California Bound by

New-York Times, June 25, 1868

SS Rising Star
Captain Conner
Sailed from New-York City: June 24, 1868

New-York .. Wednesday, June 24.

Steamship Rising Star, Conner, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Rising Star, for Aspinwall and California --
For Aspinwall:
Alvarez, F. L.
Broderick, W. J.
de Ycaza, M. M., and wife
Degraw, J. L.
Hamilton, Geo.
Hinewolf, W.
Rush, W. P.

For California:
Althoff, Miss, and sister
Asche, Miss
Atwood, E. A.
Beales, Mrs. F. L., son and daughter
Bearse, Mrs.
Bennet, A., wife and child
Bennet, G. E.
Best, John, wife and child
Biglow, Mrs. W. G., and 2 children
Blake, E. R.
Boatinger, Miss J.
Boch, L.
Boggs, W. W.
Bordeau, D. S., and wife
Brewer, J. H.
Briggs, Marion
Buck, D.
Butler, G.
Carpenter, Miss M. A.
Clark, Mrs. S. W.
Cleveland, C. D., and wife
Cohen, C.
Colburn, Mrs. Croille, and sister
Coleman, R., wife and child
Condon, J., and wife
Costello, A.
Cunningham, J. H., wife and daughter
Currie, H.
Dagencio, E. B.
Dalton, E.
Dana, S.
Davis, Alonzo
Davis, J. M.
Dickinson, A.
Duhauer, Cath.
Dunhany, Mrs., and 2 children
Edwards, Miss Jessie
Emery, W.
Fitzgerald, Robt. F., wife and child
Gaul, Mrs. Jane
Gerald, D. V.
Gershaw, G. F.
Goldsmith, J.
Gordon, Mrs. L.
Graves, J. B., and wife
Griedborg, A.
Harrington, Benjamin
Harris, M.
Harrison, Mrs.
Herrick, Miss E. A.
Hewson, James
Hook, Miss Anna C.
Hope, John
Howland, R. M., and wife
Hubbard, Dr. H. H.
Johnson, Mrs.
Johnson, S. F.
Jones, Mrs. L. C., and 2 children
King, E. J.
Lackner, Miss
Lansing, John
Leslie, Jno. A.
Levy, Julien H.
Liebrecht, Miss Dina
Longborough, G. M., wife and child
Lormis, Miss
McDonald, W. S.
Metcalf, Mrs. O. D.
Meyer, C. B.
Michallio, M.
Pratt, Mr.
Prescott, S.
Ramsey, Sullivan
Renhart, L., and wife
Ritter, M. A., wife and 2 children
Roberts, Miss Lizzie
Robins, C.
Rowe, H.
Rowland, Mrs. Thos., and child
Sachs, B.
Schumacher, E., and wife
Scobes, Mr.
Scott, Geo. W.
Snow, Mrs.
Somers, Miss Emma
Spang, F.
Spaulding, J.
Sriebel, J.
Strauss, A.
Suplee, Mr., and daughter
Suplee, Mrs., and son
Taylor, Mrs. J. H., nurse and 2 children
Thompson, W. J.
Traver, Miss A.
Truett, H. B.
Urguhart, Dr., wife, daughter, and child
Wade, J. C., and wife
Weissman, Miss E.
Wheeler, C., wife and 3 children
Whighan, Mrs. H. C., and 2 daughters
White, Miss Ellen M.
Whitney, G. O.
Wills, Mrs. M.
Wilson, Mrs., and daughter
Wise, Mrs.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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