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New-York Times, May 12, 1869

SS Alaska
Captain A. G. Gray
Sailed from New-York City: May 11, 1869

New-York .. Tuesday, May 11.

Steamship Alaska, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Alaska, for Aspinwall --
Adams, Miss Louise
Ames, Mrs. Lucy
Backus, Mr.
Baily, W. Cole
Bowers, J. W., wife and 2 children
Bravo, T. P.
Bridge, Samuel J.
Brulon, Etienne
Buckmann, Miss J.
Cabril, J. P..
Carlson, Mrs. C., and 4 children
Carrick, W.
Chappel, Hi.
Conklin, Miss Sarah M.
Corgill, D.
Croaker, C., and wife
Crocker, Miss Viola
Davis, A. G.
Delgado, L.
Dubois, Dr.
Elliott, Miss A. A., 3 boys
Flint, B. S., and wife
Foote, Mrs. Eliza
Fowler, J. H., and wife
Gaden, Mrs., and child
Gregory, Benj.
Guthier, Geo.
Hall, J. P.
Hillman, C., wife, 2 children and nurse
Hucks, James, and wife
Hughes, G. R.
Jenkins, 4 children and nurse
Jennings, Mr.
Keith, Mr.
Keller, J.
Kreig, Jacob
Kurtz, Francis, and wife
Lane, Mrs. N. B.
Lankey, Mrs., and infant
Lee, E.
Liebfuchs, Edward
Long, Dr. O. M., wife and daughter
May, A. W., wife and 2 children
May, Mrs. Charlotte, and infant
McGlesney, W. H.
Meigs, J. R., wife, 2 children and nurse
Meyer, H. H.
Noonan, Rev. Francis, and sister
Ogden, Edwid
Olny, Mrs. C. C., and 2 children
Olny, Mrs. James N.
Ostrom, James, and wife
Palm, Miss
Parduhn, W.
Patrick, Mrs. M. E.
Peck, Miss E. W.
Petty, Miss M. M.
Potter, J. P.
Poxon, W. R.
Queras, Felix, wife and child
Quilty, M., daughter and 2 children
Rex, Henry, and wife
Rogers, Mrs. D., and 3 children
Smith, J. J.
Sparrow, Mrs. Margaret
Taylor, Captain B. B.
Van Ette, Mrs., and infant
Van Ret, Mrs. E.
Warren, B. T.
Wedmer, Fritz
Williams, J. J.
Wilson, Captain A. P., and wife
Winan, Mark, and wife
Witherspoon, Mrs., and 4 children
Woods, Mrs., and 3 daughters

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