound by

New-York Times, June 23, 1869

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain (not given)
Sailed from New-York City: June 22, 1869 (?)


Steamship Henry Chauncey, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall and California --
Amidon, Miss Ada
Bancroft, F. A. and H.
Bowen, R., wife, son and child
Braids, John
Brogan, Miss Ella
Buxtorff, C.
Clough, C. M.
Collier, John James
Cummings, B.
Currie, Mrs. Robert
Dodd, John C.
Drummond, Miss A. J.
Fellison, Adolph S.
Fiori, Ballista, and wife
Flournoy, D. H., wife and daughters
Friend, Preston
Fuller, John
Fuller, Mrs. H. L., and 2 children
Gamini, Felicita, and children
Gargoli, Birgi
Garzola, Manrico, and wife
Guthrie, N. L.
Haskell, Miss P. W.
Heneway, Mrs., and daughter
Higgins, Chas.
Hill, Miss Cornelia
Hinds, Mrs. A. M.
Hoff, Roschin
Holt, Miss Elise
Hoyt, M. C., wife and child
Johnson, Miss D.
Kerr, Theodore T.
Kies, Mrs. A., and daughter
Lamerman, N.
Lamont, Miss Eva
Lawrence, D. C.
Leary, Miss Ellen
Llers (Liers ?), Frederick
Manson, Miss Maria L.
Matthews, Miss M. A.
McDonald, Mrs. R.
McDonough, Captain A. N., and wife
McNeill, Mrs. Louisa, and 2 children
Moorhead, Mrs. Mary
Neuman, Albert, and wife
Norval, J. A.
Pahnwitz, Mrs. and child
Phillips, A.
Phillips, Rihcard (Richard ?), and wife
Pierce, S., wife and 2 children
Pinkham, Miss Edith S.
Pinkham, Mrs. Annie B.
Price, Miss Emma
Proutz, J. L.
Quartermess, R., and wife
Reynolds, John W.
Reynolds, Miss Ella
Roberts, Mary A., and 2 children
Russenbach, H., wife and 2 children
Scott, Alex., wife, 2 sons, daughter and 4 children
Shaw, E. C.
Simmons, J.
Small, Mrs. H. T., and 3 children
Souther, Mrs. A. B., and 2 children
Strout, G. W., wife and child
Strout, Isaac C.
Stuart, Alex.
Sturgeon, John
Tarr, D., and wife
Titcomb, J. W., and wife
True, Miss Nellie
Vining, Miss Maria
Wall, Harry
Wallace, Bridget M.
Watkins, G. F., U.S.N., Paymaster
Weeks, Chas. H.
Wehnaeyer, H., and wife
Welweber, Max
Wheeler, Jas. P.
Wieland, Mrs., daughter and child
Willard, Chas. E., wife and 3 children
Winants, Geo. E., and son
Wing, Nelson D.
Withrich, John, wife and child
Zoff, Peter
and a large number in 2 cabin and steerage.

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