California Bound by

New-York Times, June 2, 1868

SS Arizona
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: June 1, 1868

New-York .. June 1.

Steamship Arizona, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Arizona, for Aspinwall and California --
For Aspinwall:
Douglass, C.
Douglass, Capt. A. P.
Filman, D.
Guppsell, Chas.
Isaacs, S. L.
Larkin, O. P.
Leigh, J. S.
Mariate, Leandro
Martinez, M.
Novetti, C.
Shaw, J. V.

For California:
Ackley, Miss Mary
Astrosky, Miss
Atchinson, David
Austin, Miss M.
Bancroft, Geo.
Beavers, Miss M. A.
Beddos, Miss
Bell, John, and wife
Benton, E. L.
Bernelman, J.
Bolton, George
Bonchard, E., wife and infant
Boole, George, wife, daughter and 3 children
Bostwick, Miss Mary
Bottom, Augustus
Bowler, Mr.
Breslauer, Mrs. a.
Brook, Lloyd
Brown, Waldron P.
Burnham, L. L.
Busley, S. J.
Carrington, Rev. John, and wife
Chadbourne, Mrs. A. J.
Chappelle, Mrs., and child
Colby, Mr.
Cornell, J.
Cucalon, Francis
Cullen, Mrs. M. A., and 3 children
Davis, Dr.
Daw, Cyrus, wife and 2 children
Desmond, Mrs.
Donahoe, Mrs., 2 nurses and 2 children
Drever, Miss Mary
Dugan, Mrs.
Edmonds, C. J.
Emery, Geo. F.
Emery, Mrs. R. R.
Feeks (Fecks ?), Chas.
Frank, J. H.
Fuller, N. H.
Gardner, Miss R., and child
Gleason, Jas.
Haffern, Helena
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Mrs. C. L.
Hannon, Frank, wife and child
Harman, Henry
Harris, H., and wife
Harvey, Mrs. M. H.
Heald, Allen, wife and 2 children
Heist (Herst ?), Thomas H.
Hemersley, P., and wife
Henery (Hendry ?), James, and wife
Hodkins, Henry
Hooper, W.
Hubbard, Mrs. Dr.
Hunt, C. G.
Hunt, G. W.
Hunt, Mrs. D. M.
Keenan, Anna
Kellogg, Cornelius
Kimball, S. W.
King, Mrs. Stephen, and infant
Kirk, Mrs., and 2 children
Klensoffstern, Mrs., and 2 daughters
Knapp, A., and wife
Lessman, John, wife and child
Linderman, Miss
Lithgow, John
Locke, Silas (Siras ?) M.
Longborough, A. H., wife, child and nurse
Lord, Miss T. A.
Lowry, A. J.
Lyons, M. J., and wife
Maire, E. G.
Mason, Mrs. M., and child
Masterson, Mrs., and infant
McKee, Col.
McVay, J. H., and wife
Miller, Mrs. D. D.
Miller, Mrs. R. L.
Mitchell, G.
Murdock, A., wife and infant
Newell, Sydney
Nottenmyer, S.
Olney, Cyrus
Orr, W.
Parker, Charles M.
Pease, S. T., and wife
Phillips, Mrs. Jno., and child
Piter (Piler, Pifer ?), Mrs. Kate, and 2 children
Powell, W. H., Jr.
Price, Mrs. Catharine
Randall, Mrs., and daughter
Reed, Miss Catharine
Reilly, W. O.
Rice, Amos
Rice, Francis B.
Rice, Miss Lucy B.
Richardson, W. C. B.
Richmond, C. A.
Richmond, Miss S. G.
Riley, Jno.
Robbins, Mrs. Abner, and child
Robertson, Miss Sarah S.
Rosa, Carl, and wife
Rose, L. J.
Rosenbaum, Mrs. J. H., nurse and 3 children
Rugg, J. S., wife, son and child
Ryan, Peter N., mother and sister
Sands, Miss, and mother
Schumacker, A.
Scott, Mrs.
Serwerner, J. J.
Shaw, S. V.
Shearer, Sexton
Snead, Mrs.
St. Cricy, M., wife and child
Staples, T.
Stopp, Max H., and wife
Strong, A. S.
Tarranti, M.
Thomas, Capt. R. B., wife and 2 sons
Thomas, R. G., and wife
Thurston, Miss Emma
Troxel, S. K., wife and 2 children
Von Koschkem, Mrs., and child
Wakelee, C. M., and son
Walpole, J. Russell, and wife
Wazaner, H.
Webber, Mrs. S.
Weeks, Chas.
Werner, Mrs. Bella, and 2 children
Willoughby, Miss Martha
Wright, Mrs. W.
Young, Mrs. S.
Youngs, Miss Anna
and a large number in the second cabin and steerage.

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