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New-York Times, June 10, 1868

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: June 9, 1868

New-York .. Tuesday, June 9.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall and California --
For Aspinwall and New-Zealand:
Baker, Chas. B., wife and 2 children
Baker, Geo. L., wife and daughter
Emerson, Mr., wife and 2 infants
Gibson, Miss
Gill, J. R.
Maxwell, James, and wife
Maxwell, W. H., and wife
Nunes, Chas.
Stevens, Bartlett

For California and China:
Albert, Miss Annie
Beers, Mrs. A.
Benson, Rev. H. C.
Bergeman, Miss Rika
Bill (Bilt ?), Col., wife and child
Bird, A. T.
Blaird, Rev. A.
Blow, W. W.
Bogart, Ralph
Brown, Miss Sarah
Browne, Hon. J. Ross, wife, 2 daughters, 2 children and nurse (U.S. Minister to China)
Calb, M.
Carleton, T. S.
Carpenter, J. O.
Chapman, E. F.
Childs, Mrs. Alpha
Christmas, H. H.
Cloudman, W. H.
Cohen, Mrs. E., and 2 children
Conklin, Chas., wife and infant
Cooper, R. W.
Cowan, George
Creighton, D. C. N.
Cronnelly, John
Curtiss, C. S., and wife
De Wolf, Mrs.
Dean, Mrs. E., child and nurse
Dennis, Sarah
Dennis, William
Dillard, Robt. M.
Doak, Miss Frances
Dubois, Alfred
Eddy, Benjamin
Evans, A. D.
Fay, John M.
Fay, Mrs.
Flagg, James
Frank, Miss Rosina
Fuller, Peter
Gallagher, Miss Ellen
Gallagher, Mrs. E., and child
Gardner, Mrs. M. L.
Gaskell, S.
Gerberding, Mrs., daughter, son and child
Gill, H.
Goldsmith, S., and wife
Goodwin, W. P., wife and child
Grattan, Mrs., friend and 4 children
Gray, N., and wife
Greenbaum, M., wife and 3 children
Hahn, C., wife, 2 children and infant
Hahn, Miss
Hail, J. H., and wife
Hall, James
Harbison, S.
Hardy, Lowell J., and wife
Hartnett, Peter
Hartwell, Mary
Harvey, Miss Mary, and sister
Henshaw, E. T.
Holmes, Charles J., and wife
Hooker, Mrs. M. R.
Hoyt, Otis
Hunt, John
Inglis, W., and wife
Johnson, D., and wife
Jones, David, wife and child
Jones, G., and wife
Katch, Byron
Katch, Seth
King, Mrs. Dr., and child
Kitto, Richard
Klies (?), A. W.
Lane, R. W.
Lee, W. J. T.
Levi, Jacob
Libby, S., and wife
Lovett, W. W., Hong Kong
Marshall, H. D., and wife
May, Levi
McCreary, Charles D.
McGee, Rev. J. J.
McIlvaine, Rev. J. S., Shanghae
McKee, Robt. S.
McKenzie, H.
Medlesohn, Abraham
Miller, Jarad
Mooser, S. and A.
Morley, Benj.
Morley, Sarah
Mowry, Sylvester
Murray, D. A., wife and servant
Nutting, S. L., and wife
Osgood, Miss Augusta
Peck, G. H.
Pullew, Mrs. A.
Quincey, E. G.
Readett, Mrs.
Rhoades, Mrs. M.
Riddle, Mrs. M., and infant
Risley, Mrs. J. J., and 2 children
Robbins, J.
Rogers, W. H., and wife
Rosenberg, J.
Rosenberg, Mrs. G., daughter and child
Sanders, P., wife and infant
Saul, J. A., and wife
Silverberg, S.
Smith, J. A.
Smith, Mrs., and 6 children
Smith, N. P.
Snow, Samuel, wife and 2 children
Solomon, Miss
Spaulding, Mrs. N.
Spaulding, Mrs. S. W., and infant
Stafford, Mrs., and 2 children
Starr, A. D.
Stiles, G. K.
Stoddart, Mrs. L. J., and 2 infants
Taylor, Capt. J.
Taylor, Charles J.
Taylor, Miss Nellie
Taylor, Mrs. D. L.
Templeton, W. S.
Thomas, W. H.
Tiernay, H. J.
Toppin, J.
Trapp, E., and wife
Van Wyck, Col., and friend
Wade, Mrs. H.
Watson, George M.
Watson, James C.
Way, Charles N.
Weil, Alexander, and wife
Weil, Raphael
Welch, Mrs. A. M., 3 children and nurse
West, Mrs. A. D., and child
Whilley, C. J.
White, E. J., wife and brother
Williams, Richard
Williamson, G. R.
Young, Mrs. A.
Young, Mrs. N. G. and Miss Caddie
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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